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is there any treatment for Duane's Retraction Syndrome anywhere in the world?

Surgery should not be performed unless there is a cosmetic problem when looking straight ahead. A simpler solution than surgery is special glasses with prism to eliminate the head turn. Some of these patients have secondary convergence problems, which are effectively treated by vision therapy  (+ info)

Is there any surgery out there to fix Duane's Syndrome?

My son was born with nerves or muscles missing in his left eye leaving him so that he can not look to the left unless he turns his head, it makes it very hard for him to drive and he gets embarassed about the way he looks, his right eye will turn left but his left eye will stay centered causing people to call him crosseyed. Is there any kind of surgery to fix his eye so it will turn left with his right eye?

This is just one web site that has an explaination and treatment options. You can look it up and then do some other research on your own. The best thing would be to consult an ophthalmologist and see what they would reccomend. Good luck and I hope that something you find helps!

http://www.strabismus.org/Duane_Syndrome.html  (+ info)

Why cant i drive with Duane Syndrome?

I have DS in my left eye and some years ago was denied a driving licence because of it. I am now reapplying as I feel I can compensate by moving my head... who drives without moving their head. I think this judgement was unfair especially as I know other DS sufferers drive. I wondered if others have had similar probs, experiences or advice how to Challenge this.

My friend does, she wears specs with the affected side covered for driving.
Went to be checked by some DVLA person who passed her ok.
One test was reading a licence plate at so many yards, after she had been given the ok she passed this plate and she had read it incorrectly!
She is still driving 20 years later.  (+ info)

Why does Genital Retraction Syndrome occur?

It seems quite bizarre.

It doesn't.
Its a mass hysteria, normally happens a problem in countries where science there isn't a lot of scientific understanding.

Basically, it would be extremely scary if your genitals retracted and got smaller, and the 'scariness' of this oughtweighs the rationality of it happening, word of mouth spreads and before you know it, hundreds of men believe their members are retracting inside of themselves, and women believe their breasts are dissapearing.

Have a read of the link too, its quite funny really.  (+ info)

the dr told us that our 6 month old has duane syndrome. anyone else have it, or knows someone with it?

does it appear less obvious as the person gets older?
its not downs syndrome!! its something to do with the eyes.

I am so sorry............

I dont know anyone who has it,but when I was pregnant,and the doctor thought my daughter might have it I researched it to death.

Here are some sites I looked at








I hope this helps  (+ info)

How Rare is Duane's Syndrome?

I have the inability to move my left eye to the left. This is due to a rare eye condition called Duane's Syndrome or DS. I was just wondering just how rare is DS, and how hereditary is it? Also does anyone know any celebrities with DS? Thanks :).

I regret that I have no figures to refer to with reference to the rarity of this syndrome, neither do I know how many celebrities have it. However, I will discuss it briefly in the hope that there may be some detail that you are not aware of. Duane(‘s) syndrome (DS) is a rare, congenital eye movement disorder. Duane's syndrome (type I) is made up of three parts: an inability to move an eye laterally away from the nose with widening of the eyes (palpebral fissure), retraction of the eye when attempting to look close or towards ones nose; and retraction of the eye. There are two other uncommon types of Duanes - Duane II whereby the eye has trouble looking toward the nose (opposite to Duane's I); and Duane III made up of a combination of I and II. A patient with Duane's is likely to have an eye turn inwards at distance. It may be confused with a paralysis of the muscle which causes the eye to turn outwards (lateral rectus) resulting in an unnecessary neurological workup. Duane's is usually congenital and may be associated with other congenital disorders. It was originally thought to be due to fibrosis of one the eye muscles, today we know it is due lack of development of the nucleus (control center in the brain) of the sixth nerve. Interestingly, most of these patients do not have diplopia (double vision) on lateral gaze. Surgery should not be performed unless there is a cosmetic problem when looking straight ahead. A simpler solution than surgery is special glasses with prism to eliminate the head turn. Some of these patients have secondary convergence problems, which are effectively treated by Vision Therapy.


It is extremely important to obtain an accurate diagnosis before trying to find a cure. Many diseases and conditions share common symptoms.

The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

I add a link with details of this subject


Hope this helps
matador 89  (+ info)

Ophthalmologists: What's the differential diagnosis between Duane's Syndrome and Congen. Oculomotor Apraxia?

I have a client who has been diagnosed with "Duane's Syndrome", but I am seeing some Apraxic characteristics in gait, gross and fine motor and speech, so I'm wondering if he could have been misdiagnosed.

Not having seen the eye movement, I couldn't possibly say, but the URL below may be helpful.

80% of Duane's cases are unilateral, which I suspect would give a differentiation from oculomotor apraxia.

However, there can be overlapping systemic issues with children with Duane's oculomotor difficulties, so it may not be an instance of either/or.

I don't have much expertise in oculomotor apraxia, but I would perhaps expect distinct head movements uncommon in Duane's syndrome.  (+ info)

A brief explanation of Duane Syndrome?

-i checked it on google but when i read it, i didn't understand what I just read.

A congenital (present from birth) eye movement disorder. is what google said...  (+ info)

My child has duane's syndrome and has problems at school.(she's ten years old.)?

She has some problems with spelling and reading. (she's not dislectic, she's tested.) So i'm wondering wether somebody else has a child with duane's syndrome and has these problems or knows someone who does. Please let me know, i'm getting quite desperate cause nobody seems to have an answer.

Does your child wear glasses, particularly bifocal glasses? Many Duane's syndrome patients require bifocals to help them focus up close because the muscles required to do so don't work properly. If she has difficulty focusing on the near work, this could be the root of her problem. You may wish to see a doctor who specializes in vision therapy or developmental vision (most often an optometrist), who may be able to give you a better answer. Call your state optometric association to ask for a referral (assuming you are in the USA).  (+ info)

does any body know of anyone who has duane syndrome?

my little boy of 9 months has just diagonsed with duane/dwaynes syndrome and would like to more about it and what the future holds for him

Try http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/duanes/ info from people with duanes. Hope you can can find some support there. I know I have.  (+ info)

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