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i need info on an ovarian cancer called disgerminoma(dysgerminoma)?

It is the most common type of germ cell cancer found in the ovary, about 75% occur between the ages of 10 and 30 and 75% of those are stage 1, but they do tend to spread earlier and are sensitive to chemo and radiation.  (+ info)

What pro/con experiences have resulted with Scar Tissue Growth?

Years ago I survived the battle of Dysgerminoma Cancer, major slice - N -dice butchery was preformed during exploritory surgery. From hip to hip/pelvic line(some might call it...bikini line)and from the middle of this area, they cut straight up and about 4 inches above my belly button.
I think the scar tissue under my skin is thickening/growing.
What makes scar tissue grow?
Why does scar tissue grow?
What health issues have developed with scar tissue growth?

Site you may get answers to --------------
What Is Scar Tissue--------------------

www.wisegeek.com/what-is-scar-tissue.htm  (+ info)

The side effects of " RADIATION THERAPY "?

I am a long term survivor of a deadly cancer(Dysgerminoma)I had undergone months of unprotected (LED apprion)Radiation Therapy.

My teeth are in bad condition. Like rotting/loose/breaking off.

Has anyone experienced simuliar long term side effects from Radiation Therapy?

From wikipedia: "Germinomas, like several other types of germ cell tumor, are sensitive to both chemotherapy[7] and radiotherapy. For this reason, with treatment patients' chances of long term survival, even cure, is excellent."
there is a link below, too ....many blessings and fast healing to you.  (+ info)

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