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Can you get ear infections/diseases from sharing ear phones?

If so what kinds and how serious are they. Can it be cured? I was wondering cuz my friends say you can get "ear herpes" from sharing in the ear phones with the wrong ppl.

Firstly, "ear herpes" does not exist.

While you can transfer bacteria from person to person and catch an ear infection that way (similar to a cold), the chances of it happening by using ear phones are almost 0. Unless the two people had open wounds and one of them had a massive infection, it's not going to happen.
Just be careful as you would around a person with a cold. Don't touch anything dirty and then touch your eyes or ears. Keep your ears and hands clean and you will go a long way to preventing an ear infection.  (+ info)

Is ringing in the ear (tinnitus) could be related to any heart diseases?

If it is, any natural cure? like eating cloves of garlic or supplements?
And i've noticed lately that the ringing is getting louder & louder. It's just so annoying. Pls. help me.

Honestly I dont think it has anything to do with clogged arteries as the cochlea helps with passing of soundwaves and cranial nerves that pass through. Go and have a full check up though just to rule out complications.  (+ info)

what are some ear diseases?

any ear diseases/disorders/abnormalities you know about??

Common ear disorders include
1.Barotitis media
2.Ménière’s disease
4.Otitis externa
5.Acute otitis media
6.Chronic otitis media

Hearing loss, vertigo (a sense of spinning and/or dizziness), earache, and discharge from the ear are some of the common symptoms  (+ info)

what is the ear diseases in which our balance is loosing?

inner ear or vertigo  (+ info)

when aperson is having ear pain,head aches and vomitting are signs of which diseases?

the flu.   (+ info)

What are some ear diseases?

What are some ear disease? I'm just curious.

  (+ info)

what are some diseases of the ear?

please help me out here
plz tell me 1 disease of the ear and tell me how it is devastating and hot it can harm ppl

Since this the Infectious Disease forum I'll mention otitis externa (outer). The acute infection is swimmers ear. This is caused by P aeruginosa. Many people get this infection. If this disease progresses, particularly in diabetics, it can cause a necrotizing spreading infection that can progress to the central nervous system, which can be fatal.   (+ info)

Are there any neurological diseases which cause hearing loss?

I am currently under neurological investigation for many symptoms. Cognitive impairment, muscle tremors, muscle weakness, fatigue and headaches. I have recently experienced hearing loss in my right ear with feelings of pain and pressure in it. I went to a doctor and they saw no signs of infection so I am now assuming this problem is tied into my other problems. Can hearing loss be a symptom of neurological illness and if so is it permanent? Could it be a symptom of nerve damage. Any help really appreciated, thanks.

it's probably just ear wax or water stuck in there  (+ info)

I am facing a strange ear problem for quite a few years now.Can you help please?

It usually happens in winter.I find that my ears,the right one usually becomes hot and red especially when I wear warm and stuffy clothing.I am also a patient of cough and cold related diseases.What should I do for this?What is the cause of the problem?Do you know or have you faced this before?I have been suffering from this for about 3 years but don't know what it is.


Are there any type of inflammations or diseases that incorporate the Occipital Condyle?

From time to time, around that area, it comes and goes. Just wondering though if it's anything I should be aware of. Hopefully I'm stating the right area. The pain is located in an area a little big below my ear lobe.

Please see the web page for more details on Temporomandibular disorders. Cranial nerve VIII might have involved.
Consult ENT specialist.  (+ info)

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