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Im pregnant, and on NRT, finding it so hard....need some HONEST opinions...fetal distress?

i have found out im pregnant, and have a dating scan in less than a week...i was smoking marijuana (1/2-1 spliff a day), and 5 fags a day, i went to see my mid-wife for my booking appointment, thinking i'd come out feeling good, i felt like hell when i left..she made me breathe into a inhalator thing, and it measured around 11mg of carbon monoxide in my body, of which my baby was recieving 3.65mg...it put me in high risk zone on chart, and i felt awful. so i cut the marijuana, and have tried to give up smoking tobacco...it's not working so well, as by night time on 1st day, a cant sleep, and feel awful. so im on NRT, using an inhailator. but keep having the odd cigarette. it doesnt help when everyone keeps telling me they smoked all the way through theirs, and some even kept on taking marijuana, and drank constantly! it makes me wonder why im bothering! i know it can be harmful, but my mum smoked 40 a day with me, and im fine, no probs at all, and my other halfs mum the same. sisters and friends all smoked both tobacco and marijuana through theirs, and all are fine..my cousin didnt smoke or anything, and both have excema and other health issues! im worried that the withdrawals im having, which make me very anxious and angry are doing my baby less good than having 3 a day!?!
i need honest opinions, did you smoke through yours?? have any problems with the baby? should i try on NRT, or quit altogether, even though i could put my baby in fetal distress?one friend was even told by her mid-wife that she didnt actually think there was a strong link between smoking when pregnant, and problems with baby...im so confused, so need help on this one! im about 12wks gone, and so very anxious!

no no no. don't quit cold turkey! don't quit at all! every single person i know that smoked while pregnant..all their doctors told them not to quit. it causes more harm than good. the baby is now addicted to nicotine..quitting can cause fetal distress. i smoked almost 2 packs a day when i was pregnant..my daughter is fine. my mom smoked the whole time she was pregnant with me and my brother and sister and we're all fine.

my fiance's sister smoked weed with both of her kids..and they're both fine. a lot of my friend's smoked 2/3 spliffs a day and their kids are fine. if you can live without the weed..then do so. that's a personal choice..the baby won't get addicted to it..so you don't have to worry about the baby having fetal distress if you don't.  (+ info)

i am 38 weeks pregnant.my first baby was through c-section. due to medical reasons (fetal distress).?

But I want my second delievery vaginal.But the last scan shows my baby wt as 3.0kg.Seeing this my doctor is suggesting that I should go for c-section this time as well.I feel 3.0kg is a normal weight and why should we wait for labor to happen.Can someone comment on this?

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vbac- 1st c sect due to fetal distress / failure to progress above 3 cm in 36 hrs, likely c sec again?

I was also 2 weeks late with my first, and induced 4 different ways including my water being broken. It ended up emergency because I had 104. temp and she had 104.5...
I really want to know my chances... I'm terrified of it... it has to actually come out of me! lol.... again!!! lol.
-nail biter biter biter

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Hi, my wife had to go thru an emergency cesearean (fetal distress). Initially she suffered from Pre-eclampsia?

So when the baby was born he was looked thin and with dry skin and he suffered from low sugar. Hence he was seperated from the mother and kept in the nursery. This seperation and the stress is affecting lactation. She's in only getting very small amounts by expressing (baby is too sleepy to suckle). It's now been one week (to date). Has anyone faced an issue like this and can u share some light on how to encourage her to get the milk flow going?

Would it be possible for her to be in the nursery with the baby while she expresses? Just seeing and touching him may well help get nature's butt into gear! Also, expressing more regularly than the baby would normally feed will help, even if only a few minutes each time but doing it every half hour to an hour. Regular feeding/expressing increases milk flow.
Congratulations on the birth of your son, and I hope breastfeeding picks up soon for her. I was so glad I worked through the early problems I had as once it got going it was such a rewarding experience.  (+ info)

How do you tell the difference between fetal heartbeat and fetal blood flow?

