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Empty Sella Syndrome. Anyone else out there with it?

Empty Sella Syndrome is a Defect of the Pituitary Gland, and
causes:Low Blood Pressure (sometimes), SLOW DIGEST-
Risk, for Infections of: Lining of the Lungs,Stomach, Nasal
Passage, Intestines; Hormonal Imbalance/Chemical Im-
balance, Inability to Digest some types of Medicines and
foods/liquids, Facial Pain, Head Pain, Spinal Pain,(when
hormone level is low).
My ESS is from Birth, a Preemie Birth. Wt. 2+lbs., to weak
to eat. Fed with an Eyedropper. First Incubator was my
mother's Bra, next to her heart..for warmth/breathing ex-
ercises, Heartbeat Pulse. Required CPR/Physical Therapy
for months, for proper circulation.
ESS affects females only (?). 2 cases/females in Saudia
Arabia..about 8 or 10 registered in USA.
I am age 62, on regimented, homehealth, routine therapy of
Petite in Size. All other Organs, functional..Good Health.
Am gonna be a organ donor.

I've never heard of this before, but its very interesting.  (+ info)

what is partially empty sella present and correlation with patients endocrine status recomended clinically?

my son had a mri done, then i get a copy of report, it says he has partially empty sella and a terminoligy i dont understand? please help me?

The sella turcica is called that because it was though anatomically to resemble a turk's saddle. The Latin word for saddle is sella.

The pituitary gland occupies the sella turcica. If the sella is partially empty, it may be normal or the pituitary gland may be smaller than expected. The next step is most likely to be blood tests to verify that the pituitary, which is an endocrine gland, is functioning normally. Some of the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland include TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), ACTH (adrenal cortical-stimulating hormone, ADH (anti-diuretic hormone -- an absence of this causes diabetes insipidus), FSH (follicle-stimulationg hormone), LH (lutenizing hormone), and others, so it is a very important gland.

Endo- means in and exo- means out. Endocrine glands are those whose secretions go into the blood streat, like the thyroid and adrenal glands. Exocrine glands are those that secrete outwardly, such as sweat and salivary glands.  (+ info)

what would be the closest diagnosis to empty nest syndrome on the dsm-iv-tr?

I'm wondering if someone had what is called empty nest syndrome, what would that be classified as on the dsm-iv-tr.

Most likely situational depression.

The situation of your child / children leaving is the cause of you feeling depressed.  (+ info)

I know of empty nest syndrome, but what is it called when you wont let your kids leave?

I have 4 young adults in my home, and I want to keep it that way. I know it sounds crazy. At a point, I couldn't wait till they grew up and married and moved out, but now that it is a reality, I am scared to let them leave. Help.

It isn't crazy at all. I have a 21 year old who recently moved and it broke my heart. If it was up to me, I'd have him with us until he married, and then I'd have her move in too ;o).

Seriously, there of course are times when as parents we think "Geez, when are you getting your own apartment, huh?", but when it comes right down to it, for most of us, it is gut-wrenching.

The most important thing, is to be sure to stand behind them whatever they decide to do; and if they decide it is time to move out, you will most probably go through a 'grieving' process not too unlike going through a divorce or death (don't quite remember all the steps, but something like anger, despair, bargaining, false hope and finally acceptance). In the end, when you see them making it on their own, you will come to realize what a great job you did as a parent.

Best of luck!  (+ info)

How do I get rid of the empty nest syndrome?

My children have graduated high school and college and we now live in separate states. I felt I had a purpose when I was taking care of them. My depression is compounded by a divorce when my children reached the adult stage. I am in a new marriage and it has become clear that we ,(my new wife and I).have nothing in common. I am not sure if I regret the first divorce.
I feel that I just go to work, eat, sleep, go back to work.

  (+ info)

Does anyone have Empty Stella syndrome ?

I have a pit tumor [ Cushing's now Addison's]. A recent MRI showed Empty Stella syndrome.
I have look it up and am going to the doctor in a couple of weeks.
I am interested in hearing from other with this.
Thanks in advance.

As you have already read about this I request you to go the following site and get
more useful information.
The disease can be treated either with drugs or surgery.  (+ info)

Can irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) cause urinary problems like unable to completely empty bladder?

or even abdominal cramping?

yes of course because the lower wall of the bladder is sitting on the wall of the colone and this is good enough of a reason.....  (+ info)

What do post-menopausal, empty-nest syndrome women do to get over the slump?

Slump? I was supposed to have a slump? We ran through the house naked and had a great time....for the first time in years. We vacationed. We celebrated. I think it has to do with the way you view the event of their leaving. You are a person within yourself...they don't define you...you're world shouldn't begin and end with them.  (+ info)

Has anyone had empty nest syndrome when their children start school.?

I have one in grade 4, one in grade 1 and my baby has started preschool two mornings per week. I am feeling a little useless and sad (but a little good at the same time!) lol. Did you go through this. I have only lived in this city for 1 year, so I don' have a social network - or a paid job at this point. I won't go back to work for 2-3 yrs when my little one is in full time school (not worth it financially.)

I have one in 4th grade and one started preschool everyday. I still have my 17 m old at home. But my house sure is quiet and lonely!!! It is a nice little break, but I sometimes find myself wandering around wondering what to do next!? And you're right, it isn't worth going back to work until the littlest one is in school full-time. In the end, all you're working for is to pay the daycare/preschool!!
What I want to know is why can't the govt figure out some way to pay dads(or moms) more so that both parents aren't FORCED into working. I know I don't want my kids being raised by a stranger!  (+ info)

Empty nest syndrome, did you experience it and how did you get through it?

Our youngest is leaving for college soon, and even though I'm truly proud and excited for him, we are really close and I don't want to miss him so much that I hinder his progress.

I HAVE BEEN SUFFERING "EMPTY NEST" FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS. It is so hard to adjust to no kids or young adults at home. And you really worry a lot when they are on there own. And then one day you really get a knot in your stomach when you realize "they don't need you anymore". You job is accomplished but it hurts.

Here are some things that help:

Try to give them space to be their own person, all grown up, but do
call and check in by asking "how are things going"?

Keep real busy, take classes, find a new hobby, read, outdoor activities

Make some new friends. When your life has NEWNESS it is easier.

Plan special holidays and birthdays way in advance.

Take time to experience their world (college, jobs, home life) VISIT when
asked but don't just drop in. They need privacy and space.

Remodel your home. Make some changes. Make changes the way you
want it. Maybe a game room or new family room. Your way is best.

Pop them over little emails (once in awhile and not too often) of endearment

A lot of the time, let them call you. Dont be the Mom or Dad that pesters their kids. Let them grow up and have a life. My sons former girl (now his wife) gets 5 and 6 cell calls a day. She has no life and she is married.

Invite them to come home from certain occasions or when you think they
can come. Ask them what they would like to do. Kids who leave home
love to come home, be in their room, with their family and do nothing.

Keep contact. Invite them to lunch out, go to their sport games etc.

The biggest advice to coping is to keep yourself busy until the pain subsides.
I guarantee you life will totally change. You forget to cook, look for them in their room, and even waste time as your life loses structure. You have to get the structure back. Change it into something that works for you.

And don't cry. Really it seems to accomplish nothing unless it really makes you feel better. Change your life one step at a time and their distance will be only a heart beat away.  (+ info)

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