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dyspepsia -?

does any one have it what does it feel like worser with anxiety otr.My feels like burning or gnawing in chest and fullness in stomach.

yes.. i have heard of that .. and one of the main symptons is bloating after eating a normal meal... also when getting upset or angered, it tends to flare  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for Dyspepsia?

I have a constant sick feeling in my stomach. Have had a Ultrasound, and an Endoscopy exam, with no results except Dyspepsia. Help?

Maybe try Atropine?  (+ info)

For hyper acidity, dyspepsia and peptic acid disease which specialist to be contacted?

Should I visit general practitioner(MD medicine) or a Gastrologist or some other medical specialist?

gastro enterologist.  (+ info)

Can Prilosec heal dyspepsia or indigetsion?

Can Prilosec heal dyspepsia or indigestion? Thats the problem i am dealing with now. This indigestion. Help whats the best med for Indigestion.

I am not sure if it will heal dyspepsia but it can help with overall symptoms. You must dealing with acid reflux. Prilosec helps to reduce the acids that are in your stomach that help break down foods. It is commonly used to treat heartburn or if you have ulcers.

As far as your indigestion what is your diet like right now, junk food? or fruits veggies and fiber and protein. Try for the next week to eat lite foods like a sandwich with soup, or tuna salad. Stay away from dairy products for a while they have a lactose which causes diareah or even acid reflux. Drink alot of water, no tea, or caffine, and no smoking, You are trying to relearn to eat and not to depend on meds. It can happen. You can also eat bland foods for the first week. I know its a bit of a b***ch but its the only way to get rid of the indigestion. Also when you eat try to eat small meals at least 5-6 a day every 2 or 3 hours this will help with digestion and also take a walk 2 times a day for about 20 minutes. Take a look at the link below if it does not work please see a gastrointerologist they deal with gastric issues. One last thing buy some metamucil at the pharmacy and take it it will get your stools to beef up and when you poop its like heaven

GOOD LUCK  (+ info)

why do i always get dyspepsia only when i fly home to visit parents?

its very stressful for me and the flight is usually 8 hours. i get sick every time and i'm sooo sick of it. what can i do to prevent?

I have similar issues -- I try to eat very lightly, and only bland foods when I know I'm going to be in a super-stressful situation like that. try just pretzels, ginger ale, and chicken/turkey breast sandwiches -- things like that. you have to be proactive -- realize that the dyspepsia may occur, and counteract it ahead of time. oh, and pepto-bismol works wonders afterwards -- for me, at least. i have read a lot about meditation exercises, or yoga -- that sort of thing isn't really my cup of tea, but it might work for you... good luck. know that you are by no means alone -- this sort of problem is quite common.  (+ info)

is there new data that food intolerance is a cause of dyspepsia?

I want to know new information and data from new Journal about the relationship between food intolerance and dyspepsia.

Dyspepsia (from the Greek "δυς-" (Dys-), meaning hard or difficult, and "πέψη" (Pepsi), meaning digestion) refers to disorders of the stomach involving symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, pain, or general discomfort.

Many cases of dyspepsia are caused by stomach ulcers which are diagnosed with a barium meal test or gastroscopy. Most cases of ulcer dyspepsia are caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. However, some studies also suggest non-ulcer dyspepsia may be resolved from eradicating this infection. In some situations (such as in ulcers), high levels of gastric acid may irritate the stomach lining and cause dyspeptic symptoms. Dyspepsia may also be a side effect from drugs treating other diseases.

You will find more information from wikipedia  (+ info)

Is it normal for someone with Dyspepsia to have a hard or swollen stomach?

i am the one that has it i was sick for two days with it i feel better but i have a stomach very hard and bloated is it normal to have this after and how long does it last? this is a point and i need help?

here are a few website for you to check out i googled the medical word  (+ info)

I want to be a vegetarian, but I have IBS and dyspepsia. How can I get iron and protein?

I can't eat spinach. It tears me up. What are other sources of protein and iron that won't disturb my digestive tract?
I want to go vegetarian because I can't eat red meat anyway and I think it's cruel to kill animals for us to eat. It's not the "food chain." We don't live in the wilderness...

You NEED to see a nutritionist. She/he can guide you on what you need to eat, and how to get not just pro, tein and iron, but all the other vitamin and minerals you need. Tell her your health problems/what upsets your stomach, ect... Don't ask you GP or Gastroentronologist, they won't know enough. A nutritionist specializes in just that-proper nutrition, other doctors may have a general knowledge, bur can end up damaging your health from too little knowledge. Ask your gastro. if he can refer you to a good nutritionist, I'm sure he will be happy to.  (+ info)

What would you do if your seven month pup was diagnosed with hip dyspepsia?

(whispers): Hip dysplasia, my friend; dyspepsia is indigestion and has nothing to do with the hip.

(aloud): The pup might need a cast or temporary harness. A vet will have to be consulted.
Good luck.  (+ info)

What precautions be taken in preparing the food to avoid dyspepsia and acidity,?

Use only little oil and avoid spices and chillies  (+ info)

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