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I had Facial Nerve Palsy 20 days ago pl suggest useful exercises i had 12 Electrica Nerve Simulations?


chew gum.

you should be on steroids , vit bcomplex injections, and ibuprufen.

you should get physiotherapy at a clinic.  (+ info)

Is there any way to speed up facial freezing from going away?

So I had wisdom teeth surgery like 2 days ago and on a small part of my face the freezing is still there. I know that it is frozen and not nerve damage because of the fact that it is really itchy and tingly. It is so annoying and I am having a hard time sleeping. Does anyone know any way to speed it up so it will go away faster?

Some times ice cream works but i don't suggest it. What i do suggest is get a cloth with warm water and put it on the spot that is frozen. It does work, i do it all the time.
good luck  (+ info)

How long does it take for facial nerves to grow back?

Also, if someone's face is partially paralyzed, but they had a surgery that will eventually make their facial nerves return, how effective is it?

I have never heard of nerves regrowing. Is that something new? Is there an expert who recommended it? How long is that "eventually" that you mentioned?  (+ info)

Does wisdom tooth removal affect facial muscles in any way?

I read some where that the roots of wisdom teeth are connected to a nerve that deals with facial muscle stimulation. would this affect appearance?

A possible complication that occurs around 3% of the time, can be damage to the mandibular nerve. This is a sensory nerve and will cause numbness or tingling to certain areas. But it is not a motor nerve like the facial nerve is, and will not cause paralysis of the muscles.  (+ info)

Is there any treatments for crainal 1,2,3,6,7,9 nerve palsy . Does anyone know about offshore injuries?

Here is a good resource for your complicated question:
Good luck.  (+ info)

if the facial nerve is damaged, what are the 2 consequences?

It is also called as Bell's palsy. On the affected side: Post auricular pain is common(behind the ear). Loss of sense of taste, Watering of the eye. Sweating less on the affected side.You cannot wrinkle your Forehead.On showing the teeth the lips do not separate on the affected side, Base of the tongue lowered. Eye cannot be closed.  (+ info)

Can nerve damage from wisdom tooth extraction get worse?

I got nerve damage when one of my wisdom teeth got pulled a year and a half back - and for a while part of my face just felt kind of tingly. Lately it feels weird and tingly with eating, and with smiling and some facial expressions... I think it might have gotten worse.

Anybody know - does this typically happen? Anybody had this happen to them before, or know what's up?

Thank you!

It should get slowly better, if it feels uncomfortable though go see your dr and see what the pro's think. You dont want MORE damage to occur. Even though this isnt typical.  (+ info)

tongue piercing risks, facial nerve?

there's a facial in your tongue, right? so what are the chances of damaging, and would it result in face paralysis?
also what are some other risks? and should i do it at all?

if you go to a professional piercer they will check to make sure they don't damage anything in your tongue it's safer to get it done professionally  (+ info)

How long does it take for a medial nerve injury to heal?

This past Monday, I was to have blood work done. The lab tech hit my medial nerve instead of my vein. Now I have pain, numbness, tingling, and swelling going down from my elbow, down my forearm, and into my index finger and thumb. How long does this type of injury take to heal? Will it heal?

I think it will take a week or so to heal, I had the same roblem  (+ info)

How can I help a nerve injury in my wrist?

I was recently doing yoga, and I think I pinched a nerve in my wrist. From my pinky to the beginning of my wrist tingles a lot, and it is really bothersome. Anyone else ever have this happen? How can I fix it? Aside from the obvious rest? Thanks!

my doctor perscriced me predisone or u can stabilize it ...put a wrist band one or something,but not too tight  (+ info)

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