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diagnosis to explain orthostatic hypotension, hair loss, loss of balance, weight loss, dyspnea?

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Grass pollen and dyspnea (shortness of breath)?

How common is shortness of breath as a symptom of grass pollen allergies? I've been feeling it the last couple of nights and the pollen count here in Eugene is astronomical.

There are many people who suffer from shortness of breath due to allergies (statistics may be found on medical sites) . Doctors usually treat it just like asthma because it is a hyper reaction of the lungs to an irritant. Get on a antihistamine if you can or see doctor ask if they will allow you to try Singulair (I am on 10mg for my asthma which my allergies make worse). If you are having a mild attack try something to drink that is highly caffeinated espresso/strong coffee.
This sounds crazy but try and keep your mouth shut outside and breath through your nose as much as possible. If you work outdoors wear a surgical mask. Of course if the shortness of breath is to the point were you can't breath get to the ER but try not to panic because that makes breathing even more difficult. Hope these tips help. You also should go to a doctor if you have these symptoms after a bad cold or bronchitis it could be pneumonia,ask them to xray your lungs to be sure you don't have fluid in them.  (+ info)

4. What is the cause of the dyspnea, hypotension, and tachycardia? 5. What type of treatment does he need?

A 21 year old noncomplaint male with a history of type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus was found in a coma. His blood glucose was high, as well as his urine glucose, urine ketones, and serum ketones. His serum bicarbonate was <12 mEq/L. His respiration was exaggerated and his breath had an acetone odor. His blood pressure was 90/60 and his pulse weak and rapid (120).

Looks like a test or homework question.

Check your textbooks for the answers. Do an internet search.

You are not going to learn having answers spoon fed for you.

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can any1 tell me about hte dyspnea disease?

i need to know about it for my assignment espacially about what it does to ferrets i need to know about the disease, the cause of it, the symptoms, the treatment, transmission (how its passed around) and the prevention of it. and before anyone says im trying to get people to do my work for me im not i just cant find anything out about it and my assignment is due on tuesday please any help would be much appreciated! :)

dyspnea is a symptom, not a disease. it means that the patient (or in your case, ferret) is having a hard time breathing.  (+ info)

What does respiratory feel like right before death?

My mom called 911 and managed to give them our number but they arrived too late to save her. They said she likely blacked out with little suffering. Wouldn't there necessarily be a lot of dyspnea or could she have been spared that? Would she feel a heart attack?

if she passed out before then she probably didnt feel anything.im srry about ur loss=[  (+ info)

What is the acid-base status of this individual? What type of treatment does this person need?

A 21-year-old noncompliant female with a history of type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus was found in a coma. Her blood glucose was high, as well as her urine glucose, urine ketones, and serum ketones. Her serum bicarbonate was < 12 mEq/L. Her respiration was exaggerated and his breath had an acetone odor. Her blood pressure was 90/60 and his pulse weak and rapid (120).

What is the cause of the dyspnea, hypotension, and tachycardia?

I'll get you started... this is classic diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which is an anion gap metabolic acidosis. Initial treatment should focus on controlled rehydration and getting her sugar down.  (+ info)

what is dyspnea and cardiac dythesia?

Dyspnea is difficulty breathing... for what ever reason. I assume you mean Cardiac Dyspnea rather then "Dythesia" (no such word) Cardiac Dyspnea is difficulty breathing due to cardiac (heart) origins. This is usually known as Pulmonary Edema which is kind of like "lung swelling." Usually the heart becomes damaged or enlarged and becomes a much less efficient pump. Then there is a backup of blood in the lungs because the left ventricle, the main pumping chamber of the heart, is dysfunctional usually below 20% of full function. Another scenario is that you have ingested to much fluid or to much salt and retained to much fluid for the failing heart to function. ( I have seen Congestive Heart Failure patients eat a well endowed dill pickle during dinner, and be in the hospital ER by 3-4 AM.) This blood back up begins to push the blood plasma (liquid part of the blood) out of the billions of vessels in the lung and into the billions of microscopic air spaces (avieoli) and the breathing function becomes more and more difficult, as respiration (exchange of gases O2 and CO2) begins to fail. You are essentially drowning in your own fluids. It is a life threatening situation, and requires at least a well trained Paramedical team to administer the needed medications that will extract the unnecessary fluid from the body, (as urine) reducing the episode to a much more manageable situation. This usually requires a few days in the hospital until your fluid levels are optomized by medicine usually, and your considered stable.  (+ info)

at the last hours of life, is dyspnea excrutiatingly painful? diff b/t hospice and hospital's treatments?

Dyspnea is not as much painful as frightening, anxiety provoking - like drowning. Morphine (or other potent opiates) relieves that discomfort very effectively in the last stages of a pulmonary (lung) disease.
Good hospice nurses making adjustments at home with a physician prescribing adequate narcotic regimens can be just as good as in hospital terminal care, and the person has the advantage of comfortable surroundings. Home is where I would like to be at the end.  (+ info)

my aunt is suffering from dyspnea. she is in hospital.?

Dr. says that beside having leaky valves, she has some problem in lungs too. Can anybody guide me what could be the problem, as Drs. are not calrifying me.

Sorry to read that, I think she is having cor pulmonale, as you have not mentioned which valve or because of long standing Valvular failure she might have developed congestive cardiac failure. The above 2 reasons cause accumulation of fluid in the Lungs and the result is dyspnea.
All that you can do is pray for her safe return at home.  (+ info)

I think my father just had a "DYSPNEA" incident?

He woke up out of nowhere and couldnt breathe. completely frightened us. he wouldnt let us dial 911, he said he had no chest/heart pain. he was wheezing for a minute, then was fine. i did research, and dyspnea sounded right. is this dangerous. why did he get it? i am so scared. =(
he keeps clearing his throat too

i think he will be okay, he should go to the hospital just incase though...i hope he is okay :D shortness of breath can happen to anyone...relax :D  (+ info)

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