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Can a Brain MRI detect inflammation to the Trigeminal Nerve?

I have a lot of pain in the face, mostly in the nose and cheek area. I had a Sinus CT Scan done, and the results came normal. I think the pain could be a nerve-related problem. I read online that the Trigeminal Nerve is responsible for facial sensation.
Another strong possibility is "TMJ disorder".

Unless it is reeeealy small inflammation than yeah it should be able to.  (+ info)

Odd facial nerve tic, is this normal?

Sometimes when i'm touched under the jaw, neck or even on the feet, it can set a nerve off in my jaw. The nerve pulsates and feels extremely weird, I can't really explain it. It shoots up through to my eye (and can depend on which side of the jaw the nerve sets off with what side i am touched)

I think that this is a normal occurrence but my friends don't think it is.
They keep being smart asses about it and teasing me

Can people confirm that this is normal so they get off my back

=) thanks.

I'm not sure it's average ... but it sounds like it's normal for you.  (+ info)

The facial nerve is cranial nerve number ?

its 5 i believe  (+ info)

who to see for head muscle or facial muscle injuries?

A maxillofacial surgeon  (+ info)

Can any facial piercing cause blindness?

I've heard that in rare cases, people have lost their sight when the piercer has hit an optical nerve when piercing their eyebrow, nose or helix. Are the optical nerves concentrated exclusively in the above areas, or do you run this risk getting any facial piercing?

Unless they pierce your eye your sight will not be affected.  (+ info)

What is the treatment for Nerve Compression?

Hi i am 29 and i had an operation 2 months back to remove a bone spur from my nose.Previously i had a facial pressure on my left face.Now my problem is tingling and crawling and burning sensations on my nose and cheek.I think i am suffering from nerve inflammation.Is there any cure for me??

Go to the doctors!  (+ info)

facial nerve paresis?

ok last week i posted a question about a ear ache and thats what i thought it was only i went to a doc and was givin meds to cure it thursday i woke up and the left side of my face paralyized and still is i went to the doc got a ekg a mri a spinal tap and most of my blood drawn out and was told i have facial nerve paresis or at least thats what i think it is when its translated into english the doc did say it was going to get worse before it gets better i was told to take pretazone among a few other drugs he did say it should start to show signs of it getting better by tomorrow but today i think i dont know but i think it might have gotten worse can any one look this up for me and tell me how many people get stuck like this forever or if im really going to be able to move my face again its called facial nerve paresis i think.ok thanks again

Frequency: ~50%; May be reduced by corticosteroid treatment
May be treated with botulinum
Probably due to misregeneration of nerve
Treatment of Bell's palsy
Statistical degrees of benefit from drug treatment
Prednisone + Acyclovir > Prednisone > Acyclovir
More benefit when treatment started within 3 days of onset
No benefit from treatment starting more than 10 days after onset
Use within one week of onset
Adults: Prednisone 80 mg qd x 5 days
Children: Prednisone 1 mg/kg/day
After initial dose: Taper off over 7 to 10 days
Acupuncture and Herbal medicine of THETOLE has been very effective for all these different kinds of facial paralysis.  (+ info)

DOCTORS: The needle from an ANATHESIA injection (for ear surgery) hit a facial nerve, & my face went NUMB...?

Will the feeling ever come back? Are there remedies available? (My face is about 40% numb), and I feel as if the numbness is spreading over different regions of my face. It's been almost a year.

if it has been that long then i very much doubt the feeling will come back. you need to see your doctor for some support.  (+ info)

Do I have facial nerve damage, or is this normal post-surgery?

I had my two bottom wisdom teeth taken out at 1:30pm yesterday. I was put right to sleep because of how close the teeth were to the nerve. The dentist told me that he had to take the one on the right side out in pieces because the facial nerve was wrapped right around the root of the tooth.

I've had feeling back in the left side of my face since 5pm yesterday, but I still have no sensation in the right side. It's now 7:30am. From the corner of my jaw bone up, I can feel pain, but from the corner of my jawbone to the middle of my lip on the right side of my face is still completely numb. I'll sometimes get itches there can try to scratch them but it doesn't work because my lip cannot feel my finger on it.

Is this facial nerve damage and should I call the dentist or is it normal to get sensation back on one side long before the other side?

There has been some traumatic damage done to the nerve (it is the mandibular nerve and not the facial nerve). You should see the dentist and let him advise you as what to expect. This is called paresthesia and can last for a few days or several months before complete regeneration of the nerve occurs. This is because nerve tissue heals very slowly. In most cases there is full recovery. Everything depends as to the extent of the damage. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can facial paralyzation result from sleeping near and open window with a breeze?

I heard from my mother that your face can be paralyzed by sleeping next to a window with a breeze. She said something about nerve damage to the face but if that's the case how can a person go out on a windy day. Is there legitimacy behind this or is it just an Asian urban myth?

It's VERY much an urban myth. I promise you.  (+ info)

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