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What kind of illness can you get from swimming in a pool?

My G/f, Brother, and sister in law all got sick from swimming in a pool at my condo. What kind of illness can you get from swimming?

Many. Out of the many we get every year is the one from fecal matter from water ingested while swimming. This happens if the clorine is not up to par to where it shoud be. If the "fluke" virus gets into our thymus gland, we can be in serious trouble. The fluke in found fecal matter.  (+ info)

What is the environmental impact when it comes to eating animals versus being a vegan?

What is the environmental impact of cattle raising versus agriculture?

First off, if you're looking at a vegan vs a carnivore's impact on the env. - It's not just the cattle industry - it's also chickens for both meat and eggs), pigs, even farm raised fish.

Now, even if you look at things in the best possible light - ie the carnivore is eating locally and organically raised meat, drinking local organic milk and eating local organic eggs as well as veggies - and the vegan is eating non-organic veggies from who knows where - I think the vegan still has less of an impact.

If the vegan is also eating only locally raised organic fruits and veggies - there's no way the carnivore can come close to lowering their environmental impact to the that of the vegan's. Animals take waaaay more energy and resources to raise than veggies - it's just that simple.  (+ info)

When did the symptoms of your mental illness start showing?

When did the symptoms of your mental illness start showing?
Did they start showing suddenly? Was it after a breakdown? What age did they start showing?

Oh yeah, what is your mental illness?

Well, I have been depressed for quite awhile and I also suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
I was abused at the age of 12 or 13 and my symptoms of depression first began showing up at the age of 15, when I wa so depressed that I wanted to hurt myself. The symptoms of PTSD started at the age of 18, when I still hadn't talked about my history of abuse and it was still repressed. I remember hearing this one triggering song and I had terrible flashbacks. The symptoms of PTSD were quite sudden but the depression has been going on for years. This is the first year where I feel significantly less depressed because I have found the right therapist, the right meds and the right friends to give me their support.

Good luck to all of you  (+ info)

What is an illness/disease that could keep someone from physical activity for 3 years?

I need to know for a short story I'm writing for school...the character wants to be a dancer but has not been able to dance for 3 years because of some illness, but I want it to be realistic. Not a deadly illness just one that you wouldn't be able to dance, and an internal illness not an injury.

This may change your story line too much, but if the dancer is depressed over something in her life, that could have kept her from being a dancer. Often times those suffering from depression are practically incapable of physical activity and lose their ambition. It's a constant cycle - she is unable to dance because of her depression and her inability to dance is pushing her further into depression.  (+ info)

History of mental illness associated with patient misdiagnosis? How often does this happen?

I'm doing a research paper and would like to know how common this is.

If you have a history of some form or mental illness (depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, etc) have you ever been discriminated against during a doctor's visit? For example: You complain of insomnia, random pain, etc and your doctor attributes your symptoms to your mental illness without doing any additional tests to determine if an unrelated illness is to blame.
Have you had any experience in this area? Do you have any info on this subject? Links would be wonderful!

Yes this has happend to me, i'm not sure if this what you need. But I have major depression, PTSD, anxiety, can't sleep. So I was raped in nov. ( I got looked at and everything) Will I went to my doctor and told her that i was having alot of pain down there. She told be that it was just a side effect from PTSD, my body reacting to it. So I belived her thinking it was all in my head. Will I went to Plan parenthood, to get a IUD. They have to make sure you are clean not infections before they palce it and they where checking me out and the frist thing she said me to me was oh hun, you have a major yest infection and a major baldder infection she said I have had it for awhile and if I would have waited any longer it would have go to my kidenys.

I hope this is kind of what you where looking for. I will try to think of others i know there is more. I'm sorry if this was not helpful.  (+ info)

What kind of mental illness causes you to eat your hair?

I met this girl over the weekend who eats her own hair. Not just like nibbling, but eats large chunks at a time. Apparently this is a mental illness, does anyone know what it is?

I believe it is called Pica. A friend of mine has it. She says it is caused by the amount of stress she is under and the fact that her mom used drugs while she was pregnant for my friend.  (+ info)

Is a Doctor obligated to inform a sick person of their illness?

