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A friend has a heart condition called Double Outlet Ventricle Syndrome. Can anyone describe the condition?

I've asked her about it, but she doesn't want to talk about it. ANY information you have about this is greatly appreciated.

It is a congenital heart defect and it is where both the aorta and pulmonary artery are on the same side of the heart. Also, almost always there is ventricular septal defect. It's also has to do with genetics or can be caused by harmful enviromental toxins. Some symptoms include heart murmur, rapid breathing, fatigue, a bluish tint to the skin and sweating. It can be diagnosed by a cardiologist by doing a series of tests like the EKG among others as well as a physical examination. For further questions concerning this look up http://heart.healthcarecentersonline.com/  (+ info)

double outlet right ventricle?

my unborn child has just been diagnosed with this heart defect.
i dont go back to the cardiologist for a month so does any one know if he'll ever be able to play sports. she said he would only need one surgery either at birth or between 3- 6 mo.
- concerned first time mother, who already knows what it is and is only looking for a specific answer.


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How dangerous is an enlarged right ventricle?

I have been told that I have an enlarged right ventricle that is also (hardening?) and severe pulmonary regurgitation.
I have also been told I have a mild irregularity in right ventricular function.My regurgitation is about 40% flow back.
I am having trouble with my cardiologist and i'm having to wait to see another one I just want to know how dangerous this is.

you would require surgery for valve replacement and earlier the better.  (+ info)

What does an enlarged left ventricle of the heart do to an unborn child?

My friend is pregnant and she had a sonogram today. The doctors said that the baby has fluid on the heart and an enlarged left ventricle.

First, her doctor should discuss this in length with her. Here is a site which may answer some questions:http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/medical/heart/congenital_heart_defects.html  (+ info)

What can happen if the left ventricle to the heart has a blockage?

What happens if the left ventricle or left atrium to the heart has a blockage?

If blood cannot pass through the left ventricle or atrium due to some pathology, then blood will dam back into the lungs causing pulmonary congestion. If the lungs become too congested this will put a strain on the right side of the heart which can eventually lead to right-sided heart failure and its attendant signs and symptoms (hepatomegaly, edema, engorged neck veins, etc.). Another consequence of inability of blood to pass through the left side of the heart is weakness and fatigue, since it is the left side of the heart that pumps blood to the systemic circuit.  (+ info)

Why pacemaker paces the Atrial and ventricle in the same time?

I just curious why the pacemaker has to pace the Atrial and ventricle in the same time?

If Sick Sinus Symptom or A-Fib happen, why can't just pace the Atrial and leave the ventricle alone?

If the AV node not function, why can't just pace the ventricle and leave the Atrial alone. As everyone knows, some people have A-Fib for few weeks also never mind!

In persistent A-fib atria are not paced as it has no effect in persistent A-fib. If A-fib is intermittent, pacing may prevent it in some cases, especially with multi-site atrial pacing.

Atria and ventricles are never paced simultaneously. They are paced sequentially. Ventricle is paced after a delay. This facilitates ventricular filling by atrial contraction. This is more important in those with stiff ventricles. Normally atrial contraction contributes to only about 15% of ventricular filling. But in a ventricle with difficulty in relaxing, atrial contribution may be as high as 30%.  (+ info)

When doubling a recipe do you need to double the baking powder?

It makes sense to double the baking powder but I heard once that you shouldn't double the baking powder when doubling a recipe.

Have you ever heard of this? What do you do with baking powder when doubling a recipe?

Double of everything since it's like making two separate servings. The other doubled ingredients also need their share of the baking powder.  (+ info)

What part of the body is effected by the left lateral ventricle in the brain?

Interested in the effects of lesions or demylienation in the area fo the left lateral ventricle.
"Some scattered high signal foci in parietal white matter on the left. After contrast was administered there is one focus of enhancement superior to the left lateral ventricle."

you don't really expect neurosurgeons on Yahoo! do you?

tc curious ;-P  (+ info)

What are the differences between the outlet store and the regular store?

Do they vary is price?
How are the quality of the clothes in an outlet store?
Is it the same as the regular clothing store?
pros and cons
im askin this question cause i might go to the outlet store of Abercrombie and Hollister

I think I know, but it's kind of a guess. I think it's implying that it's a factory outlet. It's another way of saying, "Buy here, we're as close to wholesale as you'll ever get." They usually sell exclusively from one distributor, wholesaler or factory.

Sometimes these distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers have very specific requirements for a store to call itself an outlet, like Banana Republic or The Gap. It can be stylistic or aesthetic requirements or required volume of wholesale purchases, or price points that products will not be sold below.

Again, I'm guessing and not an expert. Why don't you go to an outlet and ask them about the difference? They'll likely use words like price and wholesale.  (+ info)

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