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What drug can kill you if taken without prescription or overdosing?

I need to know the medical name of a drug that can kill you if overdosed or unneeded. Something that doctors would prescribe for someone. I'm not trying to kill anyone, it's for a story for school, and I need to sound pro here. Yo?

Easy answer---cigarettes--booze--the only 2 things not classified as a food or a drug--wonder why--$$$
But if discoverd today,you would need a pecription to get it, because they both kill you-
Try that for your school  (+ info)

What drug store product is good to use while straighting hair?

My hair naturally flips out on one side and in on the other. I think it looks funny. When I straighten my hair, it stays put for a bit but by the middle of the day or night it's back to flipping out. What product can I use that's available in drug stores (or related stores) so that my hair won't flip out on one side? I can't afford salon stuff.

I would try Motions puffy and dry hair relaxer.  (+ info)

What is the best drug for suicide you can find in your home?

I'm curious.

What is a drug you can find in a medical cabinent in most houses that you can actually overdose off of?

The next most found drug?

Suicide is mostly stereotyped by knifes, hanging, and guns.

why the f ing hell are some of you people actually giving this perosn proper answers on what to use???! let alone leaving them for people who may be suicidal whats wrong with you people

and dude u shouldnt even be asking this, not the kind of sh1t people get "just curious" about! think you need help, like now  (+ info)

Can the drug of losing weight really detoxify the body, reduce the toxic substances and burn the fat comple?

I am busy man. I always keep my working. And I often eat fast food and have no exercise. Now I find I am fatter than before. And I frequently have a cold. I want to reduce weight and the toxic substances. My friend introduces one drug to me. I am not sure it doesn’t have side- effects. Its name is “New Feeling”. My friend said it can receive positive result and no any bad reflection! Should I believe in him? Do you hear of it?

The only thing that will work for you permanently is to change what you eat. you can buy veggies and fruits to eat on the run. I can relate I've done the same thing to myself. veggies keep well in the car. that's just a start. homemade meatballs are simple to make and pack well. I can eat them without making mess. Since I put oats in the mix I am getting some complex carbohydrates as well. It is not difficult when you take the time on your day off of work to cook for the whole week.You are active so that helps a lot. I don't use any drug, because it is very easy to cause permanent damage to liver and kidneys.  (+ info)

What recreational drug could a person inject right before driving?

I know it's a weird question. I'm writing a fictional story and have someone injecting something in their car. A friend pointed out that no one would get in their car, inject something and then drive. I'm sure that might be true for heroin, but is there another recreational drug someone might inject for 'fun' and be able to drive (albeit under the influence) afterward? I mean not totally floating and with eyes rolling back in head like I've seen in the movies when people inject stuff. Thanks.

cocaine  (+ info)

What recreational drug could be associated with the smell of sulfur?

I walked into the room of a friend of mine and the room smelled somewhat like sulfur to me. I think she had probably been using some sort of recreational drug shortly before I got there, but Im not sure what it could have been. Maybe LSD or meth?

meth or crack lsd does not smell.  (+ info)

What is the greatest drug threat in Pennsylvania?

I'm planning to move to Pennsylvania with my two teenage sons. I want to know the most abundant specific type of prohibited drug in the state. I also want to know if drug abuse is wide-spread. Please answer my questions so that I'll know if it is a good decision to move to Pennsylvania after all.

As far as I know, heroin is the most abundant prohibited drug in Pennsylvania. I think marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine are widely-distributed too. Drugs are ubiquitous. They're everywhere. I don't think that your decision about moving to Pennsylvania should be based on the widespread of prohibited drugs in the state. Focus on the other good things that the state can offer your family.  (+ info)

What is the difference between drug dependency and drug addiction?

Prescription drug policy in many places seems to stigmatize anyone who is taking a narcotic pain reliever. As so often happens, the minority of abusers make it difficult for the majority of legitimate chronic pain sufferers.

According to the DSM-IV-TR : there really isn't a difference, actually the term drug dependency is starting to take the place of drug addiction.
Yet, another way to look at it is: drug dependency usually occurs when a person is taking a needed medication to treat a disorder such as Xanax for depression. It is an addictive drug, so when the person tries to stop taking it they go through withdrawals. Some anti-psychotic meds, used to treat personality disorders such as antisocial personality, or schizophrenia - are addicted, and the person becomes dependent on them. They need to take the medication in order to function correctly.

According to the APA: Drug addiction is a "pattern of compulsive substance use" meaning that the person is taking them because they want to get high. There is no reason: behavioral, physiological or cognitive for them to be using them. People who are addicted usually have social, legal, or job related problems that manifest because of this use.  (+ info)

How can I pass a drug test that is looking for recreational drugs?

I know that the cranberry juice method doesn't work, and you can be tested for detox pills. Is there any other way that I can get marijuana out of my system before my drug test?

There is one way: (you will need a willing friend for this) hang yourself upside down on a meat hook (rusty is perferred), get your friend to cut several of your main arteries, wait until you bleed out, replace your blood with blood take from an elephant (they have enough they won't miss a few gallons, come down from the meat hook and pass your drug test!

Please note: If the elephant has smoked marijuana recently this will not work.  (+ info)

How do you confirm a drug user or marijuana user without a drug test?

What are the behavioral signs of a person using such drug? Are there any types of test other than the urine test and hair sample test?

o Bloodshot or red eyes
o Unexplained bruises or an increase in bruises
o Difficulty speaking or slurring of words
o Drastic change in appearance or weight
o Lack of attention to hygiene
o Poorly kept clothing and appearance
o Fatigue
o Persistent cough
o Change in sleep (insomnia or sleeping all day)
o Lack of interest in things or activities that once brought enjoyment
o A sudden disassociation from friends
o A sudden acquiring of a new social group
o Dropping of grades
o Failure to go to school
o Secretive or sneaky behavior
o Staying out late frequently
o Stealing
o Leaving for extended time periods
o Sudden anger or agitation when asked about reason for behavioral changes
o Avoidance of eye contact
o Suffers emotional breakdowns
o Very aggressive or argumentative
o Depression or withdrawal from social activities
o Irritability
o Lack of judgment skills
o Abnormal odor on breath or clothing
o Prescription medications, alcohol and/or money disappearing from the household
o Failure to meet responsibilities to work, school and extracurricular activities
o Notification from a teacher, coach or employer of abnormal behavior
o Discovering pipes, rolling papers, bongs, needles, powdery substances in their room  (+ info)

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