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Can I live a healthy life just eating foods from these groups everyday?

I'm sick of eating foods that are bad for me and ready to make an 180. Now, I've been doing research on foods I should eat everyday. Can I eat these foods everyday and live a healthy life doing so? Also, will I get enough protein to where I won't need my protein powder supplement anymore for my workouts?

I'll list the different groups the websites recommended, basically said to eat the first food listed everyday or an alternative that's listed under it.

Chili Pepper a day
Apple a day

-wild rice

-soy nuts
-Macadamia Nuts

black beans

blue berries
-Acai Berries
-Purple Grapes

-Sweet Potato
-Butternut Squash
-Yellow Bell Pepper

tomatoes (Cooked, tomato sauce, pastes)
-Red watermelon
-pink grapefruit
-Japanese persimmon

yogurt (Live Active Cultures)
-Soy Yogurt

Bag of spinach
-Bok Choy

I also make sure when I'm thirsty that the only thing I drink is water, and I never get less than 1 gallon a day.

Thanks for any advice, or help :)
Exercise is not a problem, I already exercise 6 out of the 7 days. I was just wondering about the food part :)
I'm also
-21 years old
-165 pounds

if that matters any

i really would add some lean meat to it  (+ info)

Multiple Sclerosis or Chiari Malformation?

Patient 29 year old female. She is right-handed. History of migraines since age 6, often severe. However in recent couple years her migraines have begun to include partial paralysis and temporary blindness. In past, menses had triggered them, also MSG, intense light and red #40. Weight 208, Height 5' 10". Her migraines begin with blurred vision, then she will see "disco ball light show". She then loses her vision. 15 minutes after this the headache begins, up to a 7 on pain scale. There is pulsation, photophobia, nausea and vomiting, phonophobia and prostration. Typically last 6 hours at worst several days. She has also had trouble concentrating and finding words. Vertigo now precedes the headache and continues independently.Burning sensation on right side and extreme tenderness in feet also independent of migraine. She has muscle jerks at night with a "surge of electricity" through out her body, compelling her to move. Moving alleviates sensation. In short she has intractable migraine. There is hemiplegia

CT scan w/o contrast. Axial images of head were obtained. The ventricles and sulci are age appropriate in size and configuration. There is no intracranial hemorrhage, extraaxial fluid collection, mass effect or midline shift. There is normal gray-white differentiation with no findings of edema or acute infarct. The paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are clear. There is no destructive bone lesion.

MRI with and without contrast:
Technique Multiplanar, multisequential images of brain were performed w and w/o contrast
Contrast 19 mL Omniscan
Comparison: the aforementioned head CT
FIndings: No midline shift or hydrocephalus. No evidence of acute infarction or parenchymal hemorrhage. No evidence of an expansile mass lesion or pathological postcontrast parenchymal enhancement. No significant volume loss. MILD CEREBELLAR TONSILLAR ECTOPIA ASSOCIATED WITH CROWDING AT THE FORAMEN MAGNUM. Basilar cisterns are otherwise patent. Orbits are grossly unremarkable. Major intracranial vascular flow voids are present.
In summary
1. Mild cerebrellar tonsillar ectopia.
2No. intracranial mass or acute infarction.

Her symptoms overlap with both afflictions, however the tonsillar ectopia inducing pressure on the foramen magnum suggests Chiari malformity.

If any doctors happen to stumble across this I'd love your opinion.

Defintely could be the chiari.

edit: What made you think MS? It never even mentions it in the MRI. It however, mentions cerebellar ectopia, which is arnold chiari.  (+ info)

help with MRI!?! need help!?

I recently got an MRI done, but because of my braces they couldn't see everything. But they did say this and I was wondering what it meant;

"...and there is significant artifact extending across the inferior frontal and temporal lobes, the sella and brainstem"

"-cerebellar tonsillar ectopia"

Also, it was be amazing if someone could give me the symptoms of these two [:
to LGB (i think thats the name sorry): i have one in two weeks but i never saw the MRI paper till today and i really wanna know
ohh it was GLB.. hehe. yeah i know but I got that info off a sheet they sent to my doctor so it wasnt at an appointment

Why don't you just call or make an appointment with your doctor? You could even bring someone or a tape recorder to help you remember what they say. If you don't understand something, ask questions.  (+ info)

vicodin help...desperate ?

i am 17
i have a rare condition called cerebellar tonsillar ectopia
it means the back part of my brain is slightly pressed against my skull
it leads to extreme amounts of pain for long periods of time
ive tried imitrex, naproxin, and many other prescribed drugs
i was recently given a 10 pill subscription to vicodin
it is the ONLY thing that had ever helped the worsening pain
but she will not prescribe me any more
i have scheduled an appt at a neurologist...but it isnt for 2 months( they are extremely booked)
so what can i do in the meantime without buying vicodin illegally??
i am by no means addicted
i just want the pain to end
it conflicts with my work and school....and soon college
please...serious answers only

also...keep in mind....
i have tried all the obvious solutions like tylenol, going to bed early, eating well...it doesnt help

Vicodin is often abused, that's probably why your doctor won't prescribe any more. If it is really helping find another doctor or have your parents call the neurologist and see if the office can't help. Either getting you in sooner or writing another prescription. Good luck!  (+ info)

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