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Is it true Hepatitis virus infection on the progression of HIV disease?

Is it true Hepatitis virus infection on the progression of HIV disease? My SGPT/ALT test is slightly high from the normal range. The normal range is 41. But my is 71. I have came to know this is indicates liver damage. There is a chance of HEPATITIS infection. Please advice.

Go for a full panel liver test by a specialist.
Good luck.  (+ info)

Has Anyone with mild chronic kidney disease recovered or at least halted the progression of the disease?

By mild renal damage I mean a GFR of 85 in a female (38 years old, creatinine 0.8, BUN 14) I'm very worried and anguished and I would like to know if there's hope for me to at least stop the progression of the illness.

For now there is no cure for kidney disease. When I went in for my kidney transplant I was recommended for a clinical trial for a type of transplant that might be. The way it works I think is you start taking kemo before the transplant. Then you get bone marrow from the donor. This makes a chimeric immune system so your body doesn't reject the kidney. This treatment is still in trials but your creatinine is pretty low, you probably don't have to worry about kidney failure yet.  (+ info)

What is a homeopathic way to stop the progression of periodontal disease?

I have an aggressive form of periodontitis. In some places, I have 50% bone loss. I have had scaling done, twice. My gums are not responding to these procedures as well as the dentists predicted. I use fluoride-free toothpaste (recommended by an herbalist). I am otherwise healthy. HELP!!
christoph - My oral hygiene is not the problem. I brush, proxybrush, floss, and use listerine 2x / day. And at night, use the prescription Fluoridex Rinse. I'm neglecting trips to my dentist? I go every 3 months, along with visiting my periodontis every 3 months. Marketing Scam? I went to an herbalist FREE of charge because I am willing to try anything at this point. I wish I could count the number of dentists who 'gave up' on me, saying they didn't know what could control the progression of my disease. I have researched this condition extensively. So, I DO have education, information, responsibility and great dental care, and it is NOT the answer. If you can't give me any homeopathic suggestions why did you answer my question?
And I take periostat 20 mg. 2x/day !

Continue seeing your Dentist for treatment...but, do not stop being pro-active in your own healing. (brush and floss)
Think about what periodontitis is...it is an infectious disease...and your body has the ability to resist diseases through the immune system. Research how you can 'boost' your weakened immune system and apply what you learn. (dietary changes, supplementation, exercise etc.)
Taking drugs, drinking alcohol, excess sugar consumption and smoking, weaken the immune response greatly, so if you do any of these things...you'll need to stop.
A good 'natural' mouth wash you might have some success with is a combination of..lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic oil (a few drops), tea tree oil (few drops) salt, in a little bit of alcohol (can be gin or vodka)...make it yourself at home and swoosh it around in your mouth a few times a day, and 'spit out'...Your breath might stink but, it does help draw out and kill impurities from the gums...
I wish you well...have a happy day...  (+ info)

What is the progression of bilateral interstitial lung disease ?

I am a non-smoking female and also told I have low lymphocytes. I see a pulmonologist in a few weeks. How worried should I be? Can this progress quickly into something more serious? It started with a chronic cough I had checked .

Google or Jeeves this for more information. Also, do the same to find the medical websites, such as Medstar or those associated with the American Lung Association. Next, request an information interview with a health professional centered on pulmonary medicine -- try a hospital or medical school and meet with medical students and professors and nurses... You see?

With initiative, you will find your answer -- nothing to fear. Finding out these sorts of things is an extremely important ally and excellent first step, and is in fact part of the treatment and cure itself...  (+ info)

What can be done to delay the progression of gum disease?

I have the early stages.

the advancement of it cam be stopped by:
#1 scaling and root planing
#2 regular maintenance for it with your dentist
#3 dedicated home hygiene habits, brushing, flossing/irrigating wih Waterpik
the hardiest point is #3 it's easy once it's a habit..
Daily care is of paramount importance.  (+ info)

My Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. How will he die? Does anyone know the progression of the disease?

I swear, I have searched every website but all I get is statistics, facts and figures. I just need to know how it is going to happen. Is it heart related? Does he just go to sleep? Is it painful? Will it be scary and aweful for him or us?

I don’t mean to sound cold or uncaring, but you asked a question so I will address it as best I can.

I am a cancer registrar, I stage and report cancer for the hospitals I work for. This requires I review the case from the patients symptoms and in many cases till their deaths. In most cases when the end is near the family is notified and patient is putt on comfort measures only. They are given medications to make it as painless as possible and they are monitored closely. The nurses are trained to look for signs of pain as often the patient cannot tell them and the medication is adjusted accordingly.

