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Fetal distress?

My baby doesn't have fetal distress... but i was wondering what does the baby's heart rate do that shows that it is in distress? thanks

There are several indicators that we look for in a strip. First is variability. A baby's heart rate is never constant, and when looking at a strip the line should not be flat, but squiggly. If baby was in distress, the heart rate would be more constant and what we call "minimal variability".

The rate itself can also be important. Normal is from 110-160, but if baby's rate starts to drop, either steadily or suddenly, that is a sign of distress.

Another sign of distress are decelerations in the heart rate which may or may not recover to baseline periodically. Sometimes it happens with contractions during labor, but decels can also happen without contractions.

There are a lot of subtleties in interpreting fetal monitoring strips, but these are the basics of fetal distress.  (+ info)

What are some reasons my son could have gon into fetal distress?

I just had my son 3 weeks ago at 34 weeks, I was having a smooth labour and then all of a sudden he pood and went into fetal distress and I had to have an emergency c-section, the doctors just say that it happens sometimes abut I want a reason.
My first pregnancy was smooth as, no problems at all.

Sometimes it does just happen but things like pitocin and artificially breaking your water can contribute. The pitocin will cause contractions to be stronger and closer together than will happen naturally and breaking your water can cause the cord to drop below the baby's head causing compression called cord prolapse.

http://www.unnecesarean.com/blog/2009/7/6/pit-to-distress-your-ticket-to-an-emergency-cesarean.html  (+ info)

What are some signs of fetal distress?

I was just wondering if there are any signs of fetal distress that I can tell while at home so I know if I need to go to the hospital or not? I'm 38 weeks and so far everything is normal, however, my mom had fetal distress with my brother but didn't know it till she went into labor and he almost died so I was just wondering if there are any signs and any ways to prevent it?

you really wouldnt know unless you havent felt movement for a certain period of time.

my son had a knot in his cord, and i had no idea about it until i was in labor and his heart rate started dropping. i had complications from the very start of my labor, but was not taken in for a c-section until 20hrs. later. i was told that if i would have progressed like normal, and gotten to the pushing stage, that my son probably would not be here.

there was nothing i could have done to prevent it,. it just happened. i could have lost him at any point in my pregnancy. thank god i didnt. i just pray it doesnt happen again.

i know its hard to not worry about things that are not in your control, but just stay positive and in a few weeks your baby will be here.  (+ info)

How does a fetus show distress in a fetal monitor?

Do their heartbeats drop??

How low should it be so doctors begin getting worried? is it normal that the heartbeat goes up and down alot during monitoring?
im 22, 23 in February

the heartbeat would drop drastically and either stay down or do up and down. but dont worry babys heart rates drop all the time on the machines b/c they are always moving away from it. the nurse should come in every once in a while and check it(it keeps track on that paper coming out., she would call the doctor if she thought anything was wrong.  (+ info)

Is fetal distress detected in a fetal monitor?

Since i had decreased fetal movements I told my doctor about it today, and he hooked me up to a fetal monitor, then he came back and said the baby was fine...

Just wondering if this is the way they find out/?? (by the way my baby still moves more than `10 times an hour in her active hours, just decreased movement throughout the day)

  (+ info)

what is fetal distress? what are the risks?

i know what are some things that causes it but what are the risk and what exactly is it?
but what happends to the baby ?

Fetal distress is exactly what it sounds like - the baby is in distress. Usually this means they will attempt to deliver the baby as quickly as possible, either by using drugs to augment labor or performing an emergency C Section. The ultimate worst-case scenario would be a stillbirth. Lesser bad outcomes would be oxygen deprivation or other brain or physical damage to the baby causing disability.

Most of the time, quick medical intervention can get the baby safe before any permanent damage occurs. Sometimes all that is needed is to give the mother extra oxygen or speed up her labor with Pitocin.  (+ info)

What does it mean when you are 3 months pregnant and your baby is in Distress?

I have looked up Fetal Distress and is confused about the truth about it. One of my good friends just informed me that her baby is in Distress according to her doctor. She is currently in her 3rd month of her pregnancy. While researching it on the internet, it says that once a baby is in distress they must began labor but that was for someone who is about 38 to 42 weeks. Do anyone knows what may happen for someone 12 to 18 weeks pregnant?

She needs to ask more questions. I don't know how they can tell if a baby is in distress at 12 weeks. You can't really do extensive fetal monitoring as you would in later pregnancy.

There is nothing they can do for a 12 week fetus if it's in distress. It will either continue to be distressed and possibly end up in miscarraige, or it will snap out of the distress.

But I have never in my professional experience heard of any doctor being able to diagnose fetal distress in a 12 week fetus. Is it possible your friend is lying to you to get attention?  (+ info)

fetal distress????what causes it????

my baby pooped inside me and i heard that if they do that its because of fetal disress. so i was wondering how do they get disstress what did i do for her to become distress please help me id like to know some reasons

Premature labor, not getting enough oxygen to the baby, cord wrapped around the neck, low heart beat, etc. Every pregnancy is different. If you are concerned, check to make sure your baby is moving in the womb. If it hasn't moved much or at all, or even if you have a gut feeling, go to Labor and Delivery immediately. NOT the ER!!  (+ info)

looking for info regarding fetal stress syndrome (NOT distress)?

Fetal stress, due to physical violence on the mother, effects the baby. Some symptoms that show up in the child later in life include asthma, A.D.D., and other learning & behavioral disorders.

Can't find much info out there - This is NOT FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) or distress during childbirth, yet this is all I can find. any other sources for info?

We've known about this for a long time, yet the male-centered medical field has yet to catch up. I heard a small part of a news story the other day in passing, can't remember where - are they finally acknowledging this, or just continuing to sweep this under the rug since it's most likely caused by domestic violence?

I've answered my own question - took me awhile, but found a website: www.womensweb.ca/violence/dv/pregnancy.php

If anyone can find any other info, please respond.

I'm going to leave this question on so if anyone else is looking for this info, they can at least go to the website I came across.
I'll try puttin gthe website on again -


I agree with you completely  (+ info)

A 20 hours HOMEBIRTH can cause FETAL DISTRESS?

My name is Jamie. I'm an american girl who lives in Chile. My son Santiago was born in my campus apartment in the Universidad de Santiago de Chile after a 20 hours of labor attended by an indigenous midwife. When I told this story, many people thought that this long labor was very dangerous for my baby and could cause fetal distress. Personally I don't think this long labor could be dangerous because I'm a young first time mom and when Santiago was born, he didn't have signs of asphyxia( he wasn't pink). He's a healthy boy and he was very calm when he arrived at this world
Do you think a long labor in a homebirth for a first-time mom could be dangerous?

Being that even the most complicated pregnancies can have the most complicated of labors/deliveries, one needs to make sure that, if an emergency c/section is needed, that it can be done within minutes... regardless of whether or not this is a first time mom.

I don't really think that the length of labor is a factor for danger -- however, if your water had broken and you aren't really progressing, it CAN cause distress.
Mom and/or baby can go into distress during any length of labor, short or long.  (+ info)

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