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how long do femoral neck stress fractures normally take to heal?

happened in nov 2010 still in pain, how much longer till im 100% pain free?

Depends on how bad it was.  (+ info)

How long does a stress fracture of the femoral head take to heal; is surgery needed?

I have a stress fracture of the femoral head. I have been told that people with this same condition have had to have surgery because it was not healing after months of rest and being on crutches. If anyone has had the surgery -How quickly did you recover? Are you as strong as you were before the surgery/injury?

Yes if u ve already tried bed rest,it is better to get operated early,since there is always a risk of the head loosing its blood supply,but u ve to take the risk,if the operation is sucessful u will be fit as before.
PROVIDED u are between the 10 to 50 age group  (+ info)

What treatments are best for a woman over age 80 with Femoral Neck Fractures?

This is for my grandma. She had an accident 2 weeks ago and the impact turned out to have caused Femoral Neck Fractures on her right side. Now I am wondering what treatment options are out there for this type of fractures, what are the complications that come with them and which one of the treatment is proven to be most effective for elders. Thank you very much in advance. If you need any more information to answer this question, please let me know as well.

Usually with a break to the femoral neck of the elderly, a hip replacement is done. Many recover just fine with no problems. With the surgery, the head and neck(surgical neck just below the femoral) is removed and replaced with a metal support that fits into the acetablum of the hip. If surgery is not done, either the fracture was not severe or they dont think she is strong enough to handle the surgery. Please tell your grandma i hope she feels better. Mine is 97 and still a spitfire. Good Luck!!  (+ info)

How long should pain be present with a fractured femoral head?

A hip pinning is a procedure done to place several screws across the fractured bone. Hip pinning is generally only done in patients with a femoral neck fracture that is well aligned and minimally displaced.

the pain will probably last a couple weeks. Pain medication should be used becuase it can be very painful. I have pins in my wrist and was on morphine for 3 days after i had done it, then T-3s with codeine for 2 weeks after that   (+ info)

Femoral Neck, Fractures?

The femur is the large bone in the thigh that connects up to the ball and socket joint in the pelvis. A femoral neck fracture is commonly known as a broken hip. The fracture is usually dislocated and usually requires a complete hip replacement where the entire ball is replaced with a prosthesis. There is a new surgery that uses a smaller incision and has a shorter recovery. Best of luck!  (+ info)

what are the signs and symptoms after a femoral neck fracture ORIF. How should i feel after the surgery?

I want to know how I would feel after the surgery is done. Should i be in pain? swelling? loss of motion? loss of strenght? how will it affect my daily life?

Pain is common after sugery, and you can expect to be taking pain medication for 2-3 months afterwards. Most likely, you will be hospitalized for 2-4 days...Depending on how well you can walk with crutches or a walker or what your home environment is like and how much weight the surgeon allows you to put on it, you might need to transfer to an inpatient rehabilitation unit. Most younger people are able to go directly home, however. Those who are elderly, live alone, are non-weight bearing and have stairs in their home may need several weeks in the rehab unit as an inpatient.

There will be some loss of motion, but it usually comes back pretty well on it's own with your home exercise program. Strength decifits will also occur. These are natural parts of healing. Depending on your age and level of activity, you will probably require 1-3 months of therapy afterwards.  (+ info)

Questions to professionals only: How long is the average time for return-to-work for a mid femoral fracture?

He is a security guard. He broke his leg in a road accident. Need official guide for return to work.

that should be something, to ask the doctor should it not?
even if you need something in writing for the insurance company the doctor should be able to come up with something within a flexible time frame that would allow for the possibility that he might not be ready to return at the soonest time  (+ info)

what will be the reason for femoral fracture,without any cause?

age62yr,in x ray its seen fracture,but he didn't have any causes like falling etc,what may be the reason for fracture?

Osteoporosis causes pathological fractures meaning no cause.
He could have a metastatic cancer to the fermur.
He may not be telling the truth about a fall (doubt that one though)  (+ info)

How serious is a malunion of a femoral neck stress fracture found 5 years after the original injury?

5 years ago while I was in the U.S. Marines i had the stress fracture in my left femur. I have had some pain since then but about a month ago i got 10% disability rating from the Veterans Affairs office and they found evidence of malunion in my femur. Around a month ago i started having alot of pain in the same area and it feels like its another fracture but its not.(MRI and x-rays show no evidence of another fracture or AVN) I went to an ortho today and all my documents kinda confused him.(i couldnt get a straight answer out of him) I was just wondering if the malunion can be the cause of all this pain.

The malunion could certainly be the cause of the pain. When you consider the weight the femur has to carry, and thus the pretty constant stress on this part of your body, it makes sense that if the bone is out of alignment, it will be subject to extra stress. Pain is the body's way of saying "this is not right - give me a break". Perhaps staying off it for a while might help (but I'm no orthopaedic surgeon).

It might be too late for this, but still worth a try - grind up some comfrey leaves and apply to the area where the break was. Wrap (otherwise messy), adn leave on overnight. Comfrey really improves bone repair, adn although your break was a long time ago, the bones are constantly being eaten away and reforming, so it might help. (Please let me know if it works!)

I hope this helps, and wish you a painfree future.  (+ info)

Is my femoral stress fracture still causing me problems?

I am 23 yrs old and am former military. when i was 19 i was diagnosed with a (L) femoral neck stress fracture of 50% of the compressive side. the doctors elected not to do surgery to repair it so i was put on crutches for at 6 months. At first x-rays didnt show the fracture and i was misdiagnosed with bursitus. but when the pain didnt go away an mri was ordered and it found the problem. i was medically retired and 18 months later was cut out of my benefits because an x-ray that i had to do showed no stress fracture was there anymore.(the doctors exact words were "im not gonna have them do an $11,000 MRI scan for this.)now i am going through the veterans affairs and today i went for an evaluation because i am filing a claim because of the pain i get from prolonged walking/standing, sitting down, getting up etc. and other knee problems from being on the crutches for that period of time. could i still have problems with the fracture with me being on my feet. They wouldnt do an MRI either.

Your stress fracture should have been healed after 4 years unless you did not spare your hip and continued doing the thing that caused the stress fracture. There could be something else causing the constant pain in your hip-maybe you have idiopathic avascular necrosis of the hip. Ever been on steroids long or been a heavy smoker or done many deep sea dives? Look it up on the net.  (+ info)

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