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My best friend suffers from Ectopia Lentis. Is there any chance of her becoming completely blind?

Ectopia lentis is a condition where the lens of the eye (the part that lets your eye focus on an object) becomes dislocated from its proper position. When this happens, the eye is unable to focus light correctly. This can lead to blindness if not treated. This condition is properly treated by an ophthalmologist.

Additionally, if her condition was not caused by trauma or injury to the eye, it should raise suspicion for associated genetic disorders. Some of these inherited syndromes may have a variety of other problems which should be screened for as well. For example, the most common genetic disorder associated with ectopia lentis is Marfan's syndrome; people with Marfan's require regular screening for aortic aneurysms/dissection which is a potentially life-threatening complication if not recognized/addressed.  (+ info)

Is Ectopia Cordia a cardiovascular disease?

I need to do a project on a cardiovascular disease for my Anatomy class and i just need to confirm that this is a disease. could you please let me know? thanks.

It is a cardiovascular disease.

Ectopia cordis is an extremely rare congenital heart malformation that remains very difficult to treat. Occurrence is .79 in every 10,000 births. In ectopia cordis, the heart forms outside of the chest wall, so it is not protected by the skin or sternum.

Sadly, most cases of ectopia cordis result in stillbirth or death shortly after birth. A few cases of ectopia cordis have been treated successfully, but this defect still poses the biggest challenge and rate of failure for pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons.  (+ info)

what it means by ectopia cordis?

It's a rare congenital defect of a fetus or newborn. Most often, it's when the heart is located outside of the chest wall through an opening in the breast plate (sternum). The heart could also be in the neck or high stomach area. Sometimes surgery can correct the problem but, generally, it is fatal.  (+ info)

Chairi Malformation/Cerebral tonsil ectopia?

I have had headaches every day for three months. My vision also gets blurry and my eyes hurt, been to the eye doctor twice in the past two months and was told the vision is fine, just high eye pressure (20). I am exhausted all of the time. The right side of my body is markedly weaker than my left when I exercise and I have difficulty swallowing. My doctor tested me for everything and the only strange result was a 5mm cerebral tonsil ectopia. When I looked this up on the web, all of these symptoms are for Chairi Malformation, which is the cerebral tonsil thing.
My pcp doctors says that the MRI is normal and so does a neurosurgeon who looked at my films. So I guess I have to live with my symptoms until the herniation gets larger?

you probably just have complicated migraine headaches. I had the same problem, even went temporarily blind once, but they couldn't find anything. You just need to work with your doctor to find meds that can control the headaches (lamictal works for me), take vitamins(B2, coQ 10, and a multivitamin).
Good luck; I know chronic headaches are terrible to live with, but you will make it. The majority of people who get them grow out of them after a few years.  (+ info)

definition of neuronal ectopia?

ectopia: An abnormal location or position of an organ or a body part, occurring congenitally or as the result of injury

neuronal: pertaining to a neuron  (+ info)

Have i burned enough calories today?

Hi am trying 2 get more fit for football but today i went cinemas so had nachos with cheese and a large coke which is unhealthy and 4 hours later i had a rice dish with only lentis and i went gym and burned of 600 calories have i burned enough? also am not unhealthy i weigh 64 kg am 17 and 5 foot 6

If you are trying to get fit for football most people just run up and down or round a football pitch for 90 minutes. This will help your stamina. Then just go down the gym to work on your tummy and your legs etc. Then just practice skills in your back garden you'll be fit for football no time:) and you're not unhealthy as you say you are average which is the best way to be:)
Hope this helps :) xx  (+ info)

how many calories did i have today?


2 toast bread white
2 tuna snadwhiches using 2 breads
2 chese sandwhiches using 2 breads
2 doritos crisp
glass of milk

pot noodle
baked beans

pot noodle
egg with beans
5 microave pizzas

2 doritos crisp
2 mars bars
2 dairy mlk bars
pot noodle
rice with lentis soup
choclate cake
vanilla ice cream 2 plate fulls

2 pot noodles
2 tuna sandwhiches using 2 breads
2 cheese sandwhiches using 2 breads

pot noodle
pot noodle
2 doritos crisp
2 mars bars

how much calories and fat and protein did i have today?

  (+ info)

Are there any nuerologists out there that can help me.?

I think my doctor is crazy. I got another appointment 2 weeks away but symptoms getting worse. here is my MRI Transcript.

There is no restricted diffusion to suggest acute ischemia. The cerebellar tonsils extend into the foramen magnum with crowding but without true cerebellar tonsillar ectopia. This is considered to be within normal limits for age: Transitional cerebellar tonsils. There is asyetric promininence of the right lateral ventricle compared to the left with left bowing of the septum pellucidum and fornix suggesting mass effect. However, there is no significant periventricular white matter changes to suggest interstitial edema. Findings may represent relative impeded flow through the right foramen magnum. There is no evidence for mass or abnormal extra-axial collection.

Flow voids are adequately demonstrated in proximal major intracranial vascular pedicles. There is a moderate retention cyst at the base of the left maxillary sinus. email [email protected] HELP

I'm not sure if there are any (nuerologists) out there, but there are however (Neurologists) out there who can help you.  (+ info)

how many calories did i eat today?

i woke up on 7:00 and ate:

1 glass of milk
2 white kingsmill toast bread wif butter
2 tuna sandwhiches


2 doritos crisp
2 cheese sandwhiches
pot noodle

white rice with lentis soup
can of coke and a apple

then glass of orange juice

pot noodle
2 tune sandwhiches
2 doritos crisp

2 dairy milk choclate bars
1 can of coke

pot noodle
rice lentis soup
2 tuna sandwhiches
glass of milk

rice wiht lenis soup
2 fishfingers

then 12 i went to sleep

am 12 years old

  (+ info)

Which of the following foods would be the best source of potassium?

A) Lentis, Lima Beans, and Beans
B) Dark-green leafy vegetables
C) Whole-Grain products
D) Coffe or Caffeinated products

8.What is the best approach to obtain essential vitamins and minerals?

A) Eat a well-ballanced diet, high in fat and cholesterol
B) take daily vitamin supplements
C) eat a balanced diet of natural foods
D) Take single-vitamin supplements in place of nutrients you may be lacking.

( this answer i put D. I am just checking if i am right for this answer.)

9.What Mineral supplement is often prescribed to treat red blood cell deficiencies?
A) Iron C) Zinc
B) Calcium D) Potassium

17. Which Vitamin might be deficient in Individuals who drink alot of alcohol?

A) Vitamin K C) Vitamin E
B) Vitamin C D) Thiamin

Hi , im doing the same book..
I don't know if my answers are good or wrong.
I have the following answers;

3- A
8- C
17-D ( in doubt)

I would like to make contact with you.
My e mail : [email protected]

Good luck ;)  (+ info)

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