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What does it mean if your facial asymmetry is typical?

there is this website that shows you how much % of asymmetry you got whether if its caricatural, beautiful, typical, average or monster.

Asymmetry has too do with the lopes of our brains
A striking feature of the organization of the human brain is that
the two hemispheres of the human brain are anatomically and
functionally asymmetrical.The asymmetries in structure are visible
not only in an overall view but also at the level of the morphology of
the individual neuron,and the asymme- tries in function exist not only
in neurological patients but also in the normal brain.Although there
is little disagreement about the facts of asymmetry in the human
brain,there is considerable disagreement about why the two hemi-
spheres are asymmetrical and about what the asymmetry means in regard
to how we humans process information.

- Laterality leads to the notion that two different minds control our
inclued a resear page on it  (+ info)

How is a facial asymmetry surgery performed?

My face has been pretty asymmetrical for a while now...one side of my face is bigger than the other & makes me look awkward. To make the story short, it has made one side of my face gross & repulsive.

I've been looking for a treatment until recently I found the name for it:"Facial Asymmetry"

Is this something I can discuss with my doctor? his is the surgery performed?

Thank you

they can fix it, might have to break/cut some bones, may work w dentist/oral surgeon and plastic reconstructive surgeon. alot of the work can be done inside the mouth, limiting facial scarring. need to determine cause, surgery may not be the choice right now, even if done, may become distorted if you have genetic/disease factors going on. that needs to be explored asap..maybe some meds can stop/interrupt it,  (+ info)

Is there anything that causes facial asymmetry?

I noticed that my face is pretty symmetrical, except for my eyes. One is higher than the other. It's not very noticable (I've seen worse) but it has been pointed out more than once throughout my life. I seemed to have developed it when I was a teenager (I'm 20 now). I'm not fully grown yet so I wonder if I could maybe "grow into" my asymmetry (I'm not counting on it, I just think it'd be nice). What causes it, anyway?

Absolutely no one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Start looking at celebrities and the people around you a little more closely. Many high end salons even cut your hair according to the way your face is...meaning they find out which eye is "prominent", which tells me that everyone's face is a little asymmetrical.  (+ info)

Can you have Orthognathic Surgery for facial asymmetry without having braces?

I am scheduled for Orthognathic Surgery in June and I was having orthodontic work done because you need to but I couldn't afford to pay my Ortho anymore and my case was canceled and my braces removed. Since I still have my surgery scheduled and I can't afford a new ortho can I still have the surgery and worry about my teeth being straight afterwards? Can I get the surgery and in a few years get braces again?

No absolutely not. Braces have to be in place for surgery. You need to call the surgeon and tell him about this so that he can sort his schedule out and not get his time wasted. You can to surgery and then braces, it is done the other way around. I suggest you save up and do the braces and the surgery when you can afford to.  (+ info)

facial symmetry vs. asymmetry analysis before cosmetic surgery?


Would a cosmetic surgeon usually give a patient a facial analysis which measures their facial/body symmetry after which they might be recommended certain cosmetic procedures to increase symmetry and therefore attractiveness?

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i have facial asymmetry...does it slowly go away with age? or is surgery recommended?

i HATE it. that's all i see in the mirror. i feel like everyone notices. they always talk about how pretty symmetrical faces are. i have okay features otherwise. do you know someone with the same problem? or is there a celebrity like that. and the other thing i don't like is that my left cheekbone is SUPER high. seriously, it's like supermodel high. and my right one is like nothing...my whole right side is fatter.would cheekbone surgery make it look better?

I have the exact same thing. I have the same problem replicated throught out my body. I had to have breast surgery on the one side to put it right. It took operations but it was the best thing I ever done. I am awaiting to see a surgeon to have my face done as three seperate psychiatrists, independant of each other, have noted asymetrical facial features. In adittion, a surgeon said the same thing. I hate it and I hope surgery will correct it. I have no intentions of having any form of psychologic treatment to learn me to live with it. I'm having the surgery end of!  (+ info)

has anyone dealt with an infant with a facial asymmetry? My little one's cheek looks bigger.?

she is 6 months old and the right cheek looks definitely bigger which is causing her lip to droop.
Hi Mommy 911.
Yes, i have noticed that she favours the right side but she can also turn to the left really easily. Her doctor said that she does not have torticollis. Also, she is on her tummy all the time so I hope it is not something serious to require surgery or something like that.

I have noticed this with my son too. He is 3 months old & suffers from torticollis. This is when he favors turning his head to one side all of the time. I have noticed that the bottom of one cheek is longer than the other. My friend is a nurse & her daughter had this too. She said that with physical therapy & working alot on building muscle on the other side of her neck, the torticollis went away, as well as the facial asymmetry. She is 9 months old now & she is doing great.

I am working with my son now on keeping his head turned towards the non-favored side. Tummy time is essential in turning this around too. If it is not corrected young, then it can be very difficult to correct when they are older.

I am not saying that your child has this condition, but pay attention to their head to see if you notice them favoring one side more than the other. I googled torticollis & that is when I knew for sure that my son had it.

***Ok. That is good that your doc says it is not torticollis. I wouldn't worry about it then! I am sure your baby is perfectly healthy. Sometimes we as mothers worry too much about things like that. We all have our own features & I am sure that your baby is beautiful! :)  (+ info)

Does playing guitar cause facial/brain asymmetry?

Does playing the gutar causes facial or brain asymmetry?

Temporary or permanant? Sometimes musicians tend to screw their face when slurring notes. It's just some kind of natural reaction I suppose. It causes no temporary problems, though. It actually increases your intelligence.

Love, Hope, & Peace,

Cal-el & Swissy  (+ info)

What causes facial asymmetry?

Other than genetics or a horrendous accident.

if u have a malocculsion (bad bite).. maybe from insufficient jaw space for development of teeths, then there is overcrowding..
everybody have some degree of facial asymmetry, some may have it more prominent than others.. think the jaws play a part to decide the facial symmetry..  (+ info)

facial asymmetry of the jaws in adults: how to correct it without surgery?

I am a 23 years old male. My right side of the jaw, upper and lower jaw, developed more than the left side. In every sense, it is wider, longer & has more height. If I was still growing I could use expanders, or whatever that it is needed. But as an adult, can I do that? I know I could use expanders for my upper jaw, they would probably work even with an adult, but what about the lower jaw? In an kid I understand that correcting the upper would also as a by-product correct the lower jaw. But as I am an adult that wouldn`t happen, right? Surgery is not an option since the facial asymmetry is not big enough.
There is no hormonal issue that cause excessive growth. Both sides are ok, but they are just different. Everyone has the same thing, just that in my case is somewhat more than the average.

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