I do not see many patients with pancreatic cancer in a lot of pain. As the disease progresses you will see a change in their coloring, a loss of appetite, weight loss, some confusion and they are tired a lot. Many of them die in their sleep.

If the doctor should discuss hospice with you I urge you to take it. These are truly wonderful people and far more qualified to answer your question than I am.

I believe death is harder on the people left behind than it is on the person who dies. Death is a natural part of life and I think there is something in us that kicks in during that time, just like it does shortly before you have a baby.

I hope this helps you a little.  (+ info)

What is the progression of Parkinson's Disease?

My husband has just been diagnosed with the disease and I would like to know what to expect.

The best thing you can do is to keep on doing what you are doing to help yourself and your husband on this Parkinson's journey. Learn as much as possible and keep questioning.

This is really a difficult question to answer because PD varies from patient to patient. The other reason is that we don't know the symptoms your husband already manifested to get him to the doctor (motor-specialist neurologist) for the diagnosis.

I'm going to begin with some longer articles which you can read because they will have info which you might not expect and then I'll provide the basic summary website urls.

To determine the average expectation check the Hohen and Yahr scale of progression here:
If you scroll down that article you will find the Schwab & England Activities of Daily Living Scale. I think that one, although brief is very helpful for spouses of PWPs (People with Parkinson's)
You will also find links to the UPDRS (Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale) and the revised scale MDS-UPDRS from the Movement Disorder Society.

What you can expect will depend upon:
1) The symptoms he currently displays
2) The medications he has been prescribed
3) His age and whether those meds are the best choices
4) Your medical coverage for prescription medications
5) Your medical coverage for additional therapies such as physical therapy, exercise/aqua therapy, massage therapy.
6) Your medical coverage for procedures such as DBS - deep brain stimulation/surgery should that become an option later
7) How willing your husband is to add the additional supplements he should also be taking (in our opinion)
8) The depth of the support system which you both will need
9) The ability to laugh in the face of it all - laughter is great medicine - it eases pain by raising the endorphin levels and it keeps you sane.
10) The ability to interact with your medical support team - his ability to be proactive - to speak up - to question - and the medical team to listen - to consider - to discuss - to be open minded and honest with him.

At the site above you can chose the main page at the right column or scroll the index - by category to find answers to questions you didn't even know you had. You will find basic discussions of treatments, medications in the pipeline and science news. You will find lifestyle aids and alternative therapies. Voice and swallowing exercises, chair exercises for keeping the rigidity at bay. You will also find listings for clinical trials which might be occuring near you.

Another helpful site is Patients Like Me where you can register (free) as a caregiver so that you can join the forums to share, read, ask questions.
Both my husband and I are members.

Here is the link to the National Institutes of Health website:
There is good basic information here.

What you should expect is that you will both need to affirm your love for each other and to communicate with each other. Some things are going to change along this jourrney and you will need that love to carry you along.

Please feel free to contact me through Yahoo Answers or Parkinson's Focus Today "Contact Us"  (+ info)

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's today. What is the time frame of the progression of the disease?

My dad is in the early stages of the disease according to his doctor. He forgets things, mostly, but sometimes he says things out of place. For me to cope, I need information on what to expect from people who have been through this. Thanks.
How long is it between stages if he is on medication? The doctor told him not to delay plans with his family which makes me think he is further on than my mom is letting on...
I am really looking for personal experiences that may help me understand what to expect. I have found lots of clinical information online.

I am so sorry to hear that. My Grandmother had it for at least 10 years before she died. First couple years, just forgetting things around the house....then where she parked at the store....then how to get home. Next couple years she seemed to forget all of her past accept for about 5 or 6 stories, and would tell them several times in a row. Then she started not knowing who different people were. The last 2 years or so, she couldnt recognize her kids, grandkids, husband or best friend.

Good luck. It will be hard on you and your family, I wont lie to you. Stay strong and patient. Please consider a nursing home when you feel like things are too hard to handle.  (+ info)

What factors influencing rate of disease progression?

  (+ info)

progression=advancement or worsening of disease=the opposite of improvement. Is there a neutral term?

Is there a neutral term that encompasses these two concepts, i.e. that describes how a patient or disease develops over time?

My docs always used the terms "on-going" or "steady". I have a progressive spinal defect and whenever it wasn't improving or getting worse, that's what they'd use.  (+ info)

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