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What treatment is the best for facial paralysis?

have this problem so i want to know if acupunture or electricity or another treatment its better to fix this problem or just tell me if u had or have this thing and what treatment u have and how did u get this facial paralysis and how long it takes to get better?

Do you have Bell's Palsy? This is some information, but you can look it up. Yes. Approximately 50% of Bell’s palsy patients will have complete recoveries in a short time. Another 35% of the patients will see a good recovery in less than a year. If the nerve has suffered only a mild trauma, recovery can be very fast. The “average” recovery time is two weeks to a few months. Improvements of the appearance can continue beyond the “average” time frame.  (+ info)

how or where can i get something to treat facial paralysis?

a niece of mine has facial paralysis and is being treated at a doctors and it it is to expensive to keep going to the doctors. so is there a medical supplie store or somewhere i can buy this pen looking thing that gives electrical shocks.

Assuming that your niece has bell's palsy which is the most common cause of facial paralysis I will give you an advise: the purpose of the electric stimulator is to trigger a natural reflex response on the facial muscles to avoid muscle atrophy (muscle wasting for lack of use) this can also be accomplished by applying a circular motion deep massage over the face at the affected area, do not forget to apply artificial tears eye drops and close her eyelid at night with some tape so her eye does not dry, it can take up to 2 months to fully recover and some people will never fully recover, just keep trying, good luck.  (+ info)

What should I do if I have facial paralysis?

half of my face is pralyzed because I overworked. I already stopped working, now what should I do to cure it? What should I not do?

You may have Bell's Palsy. See your doctor for treatment.  (+ info)

Is facial paralysis while pregnant a permanent thing?

Does it go away after giving birth?
I dont have it. Its called Bells Palsy. Surprised you've never heard of it. It happens to some women during pregnancy.

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What causes facial paralysis?

My aunt is almost 50 years old, she's been having this weird symptoms that I think my end in facial paralysis, her face start stretching to one side. I think that its facial paralysis, my question is what causes it? How to prevent from re-happening and what does she need to do?

Facial paralysis can be caused by a number of things. Stroke, viral infection of the facial nerve, and other impairments of the facial nerve are some of the common causes.

If the facial paralysis came on rapidly, then she really needs to get to her doctor. There could be a life threatening health condition.  (+ info)

do loads of people die from peripheral facial paralysis?

How many people die from it? Is it curable? I found out recently my dad has it. And I want to make sure It can be cured and I'm not going to lose him.

About 60 - 80% of cases go away completely within a few weeks to months. Sometimes the condition results in permanent changes. The disorder is not life threatening.  (+ info)

If you have facial paralysis from lyme disease, is it permanent?

okay so i have this friend and she has lyme disease. and part of her face, like the mouth area, is paralyzed. she can talk, but she's kind of lispy and she cant smile. i was just wondering if that was permanent. but i didn't want to ask her because i didn't want to offend her in anyway. so yeah, anyone know?

Usually, the facial paralysis resolves with appropriate Lyme treatment. However, one person I know who had Bell's Palsy (that's what it's called) still had droopy eyelids and other remnants of the paralysis even after the rest of her Lyme symptoms went away. She then went for acupuncture treatments, which helped her face return to normal.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:
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Can a BRAIN TUMOR cause facial paralysis?

Ok, so here's the thing. I was diagnosed with a Meningioma on february. Now I'm kinda feeling the right side of my face "weird" I can move everything but it feels really weird, like I have to try harder on my right side to make a big smile. Could they be related?

It could be . Depends on location of the tumor  (+ info)

if herpes is not dignosed soon can it cause the brain to be affected and make the mouth facial paralysis?

my aunt had a paralysis facial her eye got swollen and mouth turned sideways?? the gave her valtrex why??

Herpes doesn't cause that kind of problem, but a stroke can. She may have had a small stroke, but could also have a virus that called for the use of Valtrex.  (+ info)

Does marijuana help to heal a facial paralysis?

Or could it help to relax perhaps?

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