I am 18.5 weeks pregnant and I have a fetal heart monitor at home. I can hear the fetal blood flow but I am not sure if I can hear the heartbeat. If there is good fetal blood flow does that mean the baby is perfectly fine? or should i keep looking around for the heartbeat. I could be crazy and be hearing the heartbeat its just so hard to tell so I wanted to know if the blood flow was good enough to hear.

Hi! I had the same problem and it was because the baby was moving around so much it was hard to get an accurate heart rate. The heartbeat will sound like a galloping horse. Usually once you find the fetal blood flow the heartbeat can be heard in the general area of that. Here's a website that has a clip of what the heartbeat sounds like. You may have heard it and didn't realize what it was. (like me!) Good luck!
http://pregnancytoday.com/sounds/index.htm  (+ info)

Does the fetal heartbeat using the Bebe Sounds Fetal Heart Monitor sound like a skipping record?

Does the fetal heartbeat using the Bebe Sounds Fetal Heart Monitor sound like a skipping record?

Is there anyway to help boost the sound quality (whether listening to it with the headphones or recording with it straight to the pc)?

Thanks in Advance.

i found if you turn the volume way down you can still hear ok but there isn't as much crackling.  (+ info)

What should a fetal heartbeat be at 7 weeks?

What should a fetal heartbeat be at 7 weeks?
I went in for a sonogram yesterday and my fetal heartbeat was 148 is that good for 7 weeks. Another thing is according to my last period i should be 6 weeks and 2 days but my fetus is measuring 7 weeks and 1 day how is that possible?

Every baby grows at different rates. There will be huge growth spurts followed by very little growth. Your bean might be a head up on the growth spurt, no need to worry. 148 heartbeat is excellent! Congratulations!  (+ info)

What is the best home fetal heart monitor?

I'm looking to buy a home fetal heart monitor and was wondering what is the best one to buy? Any suggestions? Thank you!

My sister gave me one last night that works wonderfully! It's called Baby Sound and she said she bought it for $65 at a medical supply store. She got it when she was pregnant and could hear her baby's heartbeat at 12 weeks! I am 24 weeks currently and was able to pick up my little girl immediately, so it works VERY well.

Just remember, you get what you pay for. My sister got a good deal on this one, but the $40 ones you can get at Wal-Mart DO NOT work very well and can't get the heartbeat until very late in pregnancy.  (+ info)

When does fetal movement usually start to decrease?

I am 32 weeks pregnant, and in the past, let's say two weeks, I've noticed an obvious decrease in fetal movement. I still feel him move enough (according to my kick counts), but not nearly as much as I used to. He used to be like an octopus in there, but now all I get is a random foot poking out, no more squirms and flips and limbs flying. Is this normal for being as far along as I am? When do you usually start to feel a decrease? Thanks!

All babies worry their mothers with what *seems* like less movements. Fact is, as your baby gets bigger and starts running out of room in there, he'll still move as much. It just won't feel so jerky or forceful. You'll just start feeling squirming and jabs from arms and legs opposed to that octopus feeling when he still had room to do somersaults and flips. Its very normal. Your kick counts are good so all is well. Try to relax a little bit. Your little one is just comfy in whatever position he's in and either doesn't want to or can't move from the position he's in.

There is a time, though, when the kick counts should decrease. This should* happen right before you go into labor.

Another thing is, a lot of babies find their own routine, even in mommy's womb. You may notice that your baby is more active at night or certain times of the day. Maybe when you're hungry or have just eaten. Just pay attention to your baby's routine and not so much the forcefulness of his kicks and movements. Your kick counts say he's fine, so he is! Just growing mommy. :)  (+ info)

How fast is the fetal heartbeat when it first starts?

As in, how many bpm is the fetal heartbeat at, say, four weeks when it has just started to beat?

The heart first starts beating around 5-6 weeks pregnant. At this time it is generally between 90-110 - as the embryo grows, it gradually increases at about 3.3 beats/day - or 10 beats per every 3 days.

Example - at my 6 weeks ultrasound my babies heartbeat was 111beats per minute. Now at at 10 weeks, my babies heartbeat is about 175 beats per minutes. It generally tops out at about 190 and then it stabilizes at about around 150-160. Hope this helps!  (+ info)

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