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what does encephalomalacia mean?

my daughter brooke who is autistic with seizure disorder broke her nose having a drop seizure. on her cat scan it said areas of encephalomalacia extensive bifrontal are seen. what does that mean?

It means "softening" or shrinkage of the brain. Usually it suggests old injury to the brain like a contusion or a stroke.  (+ info)

Need help with MRI findings?

-Encephalomalacia and gliosis are noticed in the right cerebellar peduncle. Hemosiderin is also demonstrated in the right cerebellar peduncle

(Had hemorrhagic stroke and surgery to remove hemangioma at intersection of right cerebellum, medulla and pons in March, 2005 and never fully recovered)

What does the MRI findings mean?
PLEASE help...

Encephalomalacia means softening of brain tissue, usually caused by vascular insufficiency or degenerative changes. (Also called cerebromalacia.) It is a term used to describe a degenerative disorder in the brain - due (most likely) to the hemorrhage that caused your stroke.

Hemosiderin is an abnormal microscopic pigment found in the human body. Hemosiderin often forms after bleeding (hemorrhage) into an organ. When blood leaves a ruptured blood vessel, the cell dies and the hemoglobin of the red blood cells is released into the extracellular space. White blood cells called macrophages engulf or distruct the hemoglobin to degrade it, producing hemosiderin.  (+ info)

Request suggestion on CT scan report?

CT SCAN OF BRAIN:Plain C.T.scan of brain was performed on multi-slice scanner.Areas of encephalomalacia&orencephaly are noted in the left frontal and parieto-occipital region with ex-vacuo dilatation of left lateral ventricle.A prominence of periventricular white matter hypodensity is seen.Lacunar infarcts are noted in bilateral basal ganglion.A small chronic infarct is noted in the left cerebellum.The brain parenchyma elsewhere appears normal.The cerebral sulci and fissures are prominent.No shift of midline structures is seen.A moderate dilatation of ventricular system is seen.The basal cicterns appears prominent.IMPRESSIONS:•Areas of encephalomalacia&porencephaly in the left frontal & parieto-occipital region with ex-vacuo dilatation of left lateral ventricle.A small chronic infarct is noted in the left cerebellum•Lacunar infarcts in bilateral basal ganglion
•Moderate changes of cerebral atrophy•Periventricular ischaemic changes-Moderate degree of hydrocephalus
This is a CT scan for brain of my Mother. I don't know how do we treat her going forward? She had heaemmorhage on 18th Feb'07. There was no surgery done since doctor did not advice on the same. With medicines there was an improvement in between, but she is not keeping well since last 4 days. Today she has fever 102 Degrees. Not sure if somebody can advice me looking at the CT scan report.

My best guess would be chronic schizophrenia (in a younger patient) or advanced age (hence the enlarged ventricles , prominent fissures and sulci, and general cerebral atrophy) with hydrocephalus (maybe from encephalitis??) and possible stroke (hence the infarct).

The responder below would be well served to read up on the structural changes in the brain related to schizophrenia (e.g., enlarged ventricles).  (+ info)

atherosclerotic plaques?

I started having severe headaches in the last 6 wks, went to the Dr after 1.5wks, they gave me meds for Migraine's and did an MRI, the MRI read "Differential diagnosis would include focal encephalomalacia relasted to small vessel atherosclerotic disease." But it is only 3mm in diameter. That Dr sent me to an Internest which took me off the meds for Migraine's and put me on Lyrica started with 75mg after a wk he increased it to 150mg 2x per day. He made me an appt. with a Neor., but he said that my headaches are strange because w/this only being 3mm it would not cause the severe headaches. I have had 3 esposides where I completely forgot the entire day, prior to Lyrica the left side of my face would go numb, my left hand would tingle and my leg. My sight in my left eye would go. With Lyrica that has stopped but the headaches continue. My memory is shot, I cannot remember anything from last wk, peoples last names I forget. Do you have any suggesions?

sounds like you are having small strokes. If your vision in one eye goes and comes back that is from an interrupt in blood supply form a plaque. Make sure you are on a blood thinner  (+ info)

8 month old with MRI I don't understand....?

My 8 month old daughter had an MRI done and this is what it says, can anyone help me understand what this means?

The whole MRI Report says the following:

FINDINGS: Patient has prominent cystic encephalomalacia involving the anterior parietal lobes bilaterally, with marked volume loss in the sensory cortex. The volume loss in the posterior frontole lobe involving the motor cortex is mild.

No acute ischemic change, mass, or hemorrage detected.

There is cerebral volume loss without disproportionate ventricular enlargement.

No congenital anomally found.

Inflammatory changes in the paranasal sinuses, left middle ear cavity, and mastoid cells noted.


Focal cystic encephalomalacia involving the bilateral anterior parietal lobes and sublte involvement of the posterior frontal lobe.
I tried to get him to talk to me in English but he has no bedside manner and it's like if you don't understand then you're beneath him.

I don't know but it sounds like hydrocephalus. I know it's not but why do these doctors speak their own language and not in English. You should ask the doctors exactly what it means. Also on any medication, you should know the side affects and what it's going to do to you. I would never leave the medical centre without knowing what everything is and means. When I see a doctor and they start their language, I always tell them to speak English and not double dutch. If in Australia you can ring Nurse On Call and they can help you as they are fantastic and opened 24/7.  (+ info)

understanding ct results?

had a ct on head w/ and w/o contrast -results says-there is right temporal, frontal & parietal encephalomalacia. also says paranasal sinuses show bilateral maxillary mucosal thickening & right maxillary antral mucosal retention cyst. in english what does this say? had a craniotomy for a ruptured berry aneurysm in the right mca trifuration 2 years ago.thanks for your help

  (+ info)

Need help understanding the results of my daughters MRI?

My daughter was thrown from the bed of a pickup truck in 2004. She recently got another MRI and I really don't know what I'm looking at. The following are the results:"There is focal atrophy and abnormal increased signal on flair sequences in the anterior left temporal lobe, associated with prominence of the surrounding CSF spaces and absense of enhancement. There is no discrete mass. On posttrauma CT of Dec 7, 2004 there is a large right temporoparietal scalp hematoma. If patient's symptoms have been present since her injury the appearance is most compatible with encephalomalacia and gliosis from a contrecoup type injury. Separate from this area brain volume in normal. Ventricle size is normal. There are no signs of acute or old hemorrhage. There are no signs of acute infarction and ther are no abnormal ares of enhancement. There is no significant parnasal sinus disease. Impression: Focal atropy and white matter changes in left temporal lobe compatible old contrecoup injury

You need to ask a doctor but as a nurse. Focal atrophy is a decrease in tissue size and could cause a problem in that area of the brain. Your daughter obviously has some serious brain injury from this accident. Countrecoup injury is when you fall or hit your head, say in the front, and you also end up with an injury in the back due to the brain still moving when the person is not. You can look up each of these medicl terms on the internet or a medical dictionary and put it together to find out exactly what all of this means but your best bet is to have a radiologist or neurologist interpret these findings for you.  (+ info)

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