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Does anyone know about a plastic surgeon that specializes in lop ear deformities?


How to gather strength to go out again, after you have acquired various injuries/diseases?

and you feel sad and worthless. I used to go downtown alot and be happy, i used to run be active. Now i can't cause i have knee problems, back problems, neck problems,,, all kinds of stuff. i just feel so sad. yeah you've heard it "why me?" i always ask myself and god that. and i'm not even in a wheelchair but i limp, my knees hurt, i can't bend my knees fully.. i have ear problems, intestinal problems, etc etc... It's just so different thatn 3 years ago. i used to be hapy and confident. now i just feel like going out and seeing all these normal people is just to sad to think about why i'm not like them anymore.
I'm 26 years old now

Aches and pains suck. They take the wind out of your sails very quickly. You have to decide if the pain and discomfort is enough to just give up and do nothing anymore. So the sports are out, who cares, watch them, cheer them on, etc. If you are embarrassed about a limp don't be look at many people these days, young and old, if you are not crawling down the street on your face people are not going to give your limp a second thought,
and if you are someone will probably try to help you off of your face. It sucks not being able to be who you used to be, but that does not mean you can not be someone better now. (I am) Good luck to you and if you may want to think about seeing a psychologist to help you deal with the situational depression and self pity (no offense meant) to see if you can feel better about your situation.  (+ info)

l have a small bump on my ear cartilage after piercing. how can i get rid of it?

My ear cartilage piercing is healed but has a small bump on the back of it. Ihave heard this could be a deformity caused by the use of a peircing gun. Can I ever get rid of it? If I take out my piercing (I'm still in the first year) will it go away?

I have that too. I had my piercing done with needle though. Piercing guns are bad and unsafe. They are unclean. Any professional will tell you that. The needle does hurt more but it is throw away right after they use it on you and that way there is no chance of infection. As for the small bump I had my cartilage pierced almost a year ago and it is still there. I asked the guy about it and he said not to worry. If it seemed like it might be infected then go to a doctor and have it looked at. But my piercing is totally fine and does not bother me at all. So if it does not bother you just ignore it. And again do not use a gun if you get another piercing. Yea they are wiped down but they can still cause infections. Good luck!  (+ info)

What is this extra bit of skin on my upper ear?

I have a little nub on my upper ear. I was told that it's genetic. I believe that my mom, grandma and possibly others have it. My family always called it a "spock ear". It's soft, and about the size of a pea. I am interested in figuring out what this "deformity" is called. It's only on my right ear.
I don't mind the slight abnormality. I think it's cute, so no, I'm not cutting it off mr. "ben un original"

I suppose it could be cartilage in your right ear that is over-grown. As your doctor said, it'd be genetic. Now, I'm not certain, but that would be my best guess as to what it was.  (+ info)

What are some common baby deformities and their causes?

I'm aware that many babies nowadays are being born without thumbs, especially if an older sibling was killed in a freak accident.

What are some other baby deformities that you've encountered?

-Occult Consultant

Gril Babby not fittin on riet. Legs danglin inna coles.  (+ info)

What's the difference between community acquired MRSA and hospital acquired MRSA?

As title thanks. Apart from one is acquired outside of, one is acquired inside hospital, how else are the two different?

Hi, there!

CA MRSA has a greater spectrum of antibiotic susceptibility, often being resistant to just one group of antibiotics.
HA MRSA is usually multidrug resistant, sometimes susceptible only to glycopeptides (vancomycin).

Thus causing CA MRSA to be easier to treat, in comparison to HA MRSA.

CA MRSA is usually associated with skin and soft tissue infections - skins, boils. It does, however, also cause pneumonia, etc.
HA MRSA is often associated with medical equipment - cannula, catheters; wound contamination; etc. And immunosuppressed people: elderly, patients with severe burns, etc. And prostheses.
(You might want to check out the link, there are some different risk factors. It's only a patient information sheet, though, so it doesn't really explain things.)

This, I'm not really sure of, but it seems that CA MRSA is said to be more virulent because it often affects the young and healthy and quite easily spreads.

Hope that answers your question!  (+ info)

After stretching my ear down a gauge, How long do I wait before I can remove the plug to clean inside my ear?

I know after I stretch my ear to a new gauge I can clean around the ear lobe and the plug. But when can I completely take out the plug, tunnel etc to clean inside my ear?
When can I completely remove the jewelery from my ear to clean inside my ear and around the jewelery? And what are some methods besides sea salt soaks to clean the piercings before i take it out?

I usually wait until the soreness goes away, or about a week or so.
The smell get's pretty nasty after a while D:

After a week I'm sure it's fine to remove the jewelry to clean inside your ear, just don't leave it out too long because it'll shrink down some.

Other methods I use is I put a little bit of scented lotion around my ear, but that's after I clean it.
Sea salt soaks are good though :)  (+ info)

What are some good home remedies for an ear ache?

I have an ear ache. Which is weird cause I used to get a lot of ear aches/ear infections as a child and I haven't had an ear ache for a long time. Our county fair is in town this week and it was a little chilly and windy yesterday and we went to a outdoor concert last night so I was out in the cold/windy air. Could the wind have caused the ear ache? When I swallow then my ear hurts, when I touch it then it feels bruised, and its also giving me a headache. I tried Murine Ear drops but that didn't help. Are there any home remedies I could try? I would like to at least try to get rid of my ear ache myself without going to the doctor.

Prop up your head slightly while you sleep.

Try a hair dryer... hold a dryer 18 to 20 inches from the ear and aim that warm air into your ear (make sure the dryer is in a low WARM not HOT setting).

Place a bottle of baby oil or mineral oil in a pan of hot (not boiling) water. Let the oil sit in the water until it becomes hot. Place a drop or two of oil in the ear. It will help lessen the pain.

Chew a wad of gum. I'm sure you've heard of people telling you to do so to help with pressure in the ears on plane flights.

Mullein is an herbal folklore remedy for earaches.

Wiggle your outer ear. Does it hurt? If it does, you definitely have an infection. If not, you may still have an infection. All of the above can give you relief, but not a cure. Infections should never be ignored.  (+ info)

How long does a infant ear infection take to go away with drops?

My 13 month old has/had a ear infection. Her Dr. prescribed her ear drops and an oral antibiotic. The drops said instill 1 drop into both ears every 2 hours. And the Oral antibiotic was to be taken for 5 days. I gave her the ear drops every 2 hours except for over night to allow her to sleep through the night in peace. And I gave her the antibiotic for the 5 days like stated. With this going on for a whole week (5/6) days do you think the ear infection would be gone by now?

They can last for up to about 10 days. The drops only help with pain while the antibiotic heals. If your daugher only needed the antibiotic for 5 days then I am guessing that is was not very bad. I had to do it for about 10 days. Your daughter should start feeling better any day now.   (+ info)

How do you know if your ear piercings are fully healed or irratated?

People say ear piercings heal from outside in. So how do you know when your ear piercing is FULLY healed? Its been 3 weeks and 5 days since i got my ears pierced
My ear has bled 2 times because someone hit them. Would all that heal before it hits the 6 week mark and ill be able to switch to dangle earrings? (I dont think their too heavy. Their dangle cross earrings)

Also, i clean my ear a lot because of the fact they bled. How would i know if my skin is irritated?

in 1 or 2 more weeks take out the original earings they may hurt at first but just take them out and see if theres puss or if they bleed . after that clean your ear without a earing in it , then put a fresh, clean pair of earings in. try that again in afew days or a week but for the dangling earings i would wait for afew more months of chainging studs it could take even a year for them to heal completely and not to hurt -hope this helped  (+ info)

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