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eating disorders?

I am writing a paper on eating disorders for my health class. One of the questions I would like to answer on my paper is how much weight will a person lose if they eat normal & then go a day without eating.
I've searched the internet but can't find a thing.
What about two days?

i use to be anemic when i was like 14...i had weighed 115...but after 3months of being sick, i went don to 80 pounds...they had to put me in the hospital because i was really weak. i could eat a cookie and i'd be full, so they had to feed me through an iv. if u have an eating disorder you wont realize how much weight your losing until some months after, when u realize how sick u are. i hope this helps a little...  (+ info)

Eating disorders?

Why do so many people look down on others who suffer with eating disorders? An eating disorder is a disease and people can die from it.

Some think their fat
Some don't even know why they do it
Some do it because they were abused
Some do it becasue of a broken family
Some because of a troubled childhood
Some because of depression

And I'm sure other reasons to.

I don't think this is something to be mocking or laughing at. All that does is makes that person angry, and drives them deeper in the problem

you are extremely right!!!!! people should not be looked down upon for having an eating disorder when the same people are looked down upon for being overweight...it is terrible and often the reason people die from the disease. thank you for speaking out!  (+ info)

Eating Disorders?

can someone give me a list of songs that have to do with Eating disorders?

And also can someone give me some websites that are recovery based for Eating disorders?

hey :)

songs about ED's, here are some - http://www.bluedragonfly.org/lyrics/lyrics.html

i know of more but can't remember at the moment, i will come back and list them if they come to me.

as for recovery based sites :

http://www.caringonline.com and check out the Eating Disorders section and under Support and Websites there (there are other helpful links there too for other problems) you should find a lot of helpful sites.

hope that helped some, if you need more help just let me know. take care of yourself. :)  (+ info)


Do you have any stories or experiences about eating disorders? me and my friend Jen are making a website for people who suffer from EDs. If you have had any experience at all with any kind of eating disorder can u please email me, we want to write about real peoples experiences. I'll change your name and some details so its private.

thanks heaps =D

thank u so much everyone who emailed me. i really appreciate it!!! <3


My boss at my previous job seem to think i eat more than anything and im half the size of him.
For me, it was due to tension and stress level. I get this stress level that my tummy will just tensed up and push everything down i guess, then i get hungry and eat again!!!!

Fiz  (+ info)


how do over come a eating disorder I am still hungery even when my stomack is full and i'm alwaysm thinking of food.

chew some gum or play some sports or video games if you need to, so you can focus on something else. or get some really healthy snacks so when you're hungry, you can eat with out worrying.  (+ info)

What is the relationship between depression and eating disorders/issues?

I am doing research on depression for hospitality class (cooking)
that means I need to talk about how it might relate to changes in eating, anorexia/bulemia nervosa and other eating disorders.
the more info the better!

Hey, I studied this this year!

Depression is a clinical disorder of the brain. It causes suicidal thoughts and suicide, and yes, can affect eating disorders. The ones you are referring to are very common with people who are clinically depressed. Depression does not just affect the emotional aspect of your life, but the physical aspect as well. Because the brain connects emotional and physical health, depression affects both at the same time. If you are feeling bad about yourself, or are depressed, your emotions will constantly tell you to be better, that you are doing something wrong. That is where the physical aspect comes into play. When people are unhappy with themselves, studies show they are usually unhappy with their bodies. With anorexia and bulimia, the person who is clinically depressed usually wants to make their bodies look better to makes themselves feel better. The only problem is that it can cause even more emotional damage when they don't see the changes in their bodies, and vice versa if their depression continues.

If you don't know much about anorexia and bulimia, here's a few facts.

Anorexia is an eating disorder where a person refuses to eat. Basically, they look in the mirror and say 'I'm too fat,' and refuse to even touch food. The signs are obviously, extreme weight loss, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and external bleeding and loss of bone health. Because nutrients are not making it into an anorexics body, their skin cells don't develop the way they are supposed to. A tiny cut could bleed a lot, and you are more likely to break bones or tear muscles.

Bulimia is also an eating disorder that is more common in the clinically depressed. Usually, extreme grief causes bulimia. A bulimic is very hard to catch; because they are eating, they don't shed the weight, and because they vomit their food back, you can never really catch them in the act. However, if you have suspicions of bulimia in a friend or relative, take them to a dentist. The acid from the vomit of the person breaks down the enamel on a person's teeth, and causes unhealthy teeth and sometimes even gum disease.

