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Anyone had shoulder dystocia occur during the delivery of their child?

If so, what was the outcome? How did the Doctor free the shoulder? What the effects on your baby, if any?

My son had this when being born. His left shoulder got stuck on the way out. According to my husband (I couldn't see what was going on), the doc had her foot planted on my leg and was hauling on him. She was yelling for help from another doctor but before he got in there my son was born. Somehow she manuevered him around and he slid out. (Hubby said she kept sliding her hand around him over and over) They monitored him for the day on and off to make sure he was using that arm and the collar bone wasn't broken (at first he didn't wave it about like the other). Other than that he seemed to have no ill effects. He was a full two pounds bigger than my first child and I guess a tad big for my pelvis.

I on the other hand suffered terrible! Delivering an 8 lb 13 oz baby did a number on my bottom! Ouch!  (+ info)

What are the odds of having a shoulder dystocia with a second baby after having one with the first?

And is a c-section necessary?
The first one wasn't that big. Only 8lbs 12 oz. Ok not tiny, but not huge. And I don't have any other risk factors like diabetes.
tll - no one asked you to answer twice, so you can keep you "!!!" to yourself.

SD can usually be easily be "cured" during birth by simply changing positions

if this a concern for you then talk with your practitioner about being free to try squatting, side lying, standing births

it is proven that being forced to lay in bed on your back or even semi-sitting can cause or at least make shoulder dystocia worse

semi-sitting doesn't allow the coccyx to move with baby...tail-bone that is  (+ info)

Has anyone had any experience with Shoulder Dystocia?

Has anyone had any experience with this? My baby is measuring 9lbs 4oz at 38 weeks, and the doctors have been talking to me about the risks of this. They want to induce next week. Did this lead to C-Section for anyone? Or the breaking of the collar bone that they warned me about? Thanks in advance.

My son had this.
I was induced and they ODed me on the oxytocin drug. The labour went too quickly and he didn't have time to turn. He broke his collarbone on the way out via ventouse. He was born blue and what they call 'grunting'. I thought he was dead when they placed him on me. He was 9lbs.
He then had severe jaundice from the break and bruising, and needed to go under lights for a week and several follow-up blood tests.
He was very tender and experienced pain when bathing and changing his clothes.
He healed in about 3 weeks.
He was alright in the end!!

Don't let my story bother you!! Everyone is different and no-one can predict the outcome.
I am certain that if they didn't stuff up the drugs, the whole thing would've gone like clockwork just like my other 2 labours.

Go for the induction - follow their advice, and ask the midwife to stay with you for the duration of labour - no coffee breaks!!

The odds are on your side. Good luck! You'll be great and the baby will be georgous I just know it!  (+ info)

Has anyone had shoulder dystocia in more than one delivery?

I have heard it is recurring.
I had it in my 2nd delivery, bub was only 7lbs. ( 1st was prem so I dont think it would have been an issue).

My first had shoulder dystocia they had to do the McRoberts maneuver (2 nurses grabbed my legs and pulled them really far back) and applying suprapubic pressure and my doctor got up onto the bed and was pulling my son's head. He came right out after that. He was lucky he didn't get any injuries just a strained shoulder. It took him 2 weeks before he started to move it.

My second delivery had no complications but at around 3 weeks (when I stopped swaddling him) I had noticed that if I picked him with his left side towards me his right arm would dangle and he would scream in pain. I took him to his doctor and she x-rayed his arm and found out that he had fractured his clavicle.
I think he didn't get stuck because his clavicle broke which allowed him to pass through and my first got stuck because his clavicle didn't break.

Although both of my children were very big for my size. I am 4'10'' tall and my first son was 8lbs1oz 20in, my second was 9lbs1oz 20in.

So I hope that answered your question.  (+ info)

What birth procedure will be employed if a woman suffering from dystocia?

Dystocia (antonym eutocia) is an abnormal or difficult childbirth or labour. Dystocia may arise due to incoordinate uterine activity, abnormal fetal lie or presentation, or absolute or relative cephalopelvic disproportion. Oxytocin is commonly used to treat incoordinate uterine activity. However, pregnancies complicated by dystocia often end with assisted deliveries including forceps, ventouse or, commonly, caesarean section.

