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got facial nerve damage - got kicked in the face been a year please help me get better - looks bad?

my face droops on the left side and it always feels horrible and stiff.

Please tell me it's not your jerky husband who made you this way! Hopefully you've been to a Dr. in this time. If not then you need to go. They will have the best advice for you.

Is there any way you can fake an illness so he will take you to the Dr? Once there tell them about your problems and they may be able to help you out with your situation!  (+ info)

I had a tumor removed from my inner ear canal and suffered minor facial nerve damage. Can this be treated?

The facial nerve has both sensory and motor components. Most people complain about the facial asymmetry and inability to make normal facial expression, so I am assuming that is what you would like to get treated also. The answer is that it depends. The ability to have successful treatment depends on the extent of the damage to the nerve. I would ask your doctor for a referral for physical therapy. When you make an appointment, make sure you find a PT that has experience with facial nerve damage. They will will perform a complete examination and determine the best course of treatment. There has been good research on the topic that have brought about new treatment ideas.

Good luck! ...and if you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me.   (+ info)

I had been advised to use Apple Ceder Vinegar for Facial Nerve Palsy. how much I am suppose to consume daily?

I had Facial Nerve Palsy 24days ago. I am on Prednisolan (tappering dose) Neurobion Forte, I had 12 sittings of electroc Stimuation Therapy and Physio Therapy , I am continuing As because of steroid(predni) blood sugar shot up for that I am taking tablets. So please advise if anything more iIcan do ?

i took steroids too.once the left side of my face got back to normal,my left eye watered uncontrollably.The doctor said they didn't know what effects it would have but it might work.What a bunch of bullshyt.They don't know what that stuff does because it's not thoroughly tested enough.All I can suggest is patience because your nerves will come back to full function eventually.Palsy is a stress disorder.You need to relax more.Time is a more valuable drug than all that crap they're giving you.And one more piece of advice,when you get back to normal,sue the hell out of those bastards.I did !!!!  (+ info)

why UMNL of facial nerve just affect the lower part of the face but LMNL affect whole part of the face?

  (+ info)

Is there a nerve in your brain that runs down to your facial nerves that can cause memory loss,ect?

Head aches also, predominantly right side
Sorry let me correct that, i get head aches which causes muddled speech and facial tension, if i press on a certain place on my head it hurts ( okay so i don't touch it anymore) but that could be the source of the problem? Thanks!

The brain is the control centre of the central nervous system. The human brain contains more than 100 billion neurons, each linked to as many as 10,000 others.

The brain is not only important as the site of reason and intelligence, it is also the source of cognition, emotion, memory, and motor, and other forms of learning, and it controls and coordinates most sensory systems, movement, behaviour.

Therefore, what you describe definitely sounds like it might be neurological, and it would be a good idea to contact a doctor as soon as possible. He/she will likely refer you to a neurologist, who will carry out tests to see what the problem might be.  (+ info)

Will Baclofen Oral be any use if I am suffering from Facial Nerve Pain?

baclofen is a endoskeleton muscle relaxer. I don't think it would hurt to try it. You should really ask a doctor to help you or to at least make sure it is OK for you to be taking. My nephew with cerebral palsy takes this to relax his muscles. But with his condition he never relaxes. Good luck  (+ info)

which medication is better for facial nerve pain trileptal,neurotin,lyrica?

Of those three, lyrica is the safest, less likely to reduce your IQ.  (+ info)

Can scalp numbness after facial injury be caused my nerve damage?

Yesterday I lacerated the center of my left eyebrow diagonally down into muscle. It is stitched up and still swollen. The scalp on that side of my face is completely numb, and after 20 hours I assume the local anesthetic should be worn off. Are there nerves that may go through the eyebrow up to the scalp? If so can swelling cause it to go numb? If so or if it is cut, what might be done about it?
Still numb in the area that the supraorbital nerve innervates. I should probably go to a neurologist or a maxilliofacial surgeon asap.

Give it time, 20 hours depending on what you are doing might not be long enough for the local anesthetic to wear off let alone the inflammation, or shock. If it is still the same in one week, then panic. Best of Luck  (+ info)

Is there an easy and natural cure for a pinched nerve in the neck?

I've had several serious injuries. A motorcycle accident, separated left shoulder playing Hockey, separated right shoulder playing Football.
Anyway, now I get pains in my neck/shoulder/back fairly often, and it appears to be a nerve, as I can almost trace the line of pain.
What is the best thing to do without resorting to medication?

Honestly, you need to get it x-rayed, an MRI if you can.
Try ice packs, and if that doesn't work, try a heating pad.
Ask your doctor if a traction unit would be a good idea for you to use. It's basically a neck collar with cord connected and a bag of water at the other end, you throw it over a door, and it pulls your head up, gently stretching your neck. I would get an x-ray first.
All these injuries during sports....a sign mebbe??
You'll prolly have to give in and take some ibuprofin or tylenol.
Trust me, it's totally pointless to suffer through pain just because you don't want to resort to medication.
If you're hurt, fix it!
I always HATED taking meds, but when I found out that I have pain, that won't go away, I realized "Hey, this is stupid!"

You're probably concerned that you'll become addicted or dependant.
Let me assure you, there is NOTHING wrong with taking a medicine that allows you to function properly.
I am dependant on my pain medications because if I don't control my pain, I cannot function like a normal human being!
My mother is dependant on seizure meds, my father on his heart meds, what's the difference?
(btw, physical addiction to any medicine is EXTREMELY rare. Mental addiction, just because you like the feeling, is much more common, and just stupid! :-D)

LOTS of hot baths, and try acupuncture. I think I'm going to trust the opinions of a couple BILLION chinese dudes over the few americans that say it's BS. :-P
DO NOT go to a chiropractor!!!
Not untill you know EXACTLY what is wrong and, if need be, get it fixed.

You need to be checked for Thorasic Outlet Syndrome, it's a dangerous condition where the place in your collar/shoulder area where some nerves and your jugular vein go through can be impenging on those nerves and vein.
You would eventually need to see a thorasic surgeon or a cardiologist to check for that
Also get checked for Arm, Shoulder, Hand syndrome. It's where your arm shoulder hand and sometimes neck are hurting and might have other seemingly random symptoms, but it's because or a pinched nerve in either your neck or shoulder.
An ElectroMyloGram (EMG) should pinpoint that.

If it's a pinched nerve, you may need to be put on something like prednisone, it's a steroidal anti-inflammatory. (as opposed to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs-NSAIDS- such as Advil or Asprin.)

With all these injuries, you should really be getting to a specialist if you're still having pain. All sorts of things could be going wrong.

Good luck!
Sheena  (+ info)

Know a medical charity or foundation that can do a facial reconstruction for a minimum wage earner in Arizona?

I met a security guard making close to minimum wage that has lived with a rather severe facial disfigurement (12 years). The result of an emergency surgery (brain aneurism) at the base of his skull/upper neck that severed a nerve. His entire left side of his face appears swollen and twisted towards the right. It is beginning to affect his speech. Please help me help him.

I sure do...


You should also ask him if he's attempted to apply for Medicaid, which might cover it under certain circumstances.

I also wanted to add, many people pay for plastic surgery by taking out a loan through an independent financing organization, even to low income applicants (very high interest rates though)  (+ info)

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