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Can smoking marijuana make it harder to feel fetal movement?

My cousin is a medical marijuana patient. She is 19 weeks pregnant and still has yet to feel the baby. Its alive in there healthy and kicking, but could smoking marijuana be causing her to not notice the fetal kicks/movement.

No, something like that would not interfere with feeling fetal movement. She isn't feeling it yet just because many women do not feel it at this point in pregnancy. If she hasn't felt noticable movement by week 22 she should inform her doctor. By 24-26 weeks she should be feeling regular, daily movement.

And for the record, although where I live medicinal marijuana is not legal (yet) I know of several OBs who support medicinal marijuana and they believe that yes, while there are risks, they are relatively slight and often benefits outweigh risks. Marijuana is not up there with crack, heroin, and meth. Naturally it is best to avoid it if possible, but if it is the only thing that relieves a valid medical condition, then using it sparingly is not likely to harm the fetus.  (+ info)

How much is too much to use a fetal doppler?

I purchased a fetal doppler online about a week ago, and Im wondering if its possible to hurt the baby by using it too much? There are no warnings that state to use with caution or that you should limit yourself on how much to use it. I would like to use it once a day, possibly more than once on some days if I have a hard time finding the heartbeat that day, but only if it is truly safe. I hear a lot of people use them daily, but I just would like some advice. Thank you.

my husband and I rented one and I asked my OB if it was bad to use it daily.. he said it was not. you can use it as many times as you want. Now, if you were to have an ultrasound everyday, that would be different because of all the rays etc.. but this fetal doppler won't harm your baby..
good luck!  (+ info)

How early can you detect fetal heartbeat?

I was wondering, how early can you detect a fetal heartbeat with a fetal doppler NOT an ultrasound? Let me know how early you may have detected it.

I think as early as 10 weeks but some people may not hear it to their bout 14 weeks  (+ info)

How do I distress my jeans and what paint should I use when adding dabs of paint?

I kind of found some instructions for how to distress denim jeans, but I still want to add some dabs of paint to it to make it look nice. I would also like to give it a brown tone/wash so it looks a little bit more vintage. Any sugestions?

Get three jobs: painting, auto mechanics, landscaping. Wear your jeans. The rest will take care of itself.  (+ info)

Has anyone got a fetal doppler that they no longer want anymore and want to sell?

Im after a fetal doppler and would like to buy one if no-one wants theirs anymore.

eBay has them-both the cheap versions sold in stores that do not actually work and usually send parents panicking to their doctor, worried that something is wrong and the real ones that the doctors use. I recommend you get the latter.  (+ info)

When you get a fetal anatomy at 18 weeks pregnant can you record it with a blank tape?

So tomorrow I am getting my ultrasound done for my fetal anatomy and I am 18 weeks pregnant....Do they usually let you record them if you give them a blank tape? Also how long does it usually take for this scan? Do you think they will tell me the gender of the baby to? Thanks.

I'm surprised that they did not tell you to bring a tape. Most ultrasound machines will indeed let you record the ultrasound if it is the scan that they are doing to determine the sex and check everything out. If you are having the scan for some other reason than just the normal 18-22 week scan then they may not let you, but it's just the normal one they do to check the sex and how baby is doing and brain function then they should let you. The scan isn't what really takes the most time.. it's the wait! If you have your appointment early in the morning you will be fine, but if it's scheduled later on in the day, it can be a really long line. Took my husband and I 2 hours to get our ultrasound. Once we got in there, it just took about 5 minutes to get the scan and then just went in for my regular appointment. They should be telling you the gender. It should be considered correct anywhere from 18-22 weeks.  (+ info)

When and how did fetal movements feel in your pregnancy?

For all of the mommies to be and those who are already mommies, how early did you feel fetal movement? What did it feel like to you? I ask because I am pregnant with my third child, I am 12 weeks pregnant, and about a week ago, I started feeling pinching sensations. I am not crazy so I told my doctor at my appt and she said it is not possible to feel movements that early, even with subsequent pregnancies. Is that true? What do you think?

With my first, I felt him move right before my ultrasound at 4 months, so I wouldn't say "impossible" to your feeling it that early. Though I can't recall when I felt my second, I do remember it all feeling the same. But now that I have experienced the whole pregnancy thing 2xs, there are moments that - not to sound gross, but gas feels just like a moving baby.

I wouldn't guess it should feel like a pinch though. Did any of your other pregnancies feel that way?  (+ info)

What did your first fetal movement feel like?

I'm almost 17 weeks and think I might be starting to feel the baby move. It kinda feels like squirming or slight tickling below my belly button. How did you know it was fetal movement and not something else? What did it feel like for you?

Sounds like you felt your baby move! you will never forget it either! i remember exactly where i was when i realized i was feeling him move. it felt like a little flutter or muscle spasm real low on your stomach like in between your hip bones

good luck!  (+ info)

How can I weather or distress my leather jacket?

I have a new leather jacket that I've hardly worn as it looks too new and cheesy. What's the simplest and or best way to distress it a little to give in that worn/older look that will go well with jeans etc?

Screw it up slightly and stick it under your mattress while you sleep for 1 night it works wonders I've done it 3 times and it worked every time. Happy sleeping!!!!  (+ info)

What is the correlation between fetal kidney blockage and Down's Syndrome?

I had a level II ultrasound which revealed a small blockage of both fetal kidneys. The doctor said this was common in boys, but that there was a small chance that this could also be a marker for Down Syndrome. She said the only way to know for sure was through amnio. How common is this correlation?

its not that common but not uncommon ether was there any thing else as there's usually other thing .. IE hart ?  (+ info)

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