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How long would it take to recover from a femoral hernia?

I think I have a femoral hernia and i play High School Football. Between now and August there will be no type of contact made, just summer conditioning, play running and stuff. How long would I be out of sports after surgery? I don't want to have to sit out half of the summer because that takes away my chances of starting.

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How deep under the skin is the femoral artery?

About how many inches under the skin is the femoral artery? I cut my leg riding my bike and it's fine now but someone said any deeper would've cut the femoral artery. It wasn't that deep though.

2-3 inches in maybe 4  (+ info)

How much does a femoral hernia repair cost?

I need a femoral hernia repair, but I dont have health insurance. How much would it cost to have it fixed?

can go to a free clinic and ask about what you need to do...  (+ info)

The Femoral Artery is a vital part of the human body. Does anyone know what percentage survives this injury?

I am curious because in both cases where I have seen a Femoral Artery injury, the people died. I would like someone with a medical background answer this question because those who just want to bump their stats on here aren't very knowledgeable to me. Cite where you are getting your information from please!

Hi, I am in Nursing school and we just finished our cardiac study. When studying about cardiac caths which are done through the femoral artery, we are told if it starts to hemorrhage to apply pressure and that the patient can bleed out in as little as six minutes.
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How do I regain flexibility in my hip joints after surgery for slip capital femoral epiphysis?

I am 26 yrs old and I have a pin each hip do to slip capital femoral epiphysis. My hip joints are so stiff I can barely open my legs. What can I do to regain flexibility in my joints. Someone please help I don't know what to do.

First you must CONVICT yourself to a daily regimine of "life saving" nutrients and supplements...the more the merrier.
Second you must have water therapy....water leaves us weightless to a degree that allows easier movement without pain. You will be able to stretch a little more and more as you go. If you don't have easy access to a swimming pool....get one. OR MOVE. You must DO THIS to recover. Then, with these two basics in STRONG place, you must know exactly WHAT movements can "harm" your corrective surgery and what DON'T and DOOOOOOOOO all that you can. No sitting still. There are also rehabilitive guides to HOW to bend and such without using the parts of your body that "wear out" easily.....GET THEM. This is a must. INACTIVITY for any length of time can and usually WILL lead to other physical problems.
Change your life and committ yourself to HAVING A LONG ONE the right way.
Blessings in your quest........
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Can an injury to the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve due to surgery heal?

I recently had piriformis and sciatic nerve surgery. My surgeon seems to have either injured or severed the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve during the procedure. The back of my thigh has been numb with a burning feeling inside the leg since the surgery over two months ago. What are the chances that this will heal?

It's if severed I don't believe so,,,but then again,,they have been doing hand transplants  (+ info)

Can patella femoral syndrome be caused by jumping on your feet without bending your knees?

I used to dance, but my first teacher made us jump alot without bending our knees, when I got a new teacher, she said that that was bad teaching. Could this be one of the causes to my patella femoral syndrome? I know the other causes such as quadricep muscles, biomechanical relations...


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How common is a double femoral hernia?

I have a femoral Hernia and I feel the same pain on the other side.

Actually not very - I have only seen it once in my 9 year career  (+ info)

What the heck is an "irregular suprapatellar plica at its femoral attachment" ?

On my knee MRI results, the only result that I can't figure out is "irregular suprapatellar plica at its femoral attachment".
What is this?

See this website http://www.kneeguru.co.uk/KNEEnotes/suprapatellar-plica

Basically it's a little piece of membrane that can fold and interfere with how your knee works. My guess is the dr. will scope your knee and remove the plica. Pretty simple surgery and recover.  (+ info)

How can i tell if my stress fractures are healed?

Sustained stress fractures during bct. Has been roughly eight weeks since. How do I know if it's safe to run on them again? There is still slight pain if I jog, but walking is no problem. Is this just residual pain? Is any pain at all at this point normal?

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