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Has anybody bought a fetal doppler and does it work?

Has anybody bought a fetal doppler and does it work? Just wondering if you can recommend a brand and one that is worth purchasing.

We bought a $20 one from walmart and you can't really use it until youre about 6 months but youre able to hear the babys movements and kicks and the swooshing around and you'll be able to hear the heartbeat. I loved it because i've had 2 miscarriages in the past, so when my baby has his days of not moving as much, I use it to listen to his heartbeat and it puts me at ease. And its funny when we use it because he'll hit the spot where we put the doppler. I think it's worth it.  (+ info)

What are good ways to distress a pair of jeans?

I'm making a tote bag out of the top of a large pair of jeans and I want to distress them to make them look....more my style I've already done taken bleach and a cheese grater to them so what else can I do?

Ok, that's what I found out from MH magazine once. You've got to wash (whatever you've got) in mix of salt and baking soda couple of times. That suppose to give it a vintage look. Then you can work some spots with abrasive.
Good luck!  (+ info)

How many weeks into a pregnancy will a fetal pole and heartbeat?

How many weeks into a pregnancy will a fetal pole and heartbeat show up on a sonogram and what HCG level will a fetal pole and heartbeat show up on a sonogram?

I think usually the can find a heartbeat round 6 weeks hun. Wishing you the best happy and healthy 9 months. :)  (+ info)

What is the difference between fetal age and gestation age?

And does the ultrasound go by fetal or gestational age? Thanks.

The term gestational age refers to the length of time since the first day of your last menstrual period. If your gestational age is four weeks, this means that it has been four weeks since the first day of your last period.

The term fetal age, on the other hand, refers to the age of your developing baby, counting from the estimated date of conception. The fetal age is typically two weeks less than the gestational age.

Edit: Sorry got ahead of myself - tired

Ultrasound goes by gestational age NOT fetal - sorry  (+ info)

What is the best way do distress a jean jacket?

I have this jean jacket that looks like the 90s in a bad way but it fits perfectly. I really wanna distress it so it will look better but i don't know how to do it with what I have at home because I don't have any sand paper. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

if you donĀ“t have sand paper you could also do it with a cheese grater, well thread banger explains it better http://www.threadbanger.com/post/472/how-to-make-vintage-jeans-using-coffee-grounds , just use the techniques that apply to your jacket  (+ info)

How many of you were advised of the risks of the electronic fetal monitor before getting it?

It is known that the electronic fetal monitor does not improve the infant mortality rate as compared with the fetascope. However, the electronic monitor triples the c-sec rate. How many of you were informed of this risk before you had the monitor so you could give informed consent?

i wasn't informed by the hospital or my midwives, but i knew about it--i took it upon myself to learn everything i could about all possibilities of labor. Bradley Classes were the most informative. that's where i learned about the monitor increasing the c-section rate because it catches every little aberration in heart rate--which are normal, and if anything were really wrong intermittent monitoring would catch it.  (+ info)

How often do you use your fetal heart monitor?

I just recently got a fetal heart monitor (about 4 days ago) I found that I am becoming obsessed with listening to my baby's heart beat. I listen to it at least twice a day. Is this normal? Ha ha...I'm 6 months, but I worry about him a lot and I want to make sure he is ok.
I listen to it to check what his heart rate is per minute and to make sure he isn't under any stress. I am a diabetic, so it scares me and that's why I tend to use it alot.

coming from someone who works in a hospital, i have found that once people understand the monitor and the numbers on it they become obsessed with it. this can sometimes be a bad thing. have there been any problems with your pregnancy to date? if not, then i would try and maybe hook yourself up every two to three days. besides, if something shows up that you don't exactly understand then all you are going to do is stress yourself out, in turn stressing out your baby until you get to the ob/gyn to find out what the problem is. if there haven't been any major problems so far, and your doctor doesn't seem concerned then i would just concentrate on taking care of yourself. in turn, baby will be fine.  (+ info)

What week in a pregnancy does the fetal heart beat?

I was wanting to know when does the fetal heartbeat start to beat? How many weeks do you have to be just for the fetus to start having one?

About 21 days after conception...So you are considered 5 weeks pregnant when this occurs...since those "magical" two weeks are added when you aren't really pregnant. This is also the time when you can start seeing it on an ultrasound. All of these are estimates. Best of luck.  (+ info)

How good (or bad) is sleeping in the fetal position for your back?

I hear mixed stories from people saying regarding the safety of your back sleeping in the fetal position. I normally don't, but while I'm undergoing physical therapy for a rotated vertebra in my back (T10), I find that I fall asleep faster.

One really can't pigeon hold someone to a particular position being bad for everyone...it depends on the nature of the injury and your particular repsonse to movement as discovered during your evaluation. Years ago, people were told to never sleep on their stomachs...we now know that some people SHOULD sleep on their stomach while for others it is less desireable.

The real question is: how do you feel upon wakening in the morning after sleeping in the fetal position?

If my patient told me they fall asleep fine, sleep through the night and wake up feeling pretty well, I'd leave their sleeping position alone.  (+ info)

How do you distinguish the end of one fetal movement and the beginning of another?

I have been giving a sheet to monitor fetal movement but I'm never sure if when she is moving if she is done moving. How can I be absolute sure that I'm not counting one movement as more than one.
I'm 37 weeks

My doctor told me to write down any time I felt a bump, so like if you feel one bump and then 2 seconds later feel another count it as 2 movements. I had twins, can you imagine how much I had to write?  (+ info)

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