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How long does it take for doxycycline to relieve symptoms of dysuria?

I was given doxycycline by my doctor 5 days ago (prior to having lab work done to test for std's) and i have been taking it but the pain is still killing me. Should it be working already or does it take a while? I thought bacteria was suppose to die after 48 hrs of treatment.

I am still waiting for the lab work to come back so i do not know what is wrong.

did they diagnose you with a UTI? doxycycline is used for bacterial infections in the bladder. They usually relieve symptoms within the day of taking them. I would call the doctor as soon as possible, because it is most likely something else...  (+ info)

What cream is there for Dysuria (burning sensation wile peeing)?

A doctor told me a while ago that while I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) I can use an over the counter cream for the burning sensation, does anyone know of this cream, that they'd possible sell in boots or something available in Ireland?

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what causes milky urine, dysuria, urgency, fever, and malaise?

Ms. Smith is 27 years old and has been experiencing painful and difficult urination, frequency of urination, and urgency. Her urine has a milky color. She also has a fever and malaise, which is evidence of infection. Upon seeking treatment, she is given antibiotic therapy. After a few days on antibiotics, her symptoms dissappear.

what disorder does she have? what type of crystals would be found in her urine? why is the urine milky?

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What would have been the likey diagnosis of a cough, dysuria, dark urine, nausea, vomiting bowel problems?

or abnormal menstrual periods?

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I am having bilateral kidney pain x 2 days. I am not experiencing dysuria so do not beleive this to be a UTI.

What do you think it might be? I have no fever and no other complaints. Kidney stone? HELP!!

Have you seen a physician for a urinalysis?  (+ info)

What is reason for (and treatment of) dysuria in a 7 year old girl?

Young girls can sometimes complain of dysuria, and although this can sometimes be a sign of a urinary tract infection, it is more commonly caused by irritation of the skin in and around the vaginal area (vulvovaginitis) or at the opening of the urethra (urethritis). This irritation can also cause vaginal itching and frequent urination (frequency).

Urinary Tract Infection: (UTIs) or bladder infections are a common type of infection, occurring in about 1-2% of children (more commonly in girls). A UTI is the abnormal growth of bacteria in the urine. The symptoms usually include a fever, dysuria, lower abdominal pain, chills, back pain, urinating more frequently (frequency), strong smelling urine, blood in the urine, vomiting, irritability and/or your child may start wetting herself. In children younger than 2-3 years old, the only symptom of a UTI may be fever, and they are less likely to have classic symptoms. Up to 5% of younger children who have a fever and no other symptoms are found to have a UTI

Vulvovaginitis: Young girls sometimes complain of burning or dysuria, and although this can sometimes be a sign of a urinary tract infection, it is more commonly caused by irritation of the skin in and around the vaginal area (vulvovaginitis) or at the opening of the urethra (urethritis). This irritation can also cause vaginal itching and frequent urination (frequency). Before puberty, the skin around the vaginal area can be very sensitive, and it can easily become red and inflamed when it comes in contact with common irritants, such as soap or shampoo. Bubble baths are also a common irritant that can cause itching in the vaginal area. Another cause of vulvovaginitis is poor toilet hygiene, which is usually secondary to not wiping or wiping incorrectly after urinating.

Foreign body: sometimes a foreign body, such as a piece of toilet paper, can be trapped in the vagina, causing discharge, pain or itching.

Hematuria: or having blood in the urine, can either be microscopic (visible only with a microscope) or gross (visible with the naked eye). This can cause difficulty urinating and pain in some children. You should call your doctor immediately if you can see blood in your child's urine.

Labial adhesions: occur when the labial skin becomes irritated and sticks together. It is most common in young girls and is usually not a cause of concern. Severe cases require treatment with a topical estrogen cream and gradual separation of the labia. Labial adhesions can sometimes cause urinary pain or difficulty urinating.  (+ info)

Does anyone know what dysuria and vulvitis is?

What do these terms mean and what do they mean for someone who has tested negative for stds but has been diagnosed with these two problems ...

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can dysuria and kidney stones be present at the same time?

i was diagnosed with acute dysuria and i'm also passing kidney stones can i possibly have both at the same time?

yes usually dysuria is a symptom of having/passing kidney stones.  (+ info)

Dysuria with no cause, have been to the doctor and she cant figure out what is wrong?

Hi everyone, I have been having Dysuria (painful urination) for the past 3 weeks now. I first went to the ER and was diagnosed with a UTI and perscribed the anti-biotic Septra and Pyridium. But my physician said to stop the anti-biotics because UTIs are so uncommon in males. She said drink a lot of water because my urine is probably just ultra-concentrated (so its acid) and perscribed me more Pyridium. When I "go" It burns and im having a lot of urgency, its really bad without the Pyridium. I had a childhood history with blood in my urine and salt crystal things in my urine but this is the first time this pain has happened since, has anyone ever had something like this. Also, I was home for the holidays and my whole family said I was soo underweight. I'm 5'4" 96lbs, what do you think?


First of all, did you actually see your physician in person? At that time, what sorts of tests did she run? There are foods you can look up that will make your urine less acidic, if that's really the problem.

Were you tested for chlamydia? That's a very common cause for dysuria in men.

Because of your past history, I would highly recommend seeing a urologist. Your primary care physician may not known enough to effectively treat you. I am a female with chronic dysuria; I had pain for years until I finally got smart and saw a urologist.

It's hard to comment on your weight because I don't know how old you are, how active you are, or how well you eat.  (+ info)

Dysuria. I'm suffering for almost a year now. Any one hav a suggestion for a better cure? Please help!?

Frequent urination. Painful during process. Flow is very tiny resulting in taking a much longer time to finish.

You could have interstital cystitis. see doc  (+ info)

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