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Is there anyone in the St. Louis area that will dread hair using the backcombing method?

I am looking for someone to dread my hair and I did the research and decided I want it done by the backcombing method. If anyone can help or knows of a salon in the St. Louis area that will backcomb dreads, please tell me.

It's really not hard to do, if you get a friend to help you, you two could do it yourself.

And DON'T USE WAX!  (+ info)

Where can I find free prenatal care in St Louis?

I recently found out my wife is pregnant, and we do not have insurance. I am starting a new jobs, but wont have insurance for 90 days. She is already 7 weeks (according to her last period), and we would like to get her some prenatal care before the 90 days. We live in St Louis MO and need some care for just a few months. Please help!

You need to consult the dhs in the area you will be in, they should be able to give you referrals.  (+ info)

What are good st louis pork ribs recipe?

What are good st louis pork ribs recipe?

oven only- i live in an apartment so no bbq

what are some good rubs- simple- dont have alot of ingredients

and how long to cook them and what temp. first time doing this and would like some opinions

best done on bbq do the grilling on balcony

hope this helps  (+ info)

What's the difference between Baby Back Ribs and St. Louis Ribs?

The food network says that St. Louis ribs are better, but Baby Back ribs are more popular. Whats the difference?

They're talking about the cut of meat, not how they're cooked. Baby back ribs are a smaller cut, and have less meat on them. St Louis cut is from a different part of the pig than baby back ribs. They are actually the same ribs you'll get if you buy spare ribs, but with some of the meat trimmed away.

Basically what you are getting with a St Louis cut is more meat, and since they are trimmed differently, the meat shrinks away from the ends of the bone to form "handles" that make them easy to eat with your fingers. If you ever had them, you'd probably prefer them to baby back as well.

The biggest downside of St Louis cut is that they are hard to find than baby back or spare ribs, and usually have to be specially ordered from the butcher (or butcher counter at the grocery store). This means they're never on sale either. If you're good with a knife and can find a good picture, you can just buy spare ribs and trim them down. Make sure you cook that extra meat too though, no reason to let it go to waist!  (+ info)

How to get started with baby modeling, and possible agencies in St. Louis?

I am wanting to know how to possibly start my son in modeling, he is 9 months old. I've never done this before so I have no clue where to begin. I am also wanting to find agencies in the St. Louis area, if anyone can be of any help I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

st. louis is not a big market for modeling... the markets are new york, miami, chicago, and l.a. - ny and la are the main ones. Your son needs a contract with a modeling agency. the people in the mall who make you pay.... that's a scam  (+ info)

Is there a dentist in St.Louis that will put me to sleep before performing surgery to remove my cavity?

I have a cavity...but I am terrified of dentists....so..I was wondering s there a dentist in St.Louis that performs anesthesiology

I don't know about your area, but if you are just having a filling, I doubt it. If you are having the tooth removed or a root canal, you could get put to sleep, but chances are, you'll have to pay that fee. I'm having two teeth removed tomorrow and I wanted to get put to sleep as well (same fear here!) but I would have to pay close to $500 to get put to sleep because my insurance carrier doesn't deem it medically necessary for me to get general anesthesia, just the local they give in the shots. Check with your insurance company on what they will cover.  (+ info)

Does anyone have a recommendation of a psychologist specializing in teens in the St. Louis, Missouri area?

I have a friend that's experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts. Of course I want to help her, but I have no idea how to do so. So I am asking for a recommendation for a psychologist specializing in teens in St. Louis, Missouri.

Yeah Dr. Marie Winfield She has great experience she helped my child. She has 2 yrs of community college a BS & MA & Psy.D so shes actually over qualified.  (+ info)

where to buy hershey's mint chocolate chips in st louis?

where to buy hershey's mint chocolate chips in st louis?

I have some Guittard's mint chips listed on eBay ... you can just search mint chips on there. If you contact me through that, I could look around here for the Hershey's for you too. Also, I think there are bags of mini Andes' mint chips available too (they're layered, like the regular Andes mints)  (+ info)

Where is the closest tattoo parlor to St. Louis where I can get a blacklight tattoo?

I live in the St. Louis area. Any idea where I could get one?

There are more problems than just the ink when getting these types of tattoos. Depending on who the artist is and their level of talent, you will often be able to see some scarring from a heavy-handed-less-than-professional-tattooer.

We don't offer these at all in my studio anyway, mostly because of how the original company advertised these inks as FDA approved when they were only approved for marking FISH.  (+ info)

How do I make "Pad Spicy" from "King and I" in St. Louis, MO?

There is a restaurant in St. Louis called "King and I" - it is the #1 Thai place in town. They have a dish called 'Pad Spicy' that is awesome. The menu description is: Stir Fried meat, bell pepper, basil leaves, with touch of ground fresh chili, garlic and wine...

Sounds easy right? Not so much - I have searched for other recipes like this - but searching for 'Pad Spicy' on the web doesn't bring up anything useful.

Has anyone ever been there and copied their recipe for Pad Spicy ? The 'pad' part can be either beef chicken or pork.

[email protected]
Uhh- I think you gave me a recipe for a pillow or something. While it looks interesting, not exactly something I would eat for dinner :)


2 oz. whole allspice or cinnamon sticks
2 - 5" squares muslin
2 - 6" squares quilted material

Sew muslin squares together, leaving 2 inch opening. Turn bag inside out. Fill with spice. Sew up opening. Sew quilted squared together, leaving one edge open. Turn. Place muslin bag inside quilted bag. Sew opening closed. Trim with lace if desired. Place hot teapots and dishes on top.

*_*  (+ info)

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