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How long could swelling last with hsv encephalitis?

We recently had a prognosis of hsv encephalitis. Still hospitalized and on day 14 of Acyclovior, clinically showing improvment. We have had several MRIs and EEG, seems like the EEGs are getting somewhat better, but the MRI still shows no change. How long could we expect swelling to remain?

There is no answer.
every case is entirely indiviual.
I've seen one case where the patient was copmpletely better in a week. And other cases where the person never came out of a coma.

I have one case in the hospital right now - it's been one week, and no useful movement.

Best advice - wait one month - expect that by one month you'll have about 90% of the recovery that will ever occur.

It's just a waiting game - there is no way for anyone to tell you when the patient is going to get better - or IF he's going to get better.  (+ info)

How many doses of Japanese encephalitis vaccine should I have?

I am going to India in a few weeks time and was told I will need immunising against japanese encephalitis. I have had two doses of the vaccine and have an appointment tomorrow for the 3rd dose, but I was wondering if it is really worth having the 3rd dose? Is it safe to just have two doses? As I heard somewhere that 2 doses gives you about 80% protection and that 3 doses doesn't even give 100 % protection anyway.



Please refer to above web site for details

The best schedule is 3 doses of 1 ml of vaccine on days 0,7, and 30
Another wschedule is 0,7,14

But the minimum possible is
1st dose= day 0
The next dose should be at least 10 days before travel , but 7 days after the first making a 2 dose schedule'
Please read above website  (+ info)

What common drugs currently used to treat Encephalitis?

Also is it a vaccine? what other info are scientists useing to fight Encephalitis?

For herpes simplex encephalitis, acyclovir is used. For most other viruses, specific treatment is not available. General measures include anticonvulsants, antipyretics, looking after nutrition and hydration, preventing bed sores, etc.  (+ info)

Are all the poeple infected with herpes died of Encephalitis?

Are we all people infected with herpes, are going to die of Encephalitis?

Thank you.

Nope. Your immune system gets better at suppressing the virus the longer you have it. Unless your immune system is incredibly weak (like if you have both AIDS and herpes) or you get a raging case of herpes in your old age, it's not worth worrying about.  (+ info)

What type of epilepsy can result from encephalitis?

Since epileptic seizures can result from different areas of the brain, I was wondering which areas (maybe all?) were more prone to developing epilepsy as a result of encephalitis...I was particularly wondering if encephalitis could affect the temperal lobe.......thanks

I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I have a related question. In addition to epilepsy, I have arrested hydrocephalus. I was wondering if they could be related. Maybe an answer to my question will give you an insight into yours.

Mark  (+ info)

can you get encephalitis from a mosquito who has bitten someone with herpes?

because herpes and encephalitis are caused by the same virus. and you get encephalitis from mosquitoes. so, if a mosquito bit a person with genital herpes, then bit someone else, could they transfer the virus and give the second person encephalitis?

No. Not related. Encephalitis attacks the brain. Causes coma, high fever and could cause death. There has been no documented transfer of herpes via mosquito. Had a nephew who contracted Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE)and we learned a lot about that and other diseases transmitted by bugs. Herpes also has to be in a contagious state , for the most part, to contract that disease. If in doubt, contact the hospital, free clinic or CDC. They all have web pages to answer this type of question. Tagger  (+ info)

Is it possible to have a VERY MILD case of Encephalitis or Meningitis in the past, and not know it?

Is it possible to have a VERY MILD case of Encephalitis or Meningitis in the past, and not know it? If so, will it show up in some bloodwork later in life, or once its gone, is there a way to see if you had it in the past?
I know both are extremely dangerous and can make you terribly ill or they can even be fatal, but is it possible to have had a very mild case of either, and not know what it was?
I hope I explained this good enough. Thank you in advance.

I do not believe that it is possible to tell after the illness has passed. In Meningitis, the way to tell if there is an active infection is with a spinal tap to look for the presence of the bacteria or virus in the spinal fluid. With illnesses like chicken pox, there is a test that can be performed that looks for specific antibodies -- that's how you can tell if you've had it in the past. Meningitis is not one of those 'get it once' type of illnesses. Although less than 2% of those ever infected get it again, it's a luck of the draw. I know; I've had it twice.  (+ info)

Is it true that coma due to encephalitis can be reversible, meaning patients can wake up after some time?

My grandpa has been in a coma due to encephalitis for more than 5 months now, the doctors couldn't figure out the virus that is causing it and recently, he got transferred back to home but still remain unconscious.His eyes move a bit whenever we talk to him but thats about it.Is that any chances that he can wake up someday?

  (+ info)

Is encephalitis contagious if I work in close proximity with a client?

I work in the home of my client. i have to bathe, help eat, help go to the bathroom, and he/she cna be aggressive at times to where he/ she will scratch,pinch, bite, kick or get really up in my face to get hugs.


there is no cause of encephalitis that would be directly transmissible from human to human EXCEPT for rabies. But I think you know that you client doesn't have that. Each case is fatal in about a week after the onset of symptoms.

Whatever the other cause of encephalitis -- western equine, easter equine, west nile, Lacrosse, St Louis, CMV, listeria, naelgleria, toxoplasmosis --

none of these are transmissible from human to human. Just use standard precautions as you would with anyone else. Use gloves if you anticipate contact with body fluids.

when any germ is in the brain  (+ info)

Is it possible for encephalitis affect a man's ability to produce offspring?

My boyfriend had encephalitis when he was 6 years old. He told me the doctor said that he may not be able to have any children until he was in his 30's, if even then. I was just wondering what the possibilities were or if he is avoiding "baby talk" with me. I'm 31 & he's 29.
The doctor told his mother and she explained to him about him not being to have children when he was old enough to understand.

Ok Doctors do not tell children they can't have children so he must of gotten this news much later.Encephalitis is swelling of the brain I fail to see how that effects his ability to have children.What does age have to do with it? You are either fertile or you are not.I think you have a much bigger problem and you certainly should have no children with him.I am sorry.I think he does not want children at this time in his life.  (+ info)

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