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What can cause male night sweats, and fever of unknown origin?

my husband has had several episodes of fevers at night followed by extreme night sweats. Feels ok in the morning. Has a diagnosis of pre-diabetes that are under control. Also has been very tired lately? I am worried that it could be Hodgekins? Any thoughts?

There are a lot of diseases causing night sweats and fevers.You will not get any good qualified answer here:take the bull by the horns and go see the Dr:have blood tests done to exclude diseases.And find the cause.Fevers are way tyring :so that does not surprise me at all.
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What could be the diagnoses of a person with fever of an unknown origin?

As others have said, it could be a bacteria or virus or other physiological condition.

It can also be caused by some excessive stimulation to the metabolic system, but I really wish you good luck, and hope you have had a better answer from your medical practitioner.

It also depends on the degree of the fever. 98.6F was considered standard in the past, but no longer. People have a natural body temperature, that could vary a couple of degrees from what is standard. Mine is 96.6F, and a friend's is 101.3, and neither of us have any disease or disorder.

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What causes a fever of unknown origins?

My son had a low grade fever for 2 days. He didn't complain of feeling sick or anything hurting his doc said it is FUO...Fever of unknown origin. Just wondered what others thought could be causing the fever.
I understand the doc doesn't know what causes the fever.
None of my other kids have had this and I was just curious what kind of infection he could have that wouldn't make him hurt or feel ill?
It must not be too serious if he isn't feeling anything from from it.
Thanks Angelbaby he is almost 4 :)

My children's doctor explained that a fever can be (in addition to a symptom of illness) a sign that the immune system is properly working i.e. it's doing what it should to ward off infection.
My daughter has had fevers that come up suddenly and disappeared without her falling ill, and I've had FUOs my whole life.  (+ info)

My mom is having fever of unknown origin, body aches particularly in joints.tests show ESR 120 and WBC high. ?

What could it mean?

The Flu  (+ info)

Fever of unknown origin,for 7 months.. whats next?

Fever of unknown origin,for 7 months.. whats next?
If infectious disease cannot find out the reason for fever of unknown origin, and general family doctor cannot. What is the next step?
I have been sick since december when giving birth to my son... 7 months ago. Running higher temps of 99 to 100. and while it isn't a HIGH fever it has me feeling really-- REALLY run down. The only thing that came back a little high was my sed rate of 29, which my doctor said could happen just because I am a women. Alto of times I just want to sleep, because I am so tired. I want to do things but am so wiped out from feeling sick all the time.
my symptoms are :
seeing double, every now and then when focusing on one thing, things in the background go double.
general achy Ness that comes and goes
dry eyes
slow healing,
skin changes-- little bumps etc that come and go.
feet turned blue for the first time yesterday, along with wrist swelling- looks okay today but doctor has no answer what so ever for why it could have happened
Tests I had done:
Abdomen ct -recent
chest ct -recent
urine cultures-recently
blood cultures -recently
head ct- done in feb
Lyme's test
Vaginal exams,
Abdominal and vaginal ultra sounds
Breast mamogram to check implant- came back normal was told that I would need an mri to know for sure if implant has ruptured

the only other thing I really have going on that hasn't gone away, i have had a infected hair follicle in my groin area that has been there for the past 5 months, i took clindamycin for it twice, and have been using bacroban, it goes away almost the whole way then comes back again. i am going to be seeing about a dermatologist soon. i am curious to see if anyone has any answer no matter how far feched, that could be causing my low grade fever and extreme tiredness

from what I read it could be cancer, but I am not sure how else they would test for something like that. I am so sick of going from doctor to doctor, and still feeling like this!

Please see a Rheumatologist. Sounds like Lupus, Rhuematoid Arthritis, Sojoren's Syndrome or other Auto Immune Disease.  (+ info)

Fever of unknown origin in 2 1/2 yr old

I have a strange case with my 2 1/2 year old boy. He seems perfectly healthy except for a FUO that has lasted for almost 3 months now. It happens twice a day approx. 2 hours after he awakens from bedtime and his nap, it normally lasts about 3ish hours. His throat is red and has been checked for strep twice. He has his right lymph node enlarged, but still very small and beady. Occasionally he will get a couple pimple looking spots on his back, but not quite a rash, this itches him sometimes and it isn't constant, however, the fever is daily. He has been running an average of rectally 100.5, a couple times it has hit 101. I don't know if it matters but his core rectal temp is normally about 97.9-98.3

Tests done:

3 CBCs (all normal with the exception of his abs lymph slightly elevated (however lower abs lymph on the last one, but still slightly elevated) This test included his sed rate which was 2.

1 Mono- negative
1 EBV Titers-negative
1 UTI-negative
2 Strep-negative
Blood bacteria: negative
Stool culture for parasites: negative
Celiac disease -negative
Blood sugar-negative
Metobolic panel- all normal levels
Full JRA panel-negative
Chest Xray - completely normal

I think I've included everything, however I'm sure there is one or two I've left out as it gets quite overwhelming!

Our Ped said the next step was a CT of his abdomen, because of the concern on the radiation, I asked her if we could test for CMV that I've read alot about and she said yes; we will be drawing for that in the next couple days.

I'm mystified as is his ped because he is not deteriorating in any way and has full energy, normal bowels, and eats pretty well(but has always been a picky eater, so it always seems touch and go) He does not seem to have lost weight. The only indication of his fever is that he gets a bit *hyperactive* but not entirely out of the realm of a normal 2 year old; just a bit more active.

