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What are common diseases, disorders or injuries that affect the endocrine system?

  (+ info)

What happens if the endocrine system fails? Can you describe 5 diseases or disorders?

Diabetes Mellitue Type 1 and 2
Addisons disease
Cushings syndrome  (+ info)

What are some diseases of the endocrine system?? (besides diabetes)?

Hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism  (+ info)

What are some Endocrine System Diseases?

Well, some of the big ones include Diabetes, Graves disease (thyroid), Osteoporosis, and nephritis.  (+ info)

Endocrine System!!?

Does anyone know anything about the Endocrine System? I am doing a project and I cant find any usefull information. I would specifically like to know about the Testes and Ovaries.


I mean what exactly do you want to know... do you want to know about the hormones involved. Be a little more specific.  (+ info)

Is there other non infectional diseases in the endocrine system then diabetes??

PLEASE answer quickly!!

hypo/hyperthyroidism, pituitary dwarfism,progeria, addison's disease, cushing's disease  (+ info)

Does Cushings Disease affect the nervous, endocrine, or immune system?

Does Cushings Disease affect the nervous, endocrine, or immune system?

Cushing's Disease affects the endocrine system, specifically the adrenals.

Click on this site for more information:
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/cushings-syndrome/DS00470/DSECTION=3  (+ info)

endocrine system?

how does a comprehensive metabolic panel w/EGFR test, indicating aLOW range of 58 ((normal or accepted ranges for this particlar method of testing = greater than or less than 60 mL/min/1.73m2...(test results for non-african american male).since this test is a test for possible cancer, how is a LOW test result defined--in general ? what is the general indication of a LOW result? assay= (BAYER CHEMILUMINESCENT METHOD)

Yyou need to ask a doctor about that. Make an appt and ask those questions.  (+ info)

What are 12 diseases/conditions in the endocrine gland that involve the thyroid?

What are 12 conditions and or diseases that happen in the thyroid gland that is related with the endocrine?

Thyroid cancer  (+ info)

How do i explaing the endocrine system to a group of 6th graders?

Me and three of my friends have to teach the class about the endocrine system, (about ten minutes.) There are some extremly immature kids in my class, and we dont want to go up there and them start acting like 6 year olds. What is a good way to present our information without getting into detail, but still everyone is learning something?

Pictures? Diagrams? Report?
Im open to all suggestions
We are also dressing up: a professor, frog, and two assitants.

Me being a 7th grader I know what you mean, Kid's today are EXTREMELY immature, Use Pictures #1 Because that will keep there attention and once you have there attention give some orel information, then a picture agin, This will keep them awake and not sleeping, Lol.  (+ info)

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