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Medicaid Birth Injuries, facial nerve damage from forceps?

When I was pushin my daughter out of my vagina. I didnt feel anything because the drugs they gave me made me really numb. She was crowning for about 5 hrs so they finally decided to use forceps. When she was born she had facial nerve damage from the doctor misusing the forcepts. I ended up pushing her out myself anyway because they said the forceps didnt help. When we took her to the pediatrician she pointed out that our daughter had facial nerve damage and we got a whole bunch of tests done to confirm that thats what it was. Well anyway I had pregnancy medicaid and my daughter has medicaid. Its been about 6 months now and they billed us! Isnt medicaid supposed to pay for this? And if not I shouldnt have to pay for the doctors mistake. How come when your water breaks and they make you sign all of those papers, they never say that damage can be done to your child by using forceps and they make you sign those papers for them to use those tools???

You need to call your case worker regarding the bills (don't pay them!!), and you need to start a lawsuit for her birth injuries.  (+ info)

What are the 7 methods of identifying facial nerve during superficial parotidectomy?

Superficial parotidectomy is the most common surgical procedure done on the parotid gland. There is a fear of facial nerve injury during the procedure. It is sais that there are 7 methods of identifying the nerve during the procedure. If any one knows kindly explain.
Thank you

This web page doesn't specifically answer all of your question but it might be helpful to you. For a better answer you need to ask a professor of surgery.

http://www.edu.rcsed.ac.uk/HowIDoIt/Superficial%20parotidectomy.htm#c  (+ info)

Facial nerve twitch...How long does it take before it goes away on its own?

Was it something I ate? It's been over and hour and the facial nerve just right below my bottom lip won't stop twitching.

I know it isn't anything to worry much about, but it is bothersome.

More than likely it was something you ate.

Did you have too much Caffeine? Sometimes that can cause face twitches.
  (+ info)

Facial nerve does not supply all muscles of facial of expression?

People and many books keep saying facial nerve supplies "all" muscles of facial expression. But levator palpebral superiorus is by CN III not CN VII. Therefore I say facial nerve supplies almost all muscles of facial expression, EXCEPT for levator palpebral superiorus which is by CN III. Is this correct?

Thank you.

If you want to get technical, the oculomotor nerve, CN III controls the levator palpebral muscle which controls the eyelid to open the eye.
I don't believe that you can call that a muscle of facial "expression".
You must be studying anatomy.
Good luck and I hope this helped.
Carlos Boudet, DDS, DICOI
http://www.boudetdds.com  (+ info)

What are some symptoms if sciatic nerve injuries?

For a couple years I've had a sharp pain in my lower back/ butt cheek. It has gotten to the point I cant do simple things like get out of bed and climb in and out of my car, even sneezing is painful. Went to ER 2years ago mistaking it for kidney stones, x ray found nothing. Does this sound like it could be a result of sciatic nerve damage?

even sciatica should be diagnosed;; again, sciatica is a symptom, NOT a diagnosis;; IF it is sciatica, you need to find out what is causing it;; for now try a flexible cold pack on your low back for 15-20 minutes; & see if it helps, try for a few days;; if this does not help, try the cold pack on your hip;; sleep with pillows between your knees, or 2 pillows below the top leg if you sleep scissored;; sciatica really involves the LUMBAR region & you may get "partial radiating pains" (like just to your glut);; or you may get pain in your glut & thigh & not the low back,, some people state it skips & runs;; you are better off finding the cause than rushing with meds & shots to mask the symptoms;; but if I were you, I would get the back xrayed + the hip;; if nothing, then get the back MRI'd & start from there... good luck!!  (+ info)

how can i really remove facial scars that are caused by injuries ?? remedies?

so how can i remoce facial scars that are caused by injuries ?? anyone got an idea ? plz help me and thanks and if this does any good i am 13 . and if you have remedies that would be great! thanks.

Bio oil, it costs quite a lot, but works really well, and is good for stretch marks too.  (+ info)

Can acupuncture be done to unblock tear ducts and if a facial nerve is?

damaged or dead can anything be done? many thanks in advance

jprobably not  (+ info)

Anyone know about nerve injuries in the neck?

Or could this be something else......I sometimes experience a prickly sensation on my shoulders, around my neck, and on my face. I also experience it on the palms of my hands. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?? (yes, I am planning on seeing my Dr in the AM, but I was just curious about it) Thanks in advance.

Could be a pinched nerve. Only a M.R.I. can tell.  (+ info)

Can a dental implant still be placed in lower jaw in the far back if site is near facial nerve?

I had an x-ray of the site and was told that placing an implant at this site may permanently damage my facial nerve since my facial nerve is higher up in my jaw. Is there a way to get around this problem in case I still need an implant placed here? The roots of my molar are just as long as an implant and I don't have any problems from the roots affecting the nerve.

Not the facial nerve. The inferior alveolar nerve. Yes seek a specialist who can order or take special films called tomagraphs. Generally they can be placed without a problem. Placement in the very back can be tricky due to how wide you can open.  (+ info)

My horse has facial nerve damage to the lip and nostril. It has been this way for 10 weeks. Wil it get better?

10 weeks. Do you think it will soon get better? His lip hangs down on one side and his nostril collapses when racing.

With years the condition will improve slightly but never expect a full recovery. Nerve cells do not reproduce often and damage too them is very slow to heal. This is why it is so devastating. The horse my always have numbness and tingling in that area. The collapsing may not improve but the hanging may over the years. If it was severe, it may not show physical improvement at all. (such as complete destruction of nerve). Depending on which nerve surgery is sometimes an option, but expensive with no guarantee of success.

If this horse must race long distances, I'd say his career is over. It's its a barrel, 2 D, pole, etc. racing going for short distances, this injury can have little to no effect on his career. If you think you would like to sell him, he should be fine so long as long distance running is out. Hunters, equitation, trail, etc. can all be fine.  (+ info)

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