I'm so concerned about him; I cant tell you the amount of time I've spent online which I know can be detrimental to my health as well just trying to get an idea of what he has. The higher levels of testing we do, the more concerned I am getting. Does this flux of temp sometimes just happen to young children? Is it possible some parents miss it because their child acted well and didnt think to check for fever?
Do FUO's ever go away without long term problems?

I do know that sometimes young kids get fevers and no explanation is ever found. But 3 months of fevers happening every day is alarming. As long as they are eating and drinking well and as normal I wouldn't worry to much. If your child's Dr. also says to not worry I really wouldn't. I think if anything was wrong then one or more of those tests would be way off and they are normal on more than one occasion.   (+ info)

reoccurring fever every 8 days, take about 16 to 24 hours high wbc count all neutrophil unknown origin?

no night sweat, no sore throat, no congestion, no pain, after fever down everything in normal again, i think it is allergy related, has anyone experience such health problem. sorry docs, no more trust on you guys either, and no more lab test, that did not narrow it down nither

Hmmm. That sounds like a difficult problem to solve, since you are not having any symptoms other than the fever. I know you must feel let down by the medical profession at the moment, but in all fairness, this is a tough one.

Doctors used to pay a lot of attention to fever patterns, and there may be some old-time doctors who could be able to comment on this 8-day cycle. The only thing I can find that has a similar time course is, unfortunately, Hodgkin's disease (see 1st source). One other thing you could consider is whether there is something in your own life that is happening every 8 days that might subject your body to stress.

I am sure you must have a reason for thinking that it is allergies, but with allergies you would probably see higher eosinophils, not neutrophils. There are a lot of different causes of high neutrophils (see 2nd source), so that does not really narrow it down a lot, but it does confirm that *something* is going on.

If the doctors you have seen have not been able to figure out what is going on, you might try seeing a new doctor. Large teaching hospitals are sometimes interested in these types of difficult cases. They enjoy having the opportunity to figure out a diagnosis that everybody else has missed. Good luck, and I hope you find an answer soon.  (+ info)

Fever of unknown origin?

I have had a feeling of a fever for almost a month now but everytime my body temperature is measured it shows up as normal. I have been to the doctor 4 times in the past month, given one urine and 3 blood samples, been prescribed the antibitoc cipro, tylenol, and ambien to help me actually get some sleep. The cipro will run out today(10 days). I have had pain in my scrotum earlier this month but that has for the most part vasly improved and a serious drop in sperm count. I have had a testicular and prostate exam by a doctor with nothing being found wrong. The blood and urine samples came back negative for pretty much anything. What is wrong with me?
My temperature usually reads around 97.4-97.6 but I feel extremely warm at times. So much to the point where I have to stay inside with my air conditioning cranked up and can't conctrate at all.
It's been over a month now and I still occassionally have very bad scrotal pain, very low(if at all) sperm count, sexual withdrawl, and feeling of a fever.
I meant to say that I occassionally feel very bad scrotal pain but the other symptoms are almost always present.
Went to the doctor again today, was told that my thyroid might be the problem but he's not sure yet and I gave a 2nd urine and FIFTH blood sample. I am going to be referred to a urologist eventually. Hopefully before I die.

josh, the human body has so many mysteries & dr's don't have all the answers and just because they don't doesn't mean there may be something "wrong" w/you. your body has the abilty to so some degree to take care of itself. if it had something "wrong" to say, it would say so ... if you know what i mean. so your body may just be take'n care of business and your feeling of having a temp may return to "normal" when your scrotum pain fully 100% recovers. there is a medical term for when someone feels like they have a temp but do not actually have a temp. but i am sorry i forget what it is called. also, my "normal" temp is 97.4 so when mine reads 98.6 i actualy have a temp. you may need to find what your baseline temp is to know when you have a fever. also, could you get a refferal to a urologist? a urologist is a mans version of a gyn! i think you ought to follow up w/a uro. he may be aware of things your GP is not and a 2nd opinion may help you sleep better.  (+ info)

why do i have an adverse reaction to odors of unknown origin?

there are odors/fumes in my home that cause my blood pressure to go up. feels like it is harder to breath. why does it only affect me? doesn't affect anyone else in my family.

I have the same problem. I hate the smell of corriander to the point I makes me feel sick. It's the same chemical in Head and Shoulders shampoo and so it smells vile to me. Similarly, clean washing straight from the clothes line makes me choke. I think it's the same chemical here as you can smell round the freezer aisles sometimes in supermarkets.

I have always believed that there are certain chemicals that do something to my genetic olfactory devices that don't affect others.  (+ info)

My 2 year old son has "tremors of an unknown origin" What could be causing this?

About once a week, my sons hands will become shaky, kind of like some older people. Then, about once a month, sometimes more, it gets really bad. His whole body trembles, (not a seizure.) It feels like it comes from deep inside. His heart rate speeds up, and he usually doesn't want to stand during the bad ones. Sometimes there is fever, sometimes not. The minor ones, he plays right through. He has had an EEG done. That was normal. Bloodwork a few times, that has all been normal. His doctor is starting to think it has to do with muscles and/or his heart. We go back to the nuerologist in 1 and 1/2 months, but he seemed skeptical that anything was even wrong. His regular doctor finally saw a video. That's whats making her think muscle or heart. I'm tired of waiting. I need some ideas I can possible suggest at our next visit.

Apart from seizures
Thyroid disease, metabolic screens for amino acids, lactate and pyruvate. Urinary Copper and ceruloplasmin for wilsons disease. MRI of the brain for structural abnormalities in the white matter or neoplasms
Take the video pic to the office next visit  (+ info)

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