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where can i buy a cheap fetal doppler here in the philippines?

can you give me some advice where can i buy a cheap fetal doppler here in manila, philippines? it's ok if its 2nd hand.

try ebay.  (+ info)

What could cause an increase in fetal movement?

I'll be 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow with my first child, and within the past week, I have noticed an increase in fetal movement. Not even being 6 months along, I didn't think that I would be feeling the little guy so much (I know it's better to feel more than less). Is there anything that could be triggering all of the movements? Right now, I feel his kicks (twitches) as I'm typing this lol.

He's growing and the bigger he gets the more it's gonna seem like he's moving a lot. It just seems like that now because your not use to something moving around. Have fun and enjoy.  (+ info)

Do you need to fast for a fetal echo cardiogram?

I have an appointment tomorrow for a fetal echo cardiogram and can't seem to get a hold of the right office (It is in a hospital). I was wondering if anyone knew if I need to fast or do anything at all before the test?
I know what an echo is. I was just asking if you needed to fast for a FETAL echo.

I don't believe you have to fast but i think they need you to have an empty bladder. In essence it is no different to a normal fetal scan except they are only going to look at the fetal heart and the great vessels from the heart.

I am a paediatric cardiac nurse in the uk  (+ info)

Is a fetal pregnancy the same as a blighted ovum?

I went to the hospital and had a vaginal ultrasound at 12 weeks. The ER doctor told me it was a fetal pregnancy (like that was the explanation for miscarriage) but also said that my yolk sack didn't develope after about 8-9 weeks, probably due to chromosomal issues. So is this a blighted ovum?

I have a regular doctor appointment later this week, but I think I'll feel better if I know more now. Thanks.

No it's not the same thing.

A blighted ovum means that you got pregnant and the sac started to grow along with a placenta but a baby never started to grow in the sac (probably from a genetic problem right from the start). When you have blighted ovum your body is confused. Your body doesn't’t recognize that there is no baby developing inside the sac, because pregnancy hormones are still being produced which prevent a miscarriage. Most women in this situation, you had no idea that your pregnancy wasn't progressing normally until being told at the time of the scan, the news will have come as a great shock. If you have a blighted ovum your body will eventually figure out there is no baby and you will miscarry.

A fetal pregnacy simple means exactly what it says "fetal = fetus". Meaning pregnant with a fetus. So if you are having a fetal pregnancy I assume that means there is a fetus. But if your sac didn't grow past 8 weeks it could be a blighed ovum or there could be fetus present.

Please have your dr. do another ultrasound....and ask as many questions as you need to so that you understand. I'm a nurse and still don't understand why they said "fetal pregnancy".

Good luck to you....  (+ info)

How do I distress my denim skirt without wrecking it?

i have this simple denim skirt that hits at about the middle of my thigh, and i want to rip it and distress it but every time i try i end up screwing up. any ideas or tips? i want to fray and tear up the end and make it look worn.

according to merriam-webster, distress=wreck.  (+ info)

How do you distress the hemline of jeans that were altered but original hem thrown away?

I bought some expensive jeans (7 for All Mankind and Citizens for Humanity) and took them to be altered. Break down in communication... and they were hemmed with a new crisp edge and not the original hemline put back on. I realize this is not something i can fix now as the original hemline is gone. But can I fix the appearance? how do I distress the hemline to give it a original appearance?

A mini sander machine/ sand paper  (+ info)

How can I distress my stretch jeans myself?

I have some old jeans that I don't wear very often, but instead of getting rid of them and buying new ones, I decided to try and see what I could do with them first. I cut them off to make crop pants but how do I get the hem to fray? How can I put a hole in them that won't get too big? What else can I do to distress them a little? They are 2% spandex, I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

This article tells you how to distress/destroy jeans, and it also tells you what you shouldn't do:
http://www.jeanshub.com/DestroyingJeans.aspx  (+ info)

How much fetal movement did you feel @ 19 weeks with your 2nd child?

I am 19 weeks along now. I have felt some movement, but very sporadically. I know that this is technically normal, but I have had a child already. I thought I would feel more by this time with my 2nd child. I had already felt my first child move a lot more by now... This baby moves randomly and I always wonder if it's the baby or just gas. Only once or twice did I feel certain it was fetal movement.
Has anyone had this experience? Shouldn't I be feeling more?

I am a few days behind also pregnant with my second child also. I was 16 weeks when I last seen my OB and I asked him about feeling fetal movement with the second child sooner and he assured me that even though some women has a child that it can still take up to week 20 to actually feel the movement. I am like you and I have felt it at very random times. I think when we get closer to 24 weeks we will start feeling more definite fetal movement  (+ info)

Is there less fetal movement when your in labor?

Just curious for the next time that I'm having strong contractions. Why is it that you should contact your doctor then when there is less fetal movement?

Generally you would expect less fetal movement during active labor; however, that is not always the case. There are plenty of instances where the little one is rocking away right up to the last minute.

If there is a noticeable decrease in fetal movement it could be a sign on fetal distress. As you get closer to the end the baby has less room to move so you should be feeling it's movements quite a bit more. If you notice that the baby is not moving as much, begin timing his/her movements over an hour's time. If you don't get count ten movements in an hour, drink a cup of cold juice (just something sweet, preferrably cold) and give it another hour or so. Call the doctor if you still can't get ten movements from your little one as the baby could be in distress (cord wrapped around the body or neck).

It's a precaution, but an important one. Just keep track of your little one's movements.  (+ info)

What is the fetal development of the renal system?

I have a project due next week and it's a topic about the fetal development of the renal system but i dont know anything about the renal system.

i guess you better start studying.  (+ info)

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