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I'm being tested for dyslexia and I'm kind of worried...
Has anyone had problems with dyslexia? If so, can you please shed some light on the topic through facts or personal experience. How did it effect your academic progress?

If you are diagnosed you can be given extra help and support, it will of course take a lot of extra effort for you to get the grades than for someone who has not got dyslexia. A friend had it in the day before anyone knew what it was called. She was branded stupid and was ignored at school. She gave up going and so left school unable to read and barely able to write her name. Years passed, she married and had a family and decided to help herself. She was tested and got treatment. That's was around 15 years ago when she really started learning, shes now passed exam, had short stories and poetry published and has teachers qualification to help others like herself.
That's what you can do with dyslexia, all it takes is determination to do it and succeed. Good luck  (+ info)


What help should my son be receiving in primary school if he has dyslexia?

I am a primary school teacher, so I know the answer to this one ..

Dyslexia itself is a term which is not generally used at the moment, to try to avoid 'labelling' the child, but all of us in the profession accept that it is certainly a huge problem for a lot of children.

The support that your son recieves will depend upon how far the process of identifying his needs has gone - his class teacher will have consulted with the SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) who will have a)suggested strategies that can be used in class to support him, and b) referred him for assessment by an outside agency if necessary. Once he has been formally assessed, you will be able to begin the process of applying for a statement if it is felt to be necessary.

The statement will state the number of hour's support that your son will be entitled to, and the funding will be provided for them to do this. However, the process of getting a statement can take a few years, during which time your son will be struggling probable. Most schools will therefore include him in withdrawal groups, and provide T.A support (a teaching-assistant) who will work with him in class for as many hours as they are able to provide.

The problem with this sometimes occurs when a parent doesn't realise that there are often 5 or 6 children in a class who all have specific learning difficulties - they sometimes tend to think that their child is the only one in the class who needs help.

So, by all means request that your son receives help and support, and get his statement underway, but please be patient - as long as the school is providing the best support they can!

Good luck  (+ info)

What are the prose and cons of dyslexia and how can you tell if you have it?

I've been told that I'm dyslexic. If I am it is probably mild. What are symptoms of dyslexia? Can it be treated?

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and / or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

Why is dyslexia a gift?
Dyslexic people are visual, multi-dimensional thinkers. We are intuitive and highly creative, and excel at hands-on learning. Because we think in pictures, it is sometimes hard for us to understand letters, numbers, symbols, and written words.

We can learn to read, write and study efficiently when we use methods geared to our unique learning style.

Is there a cure for dyslexia?

Dyslexia is not a disease. There is no cure.

With proper diagnosis, appropriate instruction, hard work and support from family, teachers, friends, and others, individuals who are dyslexic can succeed in school and later as working adults.

My son has dyslexia and he is ver smart.
==========================================  (+ info)

Is it possible to get dyslexia suddenly at 20 years of age?

I am in college. I really struggle to understand a topic from a book. I mainly depend on my teacher's help. I need 3-4 days to understand something from a book that my friends can understand in 5 minutes. My doctor says that I can't have dyslexia as people get it at 3-4 years instead of 20. But I am not convinced.

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Dyslexia is something your born with; it's like a special wiring in your brain. Dyslexic is a word to describe difficulties with written language, organization and short term memory, and is usually diagnosed within a childhood - although for me, it took until I was 11 for my school to finally get there act together. You cannot stop and start dyslexia, it's for life.
I think that maybe you struggle to understand things from a book because you are auditory learner, meaning that you learn best through listening to the teacher.  (+ info)

How and where do i check if i have got dyslexia?

I'm 17 and from the UK, I got a paino exam coming up and I am a terrible sight reader, I read the entry form for the exam and found out if a person has dyslexia he can have more time when doing the sight reading test. How and where can i get tested to see if i have dyslexia?

I would start with an eye doctor first then they will refer you to other doctors/testers. Good Luck  (+ info)

what is a dyslexia individual supposed to do with their life?

A person very close to me has dyslexia. Hes an 18 year old male. He graduated from high school and wants to go to college. Hes sort of pressured by his family members to go to school but hes very discouraged because of his disorder. What are some things he can do with himself? any suggestions?

WTF! He can do what ever he likes. I have Lysdexia and it hasn't slowed me down any.  (+ info)

Is it possible for Dyslexia to get more severe over the years?

I have a mild case of Dyslexia, but it seems that recently, it's getting worse. Is that possible? Could Dyslexia get more severe over time?

Dyslexia can be compounded by stress. As we get older and take on more responsibility, we increase our stress load, making dyslexia seem more severe.  (+ info)

How are skipping milestones (as a baby) and dyslexia related?

I just read that sometimes when a baby skips a milestone step (like skips crawling and goes right to walking) that it can be related to dyslexia later on? How is that?

Crawling helps to develope neurons that coordinate both sides of the brain. It can help to develope reading skills and general coordination. It is ok for your baby to walk first but you still want to encourage baby to crawl and do activities that cause their limbs to cross their body. Get down and make it a game. Have them stretch their arms out and then give a big hug around their own body. Have baby lay down and take their right elbow and put to their left knee as you keep to the beat of a song and then switch. Chasing Crawl Around Pooh Bear helped both of my early walkers. There is a program called Brain Gym that can be helpful too. Good Luck.  (+ info)

How can I get tested for dyslexia?

Showing a lot of the symptoms but have done all my life. Annoyed nobody else picked up on this when I was a younger girl. Now I'm older it seems that I might have dyslexia.

Contact a doctor. Your spelling seems to be okay on here, but that doesn't mean you definately do not have dyslexia. Ignore the people saying that you shouldn't see a doctor just because the spelling in this one posts seems to be fine/

Dyslexia also means not being able to read very well - so your spelling may be okay but you reading not so good.

Just see a doctor and he/she will go through your symptoms with you and may do some tests there and then or refer you to a specialist.  (+ info)

How can you tell you have dyslexia?

Sometimes i read things wrong or backwords. Or when im reading a book i can see the words and i know what they are but they look backwords so its harder to read them. My mom tells me im just paranoid. So do i have Dyslexia?

my little sister has it & she tells me that when shes writing, she'll get the letters backwards, and mixed up, and sometimes, for example, when shes reading a word such as top, she'll read it as pot. etc. if you still go to school they can do some tests to find out! :) good luck!  (+ info)

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