Shoulder dystocia is a specific case of dystocia whereby the anterior shoulder of the infant cannot pass below the pubic symphysis, or requires significant manipulation to pass below, the pubic symphysis.  (+ info)

After a shoulder dystocia, did you have a c-section on the next one or vaginal birth?

If vaginal, how did it turn out?

I have cared for plenty of women who have had a vaginal birth with no problems after a previous shoulder dystocia. On the other hand I have also gone to the OR with women because of a previous dystocia. If your dystocia was due to the size of your pelvis outlet or internal vaginal tissue then a section is usually done. But if the dystocia was due to the size of your baby then your doctor can do ultrasound measurements of the head and abdomen. In most shoulder dystocias the chest and abdomen are larger than the head. Your doctor will also check for the estimated weight of the baby. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Anyone else experience shoulder dystocia while giving birth?

When my son was born, there was shoulder dystocia. It was a very scary situation, and not exactly the "TLC Baby Story" birth I had been expecting! Thankfully, everything ended up being fine, no injuries to my son, and hes now an extremely healthy 16 month old.

I should also mention that at birth, he was 10lbs, 7oz!

Anyway, my question is, what are chances of me having another large baby? If the first is large, do the others usually follow suit?

Also, is there a chance of the same thing happening with a second baby?

The time for another baby is rapidly approaching, and Ive just been thinkning about these things...

Babies generally get bigger. The good news is you had a big BOY. It may be a smaller girl next time, as girls are gerarally smaller. My baby was stuck at 9lbs4 oz. She is fine though. I worry about number 4 for that reason. My second and third children were born at home. If I have another, it will be in the hospital.  (+ info)

I need help with a nursing care plan for shoulder dystocia and 103.5 temp on a neonate, any nurses around??

I have a care plan book, I need ADPIE
"RN" yes, I need all of it, i've done a care plan before, but I'm kind of stuck on this one..thank u

what aspect of the care plan do you need? The nursing Dx, goal, intervention.... all of it?

Do you have a care plan book?

For the temp you could do Potential for fluid volume deficit related to: increased body temp, Increased perspiration (if applicable)

Goal: Infant will show no s/s of fluid volume deficit within 24 hours AEB: 1) 6-10 wet diapers within 24 hours; 2) PO intake of (whatever the baby's norm is) or IV fluid intake of (whatever the fluids are running at) in 24 hour period. 3) no decrease in level of conciousness or no noted lethargy.

Intervention: 1) Change infants diaper every 2 hours and weigh diaper, record; 2) monitor PO and perenteral intake for 24 hour period 3) Neuro checks Q1H, Q2h, Q4H, whatever your preferance

Wow, havent done that off the top of my head in a while. Hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you are still having trouble.  (+ info)

Should I be worried about Shoulder Dystocia & do I have a case for a C-Section?

Im hoping for some advice. My last labour was induced & during my labour both my Husband & I remember the midwives saying that my baby had a shoulder dystocia, the baby was distressed but I am pleased to say he is fine following procedures to deliver him. I had a lot of damage but following a repair I was also fine.
Following that pregnancy I was told that if I decided to have any more children it would definately be a C-Section by my GP. With this in mind we decided to have another. At my booking appointment the consultant came to see me & said that no reference had been made in my notes about a shoulder dystocia & therefore it had not happened! With this in mind she made it clear in my notes that there was to be no Caeser. I am now terrified at 32 weeks & am not sure what to do, my Son was 9lbs 6oz & I am again big for my dates. Everything I have read says that shoulder dystocia can be fatal. What can I do as I want my baby to be safe?

That's outrageous. Go speak to your GP and midwife immediately and, if possible, the person who treated you before and recommended the c-section originally. If you are that terrified about going through labour you should be getting an elective c-section anyway. Don't let the consultant bully you into anything you are not comfortable with, if necessary, complain about her. If you need a c-section for your peace of mind and you are convinced this is the safest option for you and your baby, you should have one.

You could also try to contact your local NCT who might be able to find extra support for you.

Good luck.  (+ info)

treatments for shoulder dystocia in newborn babies?

my son has got shoulder injury during delivery , he cant raise his right hand compared to left hand, if anybody knows treatment for this please let me know

Did the pediatrician say anything to you in maternity? I couldn't imagine they wouldn't have. I'd also imagine the OB would have certainly alerted the nursery or NICU.

This is a situation for a medical professional. Contact your son's pediatrician.  (+ info)

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