It's very important to keep an eye on all of these issues, so please continue your work! You might want to bring up the fact of depression causing suicide, and how eating disorders actually cause it quite often. The reason being is because the more unhappy they become with their bodies, the more depressed they will be. And the longer someone waits to tell a parent or adult, the worse the situation will get.

Hope this information helps you out!  (+ info)

What percentage of obese people have eating disorders?

What percentage of obese people have eating disorders? Is it more common than unhealthy lifestyle?
To clear it up, I mean people who have had eating disorders from the start, not after they started eating enormous amounts.

Most people have unhealthy life styles, especially older folks who are passing their habits down to their kids. However, it is more common to have an eating disorder at a younger age. So, finding a statistic is going to be age based, and not representative of everyone.

Contrary to your question, most people that have eating disorders are not obese, they are quite likely to be unusually thin. Think: young girls throwing up after a meal. The obese people will have a problem that deals with food as a source of soothing in an emotional setting.  (+ info)

What are some signs of eating disorders?

I think my little 13 year old sister has eating disorders. She never eats much at all and if you ask if she is hungury she says no i'm fine and at super she pushes her food around to make it look like she ate a lot. Once I watched her the hole time through dinner and she only took 3 bites. Also she always is saying how she ways so much and how fat she is. She seems to exercise a lot also.

There are four common types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, and binge-eating disorder. If your sister has any it is most likely not the last two, because they involve eating a lot. But it is possible your sister may have anorexia nervosa (commonly referred to as anorexic) or bulimia nervosa (commonly referred to as bulimic)

Anorexia typically involves irrational fear of becoming obese, and results in severe weight loss due to self-starvation; may include bingeing and purging behavior.

Bulimia typically involves extremely restrictive dieting and regular and repeated binge eating, followed by self-induced vomiting, purging through abuse of laxatives, diuretics or enemas, or excessive physical activity.

Some signs are:


- Has lost a great deal of weight in a relatively short time period
- Continues to diet although bone-thin
- Remains dissatisfied with appearance, claiming to feel fat, even after reaching weight-loss
- Loses monthly menstrual periods
- Develops strange eating rituals and eats small amounts of food (i.e., cutting foods into tiny pieces, moves around on plate)
- Becomes obsessive about exercising
- Appears depressed much of the time
- Denial of hunger


- Binge regularly
- Purges regularly
- Diets and exercises often
- Disappears into bathroom often (for a long period of time to induce vomiting)
- Appears depressed much of the time
- Has swollen neck glands
- Has bad breath
- Has scars on the back of hands from forced vomiting


I believe, from the information you gave us, that your sister may very well have either anorexia or bulimia. It is most common in females in their teenage years and is caused by low self-esteem, fear of becoming fat, fear of growing up and becoming independent, peer pressure, and media influences. I would definitely talk to a guidance counselor, health teacher, your parents, or someone else that will be able to help her. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TRY TO HANDLE THIS YOURSELF!!! You need to get your sister professional help, because people with one of these disorders can take anything you say and think of it as another reason to keep losing weight.
These diseases can cause serious health problems and can even become fatal. The bottom line is your sister needs help. Please do not hesitate to get her help. Good luck and I hope everything turns out well!  (+ info)

How does Jenny Craig work? Is if safe for people that had previous eating disorders?

I am asking and being 100% serious so please I am begging no stupid/insulting answers.

I am 21 and would like to lose weight, problem is I had an eating disorder for roughly 6yrs. I've been in recovery almost 2yrs so I'm doing good but it's really hard to diet without crossing the line back into an eating disorder. I wanted to try weight watchers but they don't allow people that had eating disorders to join.

So my question is how does Jenny Craig work? Is it anything like weight watchers?

I used to work for Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig is a calorie counting program. It is similar to Weight Watchers, except you purchase your food from Jenny Craig, and in Weight Watchers, you cook your own.

The most highly successful program for exactly what you are describing in your question above, is one called, Weigh Down, by Gwen Shamblin. You can Google Search this, and find it easily.

It is Internet based, as well as live groups in your area. All the information you need is on their website.

This program has an extremely high success rate for people with eating disorders, addiction problems, or those wanting to lose weight. It is nominally priced, so most any budget can participate.

I recommend Weigh Down head, and shoulders above any other program out there!

Hope this helped you.  (+ info)

How do eating disorders affect society at large?

I'm writing an essay and part of it needs to address how eating disorders affect society as a whole...and why they are a significant problem to SOCIETY. (Obviously they present significant problems to individuals and families but I need to write about it as it applies to society)

plus any proposals to address society's growing number of people with food disorders.
ideas for prevention programs, etc.


Large? Thats what i'm talking about  (+ info)

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