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Are tonic clonic seizures only a symptom of epilepsy or can they be associated with migraine?

I have been told that I have been having tonic clonic seizures and that these are due to epilepsy. Sometimes these seizures are so bad I have to be given Diazepam to bring me round. I am also being treated for chronic migraine and the doctor who treats me for this says that these fits are due to the migraine and not epilepsy. Is this possible? I am getting confused as none of the doctors seem to agree with each other.

I myself have tonic clonic seizures since the age of 12 with no warning. you have not stated if you know one of these fits are going to happen. I used to have horrific headaches that could of been migraines. you say that doctors do not agree on a diagnosis, what clinics have you been to? Ask your Doctor to refere you to an epilepsy specialist because they cannot prescribe medication until they know what they dealing with.There are some really great specialist epilepsy units out there, here they will give you MRI scans, ECG etc these could show if you do have epilepsy. Unfortunately Nothing showed up in my scans that could be causing the epilepsy. Please remember if it is Epilepsy, medication if taken regularly can control seizures and can lead a normal life, It takes a while for the medication to actually work because the correct amounts have to be administered. after being seizure free for 5 years you will even be considered for a driving licence. Phone epilepsy help lines for advice. good luck and I hope you get the answers from doctors that you are looking for, It must be very stressful and frustrating for you. x x x  (+ info)

is it normal for a person to sleep 8-10 hours when they suffer tonic clonic epilepsy?

is it normal for a person that suffers tonic clonic epilepsy to sleep for 8-10 hours during the day as they feel "tired". I was wondering if this is normal and if it is associated with tonic clonic epilepsy or epilepsy in general.

no, you should see a doctor  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for a horse with recurring tonic-clonic epilepsy?

A. An IV drip of benadryl solution
B. Administration of anti-epileptic medication
C. Euthanasia
D. Change of diet

If I had to choose from the above I would say B, and D.
Benadryl would be for allergies not epilepsy.
Euthanasia would be death which I would only use as a last resort and the animal is suffering.  (+ info)

is it possible to have a tonic-clonic seizure with no history of epilepsy?

if tramadol has been taken 7 hours prior?

It is possible for a person with no history of epilepsy to have a single isolated seizure. However, if a person with no history of epilepsy has a seizure, it may be due to a number of neurological or potentially dangerous illnesses eg mengingitis. I suggest that if you had a seizure out of the blue, don't automatically blame the tramadol but go straight to the hospital for tests.
Good Luck
Midge  (+ info)

I invite anyone having tonic-clonic epilepsy to share his or her experiences and problems with me. Anyone?

I think you may get more of a response if you joined a forum on :


Good luck with your condition and your search for support.  (+ info)

I have myclonic epilepsy with tonic clonic seizures and am going on a 4 hr flight. OK? stress brings on epis?

about to fly 4 hrs. I have stress related episodes even on meds. Safe or no

Depends. Have you flow before -- it is a familiar environment? What do you consider stress -- if you flight delayed an hour, would that be enough of a trigger? Maybe you can do a "dry run" or two to familiarize yourself with everything associated with the flight (getting there, baggage, going through security, etc.)? Even if you do have an episode, are there people with you to deal with it? Just don't know enough to tell you if safe or not...  (+ info)

Tonic-clonic epilepsy?

do you have it? i dont know how to post a link to it, but basically its where a person suddenly starts to jerk and all the muscles contract. sometimes they cry out for help when they know its gonna happen, and during the seizure they usually bite their tongue, roll their eyes back in their head, and gasp for breath... then after its over with, which usually lasts a couple minutes or even up to 10 minutes, they dont remember what happened, and they are usually so sleepy...

anyway, sorry if this was too long to read, but if you read it, is there anyone in your family with this disoeder of the exact same thing? cause i have one that is.
Disorder* sorry for the mispelling
dammit ppl you dont know about this disorder? SHIT!!!

Tonic-clonic seizures are also known as Grand Mal Seizures. In this kind of seizure the entire brain is invloved, as compared to other seizure types where only a specific area in the brain is effected. Yes, I have had these. You are correct when you say that the person effected doesn't remember it. Because of the muscles convulsing (twitching and jerking) it is very exhausting. People with Grand Mal seizures can also loose control of their urin and bowels so, if this should happen, please do not be surprised. It looks worse to you then it feels to the person going through it. I think it is wonderful that you are asking questions. It shows that you are concerned. When your family member comes back out of the seizure please try to remain calm and talk in a calm voice. I remember coming out of a seizure and people were screaming. It sent me back into another one. The epilepsy foundation is a wonderful source of information. Good luck to you and your family!  (+ info)

A description of what happens during a tonic clonic seizure?

I'm writing a story, and i need someone to describe what happens in a tonic clonic seizure in as much detail as possible, from the aura to the post ictal sleep please.

I would be so grateful.

I read as much as i could on the seizures on medical websites but they don't really do much as descriptions go.

not everyone who has seizures has auras but for those who do it can vary from a strange smell to a feeling of stress or anxiousness. As implied by the name, they combine the characteristics of tonic seizures and clonic seizures. The tonic phase comes first: All the muscles stiffen. Air being forced past the vocal cords causes a cry or groan. The person loses consciousness and falls to the floor tongue or cheek may be bitten, so bloody saliva may come from the mouth. The person may turn a bit blue in the face. After the tonic phase comes the clonic phase: The arms and usually the legs begin to jerk rapidly and rhythmically, bending and relaxing at the elbows, hips, and knees. After a few minutes, the jerking slows and stops. Bladder or bowel control sometimes is lost as the body relaxes. depending on the person, their post ictal phase may vary from long hours of sleep to walking suddenly from sleep confused and agitated.  (+ info)

Can a person be conscious during a generalized tonic clonic seizure?

Or would it have to be a partial seizure to remain concious?
When I was younger I had tonic clonic seizures, but I was always concious.

no,a tonic clonic seizure of epileptic form at least does not have conciousness,and a partial seizure is completely different to tonic clonic,will often though not always find have incontinence with TCs because the muscles extremely spasm and release,and may be knackered and stiff after one.

am both tonic clonic and partial epileptic [happen pre TC unless its head injury induced],and during a partial am aware but have complete change in mental state/behavior.

there is a form of seizure,called NES [non epileptic seizures] which can have a pyschological or neurological cause but are not epileptic,that may be something to look into but will need an EEG either way.  (+ info)

What do I do at 28 when I keep breaking teeth during tonic clonic seizures?

Every time I have a full blown seizure I bite down without warning and am breaking my teeth. I am only 28 and have 3 adult teeth that are gone. One is within my "smile" and I'm getting pretty depressed!


Yes, i have a great answer.

Even though it might be a little expensive, like possible in the hundreds ($200) i think, i would have bleaching trays made but use then when you sleep.

I don't know if you have the seizures during the night the most, but if you do this would be an excellent thing to do.

It might be expensive to buy, but i'm sure having your teeth constantly fixed is going to cost more in the long run.

They are made out of a rubber type stuff, i have some, i bought them for bleaching my teeth but i ended up with TMJ since i was grinding my teeth at night, so i started sleeping with them in at night and it did WONDERS!

Good luck sweetie!  (+ info)

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