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What is my peptic ulcer risk from daily coffee drinking? Doctors help me out, please?

I drink a cup of coffee 1-4 times daily, depending on the day (usually 2 cups). I have recently read in a medical journal that coffee increases the production of gastric acids which can cause peptic ulcers. Does this mean I am at risk for developing ulcers due to my regular coffee consumption?

Advice from MD or DO doctors would be greatly appreciated.

Do you need any extra information? I am a 17 year old hispanic/caucasian male.

The caffeine in the coffee isn't good for you. I had ulcers when I was younger but the things you need to avoid most is acidic foods, fried and spicy foods and soda pops, they recommend you shake most of the acid out before drinking them if you must drink pop. A couple of cups of coffee a day won't hurt but I would drink decaf if I had more than 2 cups a day, plus decaf will let you sleep better.  (+ info)

What happens when Esophagitis is left untreated?

I was recently diagnosed with esophagitis when I had an endoscopy done due to severe chest pain. Since then I have moved and never treated. Im only 25. Could this develop into cancer?

Chronic esophagitis, usually due to gastroesophageal reflux disease, can cause strictures, also the chronic irritation to the insides of the esophagus by the acid from your stomach can cause the cell lining to switch types (we call this metaplasia) this new change (Barret's esophagus) is a premalignant condition that develops into cancer in 7% of the cases.
Don't be alarmed, it's a long process and you can easily prevent it by treating the cause of your esophagitis and being followed-up  (+ info)

What are the physiological reasons for peptic ulcer pain?

I understand the causes of peptic ulcers, but what I want to know is how the ulcers themselves cause pain.

the ulcer destroys a part of the lining of the stomach. the area that looses the protective lining is very sensitive to the acid environment and you feel a burning sensation  (+ info)

How would a physician differentiate between eosinophilic esophagitis and severe oral lichen planus?

I am diagnosed with only oral lichen planus, never had a purple papule on flexor surfaces. I have no lower esophogeal sphincter tone, and severe esophagitis.

The physician would use Gastroscopy.

Try www.emedicine.com BUT dont go directly --> go thru Yahoo Search / Google search otherwise you will be taken to payment page. Search both diseases like --> "eosinophilic esophagitis emedicine"

The site is an excellent resource even for doctors.  (+ info)

What is the best way to detect a peptic or gastric ulcer?

What is the best way to detect a peptic or gastric ulcer anywhere in the digestive tract?
Is it:
1.CT scan?
2.Barium? (swallow or enema)
3.Endoscopy or colonoscopy?
If some one know please answer with illustration because this is important.
And thank you in advance :)

An endoscopy or gastroscopy is the best way.

A CT scan won't show up any ulcers.
A barium swallow will only show up any hernia's or reflux.
A colonoscopy will only show up problems in the bowel.

There are heaps of videos on YouTube that show a gastroscopy and ulcers in the gut.  (+ info)

how to feel the difference between peptic culcer and the early stages of pregnancy? how to know which one i hv

i feel a bit nausea. i'm wondering if it's because of peptic ulcer or it's because of the possibility of pregnancy. my period is not due yet. any way of knowing the answer first? eg. if it's peptic ulcer, my discomfort shld feel different from if i'm pregnant?
how early can i take the home pregnancy test? a week? 2 weeks? 4 weeks?

take a preg. test  (+ info)

How many mugs of coffee is safe to consume in a day without worrying about my acid-peptic disorder?

I love to drink coffee..........but theres a problem that i have acid-peptic disorder and also pt hypocalcemia........so coffee is really not good for both of them.........so please tell me can i drink at least one cup of coffee and one cup of tea a day....and please also tell me how many can i drink safely without worrying any of my above two conditions.

Probably none. Also, decaf is actually more acidic than regular coffee because of the processing it goes through. It's not really just the caffeine that makes coffee acidic -- there are multiple factors (pop/soda is also acidic, but it's mostly due to the sugar and various chemicals).

I'd strongly recommend checking with your doctor. Do you really *need* the coffee??

In regard to the tea, if you're not drinking it for the caffeine, you may want to try rooibos tea. I've heard it actually has an alkelizing effect on the body, so it's possible it could actually help your conditions. You can get rooibos mixed with various flavors. I've tried some different fruit and spiced flavors and really liked them.  (+ info)

What can I do to relieve the acute pain from esophagitis?

I suspect I may have esophagitis... I get episodes of severe stinging chest pain at random times, and food feels like it gets stuck when I swallow. Is there something I can take over the counter to relieve the acute chest pain....cloraseptic spray? Is there something by prescription that would be far better? This is just for acute relief, not long term healing
this is just while I'm waiting on my GI referral, it's still a few weeks away

  (+ info)

If you have a peptic ulcer, should you diet high in fats or high in proteins?

What if you had a duodenal peptic ulcer? Would it be better if you eat many meals in small portions? Or few meals in large portions?

Have u done the antibitoics treatment for 14 days ....i usually eat like a pregnant woman with gas ...so small meals in portion....i really hat ehavin this  (+ info)

Can peptic uler make one stomach to increase and pass gas always, what are the things to eat and not to eat?

Can peptic ulcer make one's stomach to increase and pass gas always. Which food is to be take and which food is to be avoided and can it prevent one from getting pregnant.

I never heard of ulcers giving you gas, but ulcers are caused by not eating, and stress.

No foods can prevent pregnancy.  (+ info)

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