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what are some causes of of spinal nerve injuries?

what are the causes of it. and something to help not so much fix but keep stable..... also what are the outcome of spinal injuries

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Can chronic fluid in the ear cause any nerve sysmptoms such as facial numbness or mouth drooping?

Fluid in ear for over 6 months causing hearing loss, same side of face is somewhat numb and same side of mouth droops slightly but does not cause any problems with speaking

Have you seen a doctor about this? It sounds like the infection has spread and could be in your ear canal and facial nerve. Untreated, this cause numbness and sagging. PLEASE go see an ENT as soon as possible before you cause permanent damage to your face and hearing.

Chronic infections for too long can eat away at the bones in your face and middle ear and cause you permanent problems. Go to the walk-in or see an ENT NOW!  (+ info)

What is the possible cause of a facial nerve (below the nose) on occasion to painfully "fire"?

stress and tension. Relax 4 awhile and if it doesn't work, try calcium pillz  (+ info)

Can I file a malpractice suit for an accidental severed facial nerve by a surgeon?

I had a tumor (benign) removed from my poratid gland. When the surgery was finished and I woke up the Surgeon told me the tumor was gone but he accidently severed one of my facial nerves which runs thru the poratid gland. He sewed it back together but it will take up to a year before we can tell if the nerve will work again, But for now (2 wks post op) I can;t blink all the way with my left eye and I have an eye and eye brow paraysis on the left. I can;t raise my eyebrow and the left eye is drooping. I'm in Sales and I don;t feel comfortable about the way my face looks. Depressed in NH. Kathie

Yes you have all the right to do that. But please consult an experienced solicitor about how to proceed. also don't forget to keep all the prescriptions and medicines given to you by the surgeon.  (+ info)

How to help prevent facial injuries?

I just got into MMA and im wondering if theres anyway to make the bones in my face and teeth stronger to prevent breaks...will getting more calcium help?
shut up mad mama

Calcium supplements (like tums) and vitamin D, but it's probably not going to make a significant difference.

I would also recommend working on your reaction time. You won't get anything broken if you're fast enough to move out the way.  (+ info)

My son has crashed 3 times causing leg and facial injuries since?

stopping smoking 2 months ago, could there be a connection?

May be...but for christ sakes he sounds like he should not be driving. He is obviously doing something really stupid  (+ info)

Can acupuncture distraught facial nerve?

I'm doing a presentation of Acupuncture and the scene from Kung Fu Panda came up. I was wondering if by applying needles to certain areas, can it really cause uncontrollable actions.

Occasionally, the insertion of an acupuncture needle can cause an involuntary muscle spasm, but that is about the limit of "uncontrolled actions".  (+ info)

Is a tingling sensation a good thing with Facial Nerve Palsy?

Serious answers please. Thanks

Tingliness where there has been no sensation often means a nerve is working again.
Like when you fall asleep on your arm, wake up with it dead, and the first thing you feel is uncomfortable tingling.
See a good Upper Cervical Chiropractor (they are online) to get your problem totally taken care of. I have excellent results with facial nerve oain, cluster headaches and even facial paralysis.
Usually takes 8-10 times.  (+ info)

Baby is laying on a nerve causing facial tingling, how to?

As my title said my baby is laying on a nerve and it's causing my face to tingle. How can I gently move him so my face will stop tingling LOL! Or should I just leave it alone and wait for him to move himself. It's really driving me crazy!!! The only way it will stop is if I touch my cheeks.

BTW I'm 30 weeks

drink some oj and get him moving,,,lol my daughter liked my siatic nerve.. good luck..  (+ info)

Can an ENT doctor help me with facial nerve damage?

If so, how can I be helped? I was informed I had surface nerve damage from shingles, that is very painful! What about a plastic surgeon? I welcome any advice...Thank you...

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