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Fetal weight?


I am 29 weeks pregnant. Is the fetal weight calculated by ultrasound accurate?
In my 28th week ultrasound, my baby's weight was 1153gms. So just want to know if this fetal weight is accurate or not.

thanks in advance

It's not 100% but sometimes it can be close. In my case it wasn't. The estimated baby weight was about 7lbs she was 8lbs 7oz BIG difference.  (+ info)

Fetal Weight?

I am getting an ultrasound done this week at 36 weeks 2 days to estimate my baby's weight. Will this be at all accurate?

It is pretty much a guess. I had an ultrasound the day my baby was born and they estimated his weight at 4lbs 3oz, and he was 3lbs 9oz. So it is just an educated guess.  (+ info)

How do doctors estimate fetal weight in the 3rd trimester?

I just wonder what doctors go on to estimate the weight of the fetus. I've heard that sometimes doctors are quite far off in these determinations (as much as 2 lbs off) so I just wonder how they estimate this to start with. Also (if anyone knows) how often are doctors wrong when predicting the sex of the baby with an ultrasound?


manily...they guess. i was due may 2nd...that very day the doc told me my son would be 7 1/2 lbs. 7 days later i had him and he was 9lbs 12oz!!! i can understand a few oz off but 2lbs?? yea right!!!  (+ info)

what is the meaning of 2245g written for fetal weight?

my scan result at week 33 has 2245g as the fetal weight,i want to know if its normal,because i don't want any cut or discomfort during delivery.

2245g is the baby's estimated current weight in grams - this equates to about 67.35 ounces, or 4.21lbs. For 8 months along your baby is right in the groove :)

Speaking of baby weight, so far in my family, my sister holds the record for the heaviest and longest baby - 12lbs 11oz and 23in long at a normal 9 month delivery. To reassure you, I doubt your baby will be that large.  (+ info)

question about the estimated fetal weight of a 19-20 week baby?

I had my sonogram last Monday at 19-20 weeks(supposed to be 20 weeks but I am measuring 19 weeks) Everything looked good, its a girl and she said that her estimated fetal weight was 8 ounces or so. I know these are estimated but does that sound ok for 19 weeks or so.? Doctor never changed my due date or anything.

Well I had a stillbirth at 22weeks in May 2008 and he didn't even weigh a pound and he was 7.25 inches long. so she probably is right where she should be. Good luck and congratds!!  (+ info)

How accurate are they on fetal weight during a third trimester ultrasound?

They told me he weighs approximately 5 lbs 14 oz.

I am curious myself. My doctor is "supposedly" really good at predicting the size of the babys she delivers. So I asked her at my last appt. how large she thought my daughter was and what position she was in. She showed me how she was laying. And from feeling her size, she said about 5lbs, 3oz. That was last friday... So I am kind of curious myself. I kind of wonder how much our little ones will grow in their last month... but I guess we will just have to see how accurate our doctors... and ultrasounds really were :)  (+ info)

how accurate is an ultrasound for fetal weight?

I 'm 38 weeks pregnant and was told baby weights 7 pounds 15 ounces because ultrasounds results. Is that accurate? Is that a normal weight?

Ultrasounds are not very accurate in regards to weighing a fetus. Generally they allow for 1-2 pound lax in either direction, which is a LOT when you think about it.  (+ info)

How accurate or inaccurate were they on your 3rd trimester ultrasound fetal weight?

I go today for my 4th one and I'm 38w. I'm only 5' tall. I have gained 52 lbs so far! If they think he's too big, they're going to schedule a c section or induction.
At 34w5d they said he weighed 5 lbs 14 oz....
Wow Kim, they were way off with your children!

They guessed my last one at 9 lbs, so I had a c-section b/c my other two (who were smaller) came out not breathing. He came at 39 weeks at ll lbs., so they were 2 lbs off.  (+ info)

does your weight make a difference to how early u feel fetal movments?

Just wanted to no how far ppl were with there preg and how big they were so i can relate to wen i should be feeling them?

i am a big woman but I still felt the baby move around 18-20 weeks and later I was able to see the kicks too around 25-26 weeks  (+ info)

Doctor ordered sono to estimate fetal weight @30 wks. Is something wrong or is this standard practice?

None of my friends who have had babies had this done, and now I'm worried the doctor might think there is something wrong. No other health problems or complications.

  (+ info)

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