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Is bi-polar an inherited illness, or is it caused by environmental factors?

I think it's in your genes but I think it can worsen (or lessen) due to environmental factors (negative or positive).

Just an opinion, I'm no expert.  (+ info)

Can't environmental factors cause a person to be depressed rather than just mental illness?

Oh yes, and in an almost infinite number of ways. Lots of people get really sad on a gloomy day. Seasonal affective disorder, of course. The lack of sunlight contributes to depression in a lot of people. And who doesn't get down when they're not feeling well physically- like when they have really bad sinus problems from things in bloom. Talk to some man when he's finally got those perfect tickets for the game and then the game gets rained out!

Depression is only termed a mental "illness" when it's chronic and has no clear cause. Otherwise it is situational or normal depression, and environmental causes would fall into this category. Of course, depressive episodes can be triggered for someone with a mental illness. I know, I'm bipolar and for me it often works that way. I'll be doing OK for awhile and some event will happen to trigger me getting all excited and before I recognize it I'll be into a manic phase. The same when I get a discouraged feeling because things just are not going well- and before long it can become "clinically" a depressive episode. Because I'm bipolar, I just don't pull out of it like "normal" people. When I was on different meds, I used to adjust the dosage depending on my mood. (I worked in the mental health field and my psychiatrist always knew what I was doing- I don't suggest that just anyone can adjust their own dosages.)  (+ info)

How to support someone with a mental illness?

My boyfriend is a very important and dear person to me. I want to do my best to support him. He hasn't been "officially" diagnosed with hypomania ( a form of bi-polar disorder), but we know that there is some form of mood disorder there. He also suffers from anxiety disorder caused by environmental problems. I was looking for ways that I can really use to make him happy and feel better and to really support him. Any ideas? Advice on how to deal with this?

Thanks a lot! =D

I am bipolar and I have told all my ex's the same thing and thay have never listened, but in the event that he has an episode or "manic attack" don't try to figure him out. it normally will be brief and if you just let him ride it out in quiet, you will find that you will not fight as much. these disorders are not only mood disorders but also judgement disorders. anythng you say may trigger a negetive response and they will blow up at you, then later feel bad. Just step away let him watch tv, hug him, but don't say anything. It will be fine!!!  (+ info)

seeking cure for Environmental Illness (MCS) (not just avoidance)?

I have a chemical injury (MCS or EI or Gulf War Syndrome) has anybody been actually cured of this illness? by taking herbs, teas, berries or some type of food grade product, that does not involve the concept of staying away from toxic chemicals altogether. Please no sales, or multi-level marketing products; I have spent what resources I have on avoidance already, thank you

I have friends with severe sensitivities. They just have to avoid. :( A real hassle, but look on the bright side, with avoidance, you prevent these chemicals from being absorbed into your body... which could have caused cancer and other illnesses later in life.

One suggestion, which is quite generic, but important nonetheless. Some people with chemical sensitivies have undiagnosed food intolerances that make the chemical sensitivities/allergies worse. It might be worth it to have a food intolerance test done to rule out any underlying sensitivities that might be exascerbating your problem. I would also try to eat a healthy diet, non-inflammatory, specifically:


some cure ideas:

It might be possible to increase supplementation of certain vitamins that help with detox. This illness is related to CFS/ME, so i would do a google search on supplements that help with CFS. Magnesium is a good place to start. :)

http://www.ctds.info/chemical-sensitivity-resources.html  (+ info)

How would you respond to the question, “Did I cause my illness?”?

especially if the person asking the question were feeling guilty about knowing that the primary contributors to disease are environmental factors not genetics...

Well, you might say something like: All diseases have both a genetic and environmental cause. While you haven't help avoid your illness by doing XYZ, but who knows, you may well have got it anyway.

That will certainly be true and give them a psychological 'out'.  (+ info)

how does sociocultural, socioeconomic and environmental determinants impact mental health?

i need examples of how they cause mental illness. i can't think of any more. Such as those who are socio-economically disadvantaged might experience more stressful circumstances linked to their poorer financial status.

Stigma is a very real problem for people who have a mental illness. Based on stereotypes, stigma is a negative judgment based on a personal trait — in this case, having a mental health condition. It was once a common perception that having a mental illness was due to some kind of personal weakness. We now know that mental health disorders have a biological basis and can be treated like any other health condition. Even so, we still have a long way to go to overcome the many misconceptions, fears and biases people have about mental health, and the stigma these attitudes create.
Stigma may be obvious and direct, such someone making a negative remark about your mental health condition or your treatment. Or it can be subtle, such a someone assuming you could be violent or dangerous because you have a mental health condition. These and other forms of stigma can lead to feelings of anger, frustration, shame and low self-esteem — as well as discrimination at work, school and in other areas of your life. For someone with a mental illness, the consequences of stigma can be devastating. Some of the harmful effects of stigma include:
Trying to pretend nothing is wrong
Refusal to seek treatment
Rejection by family and friends
Work or school problems or discrimination
Difficulty finding housing
Being subjected to physical violence or harassment
Inadequate health insurance coverage of mental illnesses

Take care as always!  (+ info)

What is the difference between a terminally illness and a chronic illness?

I would like to know what is the difference between a chronic illness and a terminally illness because my wife has a chronic disease called diabetes.

Terminal means it will kill you. Chronic means it is life-threatening. I have diabetes, too, and it can be severe, but there is a treatment.

Cancer is sometimes a terminal illness.

I hope this helped. :)  (+ info)

What mental illness has the highest percentage of feces smearers?

What mental illness is someone most likely to be a feces smearer? Is it Autism or Skitsofrenia or something else?

Feminism  (+ info)

Is the environmental change between Miami and Puerto Rico a risk for my 3 month old?

Would it be safe to travel from Miami to Puerto Rico with my 3 month old? In Miami I have central air conditioning, windows are closed etc and in Puerto Rico there is no a/c and windows are open constantly, and higher risk of getting bitten by mosquitos. Could this drastic environmental change be too much too soon for my baby?

I doubt it.  (+ info)

How do environmental factors affect memory and how does loud music interfere with memory?

How do environmental factors affect memory and how does loud music interfere with memory?

I've never heard of loud music interfering with memory, but environmental factors like pollution and poisons, like lead and mercury can affect memory and brain function. It's especially important where young children may be exposed because it affects them most of all.  (+ info)

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