Regardless of ability or interest to pursue treatment, are doctors obligated morally or legally to inform a person of their illness or that they suspect an illness?
Are doctors today, not telling patients when they suspect life ending illness because they know the person doesn't have insurance and probably couldn't afford treatment.

Regardless of insurance most doctors are going to be straight with you & others will refer you to another doctor to tell you. Check out Hippocratic Oath.  (+ info)

How do you explain chronic illness and adoption to a child?

I have Fibromyalgia and my wife has CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) We've both been suffering for a long time. We have a 5 year old child together whom we love very much, however because of our illness and her behavioral problems we will be giving her up for adoption this March.
What's the best way to go about explaining to her why this is happening?
Are their any easy ways to explain these diseases to a child so they understand?
It's very stressful. Thanks for your help.

i find it strange that someone with fms would tell someone else that they shoudl be able to take cae of a child despite the fms

i have fms--i can't take care of a child--i had hoped to adopt a sibling group--but i can't even take care of myslef ........

anyone who really has fms understands that it is a spectrum--from being able to work and raise children (like i used to be able to do when i first had symtoms--to being bed ridden)

you don't say you chose to have a child after becomiing so sick--you may have not been sick when you became parnets or honetsly thought you could do it.

who ever is handling the adoption should be helping with the transistion...its their job to know how to do it  (+ info)

What is the legal definition of a mental illness?

I'm doing a presentation on mental illnesses and I need to know the legal definition of a mental illness. It's very important that I get it.
I need the LEGAL deffinition only! Not some bull**** crap spam site links, or long ass definitions with multiple definitions in one. No. I only need the legal definition of mental disorder/illness. Thank you.

mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior. Insanity is distinguished from low intelligence or mental deficiency due to age or injury. If a complaint is made to law enforcement, to the district attorney, or to medical personnel that a person is evidencing psychotic behavior, he/she may be confined to a medical facility long enough (typically 72 hours) to be examined by psychiatrists who submit written reports to the local superior/county/district court. A hearing is then held before a judge, with the person in question entitled to legal representation, to determine if she/he should be placed in an institution or special facility. The person may request a trial to determine sanity. The original hearings are often routine with the psychiatric findings accepted by the judge. In criminal cases, a plea of "not guilty by reason of insanity," will require a trial on the issue of the defendant's insanity (or sanity) at the time the crime was committed. In these cases the defendant usually claims "temporary insanity" (crazy then, but okay now). The traditional test of insanity in criminal cases is whether the accused knew "the difference between right and wrong," following the "M'Naughten Rule" from 19th Century England. Most states require more sophisticated tests based on psychiatric and/or psychological testimony evaluated by a jury of laypersons or a judge without psychiatric training. 4) a claim by a criminal defendant of his insanity at the time of trial requires a separate hearing to determine if a defendant is sufficiently sane to understand the nature of a trial and participate in his/her own defense. If found to be insane, the defendant will be ordered to a mental facility, and the trial held only if sanity returns. 5) sex offenders may be found to be sane for all purposes except the compulsive dangerous and/or anti-social behavior. They are usually sentenced to special facilities for sex offenders, supposedly with counseling available. However, there are often maximum terms related to the type of crime, so that parole and release may occur with no proof of cure of the compulsive desire to commit sex crimes.  (+ info)

What limitations does a mental illness cause on your life?

What do you find you can't do? And want to do? And how do you cope with work or school and so on and so forth and what kind of things do you do to help with your mental illness without taking medication? I am getting new medication when I go back to the Psychiatrist on 8th March.

And also, has anyone suffered from a Personality Disorder, Anxiety and/or Depression and got better? If so how ^_^ Thanks!

Every mental illness is different and everybody has different symptoms. Without medication you will find it difficult or impossible to function normally in society. I am so glad that you are getting a new medication in March, I hope that will help you. But remember there are the special therapies that teach you the skills you weren't able to learn in childhood.  (+ info)

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