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What should i do when i get unilateral epistaxis due to severe rhinitis ???

Should i tilt my head backwards to stop the bleeding ?

If you want the blood to drain down the back of your throat, pool in your stomach and so you puke since old blood will not stay in the stomach go for it.  (+ info)

Epistaxis-Is there any doctor willing to answer this?

Is there any permanent cure for epistaxis? I mean other than quadrisation? will the homeopathy helps in this regard? Please furnish the answers, and do not give me any webpage link.

it depends on the cause of your epistaxis.
It is important to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.
If it is an abberant vessel cautery might be the only solution, chemical or electrical.
go and see a doctor to have this problem fixed.  (+ info)

How can we prevent epistaxis?

Do experience it a lot esp when i cant breath ...

okay thats medical term for nosebleeding...actually nosebleed is fairly common occurence and usually results from simple trauma to the nose, including picking. Other much less common causes include high blood pressure, abnormalities in blood clotting system, and tumor of the nose and sinuses. Frequent and recurrent attacks may require cauterization of the affected blood vessel by a specialist.  (+ info)

what is the best position to a client with epistaxis?

sitting, leaning slightly forward and steady pressure on the nose, just below where it's hard (where the bone starts). Make sure they hold steady pressure for at least 5 min (preferably 10).  (+ info)

Epistaxis - Causes and Effects - Prevention and Treatment?

I suffer from Epistaxis for sometime now, my doctor said it is caused by hypertention, exessive drinking, anxiety. I dont know what to think, I been treating for anxiety with help of some drugs that my doc recommned and epistaxis eased up by it self. But I am still in dark about the real cause. I want to know what causes epistaxis and pre-cautions.

Your causes that have been told to you are excessing drinking, anxiety, and hypertention (high blood pressure).

Excessive drinking: causes vasodilation (more blood flow in blood vessels) which leads to a greater possibility to have an episode.

Hypertension: high blood pressure will push the blood through your blood vessels more rapidly, which can cause an episode.

Anxiety: the body reacts by vasodilation and increased blood pressure, as you can guess..that would also possibly cause it to occur.

Epistaxis is common, and some people are just more dispositioned to have nose bleeds for simple reasons. Don't stress out about it too much. Just treat it when it comes with either putting pressure on your gumline just at your maxilla and under the nasal region, use gauze etc.

Just keep in mind anytime you increase the blood flow in your body its possible that it might occur.  (+ info)

what are the effects of epistaxis arterial ligation?

Patients presenting with epistaxis are anxious and fear bleeding to death. Although death from epistaxis is rare, it can occur, and significant morbidity is relatively common.5 and 34 Although most pediatric epistaxis is treated on an outpatient basis, older patients (>60 years old) more often require hospital admission.25 and 44 Initial management of epistaxis is directed at stopping the bleeding, and long-term treatment is directed at discovering and correcting the underlying cause. This article updates current management options.  (+ info)

why does anemia (iron def) cause epistaxis?

i understand iron def anemia (low iron leads to low amt of hemoglobin, so the reserves are used up and then your circulating hemoglobin diminishes), but i still dont quite understand why it would cause bleeding. Is it because there is a larger gap between erythrocytes and/or hemoglobin so blood cannot clot as well, hence more bleeding?
this is due to iron deficitency, and its I dont think its common for nose bleeds, but some of the resources i've come across do mention them being associated with anemia, so i was wondering why?

I think it depends on the underlying reason for the anemia? Could it be a strict vegan diet, lack of vitamin B12, Folic Acid, or autoimmune condition. Depending on the reason for the anemia depends on the symptoms. I have bouts of anemia due to autoimmune condition but have never had problems bleeding? My hemoglobin was normal, but the quality poor and I had plenty of B12 and Folic Acid so the problem was my diet.  (+ info)

what is the best treatment for epistaxis?

If it's a continuous thing, like it keeps reaccuring, then you need to speak with your doctor. It could be an underlining of a serious illness. Otherwise, lean forward, not backward and let it drain.  (+ info)

I fight with someone one month 8days ago,i epistaxis?

i want to ask that day that guy hit me about 6-9 fist and i epistaxis,if i now go to the Hospital can doctor check i was hit by that guy in that day. i appreciate thanks
that guy punch me about 6-9 fist. my head had pit but it pass one month 9days ago i want go to hospital check my head and affirm i was hit that day is this work.

Are you asking if you can get proof that you were in the ER being treated for a nose bleed on that day you were hit? If so, check with the Medical Record dept of the hospital, and you can get a copy of your visit. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How to prevent nose bleeding and how to stop it when it happens?

I have a ten-year-old nephew, he often suffers from nose bleeds( epistaxis). How to prevent nose bleeding and how to stop it when it happens?

I agree that you need to determine what is causing the nosebleeds. You might find relief from a simple saline solution sprayed into the nose to keep the membranes soft. To stop a nosebleed: take a small amount of tissue or any kind of paper (even a gum wrapper) wad it up and bite down with the back molars just for a few minutes. It stops the blood flow and the nose bleed will stop.  (+ info)

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