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fever with unknown reason for the 2nd time?

I am a 44 year old woman. In around January end i had fever and body pain, with irritation in my right eye like some particle was there. i had a full body check up including an eye check up but nothing seemed to be wrong. this fever and pain lasted for one and a half months. i followed a prescribed course of the anti biotic Suprex resulting to me getting better. However, now the same symptoms with fever and fatigue have repeated including the blurred vision of the right eye. Please suggest the reason and remedy.

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Cna a burst appendix unchecked ever lead to adenocarcinoma that would look like it came from unknown origin?

No. A ruptured appendix will inevitably lead to peritonitis and one would be dead long before any cancers could develop.  (+ info)

Fever of unknown orgin,for 7 months.. whats next?

If infectious disease cannot find out the reason for fever of unknown origin, and general family doctor cannot. What is the next step?
I have been sick since december when giving birth to my son... 7 months ago. Running higher temps of 99 to 100. and while it isn't a HIGH fever it has me feeling really-- REALLY run down. The only thing that came back a little high was my sed rate of 29, which my doctor said could happen just because I am a women. Alto of times I just want to sleep, because I am so tired. I want to do things but am so wiped out from feeling sick all the time.
my symptoms are :
seeing double, every now and then when focusing on one thing, things in the background go double.
general achy Ness that comes and goes
dry eyes
slow healing,
skin changes-- little bumps etc that come and go.
feet turned blue for the first time yesterday, along with wrist swelling- looks okay today but doctor has no answer what so ever for why it could have happened
Tests I had done:
Abdomen ct -recent
chest ct -recent
urine cultures-recently
blood cultures -recently
head ct- done in feb
Lyme's test
Vaginal exams,
Abdominal and vaginal ultra sounds
Breast mamogram to check implant- came back normal was told that I would need an mri to know for sure if implant has ruptured

the only other thing I really have going on that hasn't gone away, i have had a infected hair follicle in my groin area that has been there for the past 5 months, i took clindamycin for it twice, and have been using bacroban, it goes away almost the whole way then comes back again. i am going to be seeing about a dermatologist soon. i am curious to see if anyone has any answer no matter how far feched, that could be causing my low grade fever and extreme tiredness

from what I read it could be cancer, but I am not sure how else they would test for something like that. I am so sick of going from doctor to doctor, and still feeling like this!
i know its not post pd because its not that kind of down, just tiredness but will look into those sites. thx
and its not 6 weeks past, lol i was at my obgyn BEFORE the six weeks due to these problems, they did ultra sounds and exams. i really think u were trying to help but also think u didnt read the whole question right

From what I can tell you're exhibiting some symptoms of an Autoimmune disease in the later stages, which is why most Doctor's wouldn't have considered it, especially since you were pregnant. It's also possible that it's an allergy of some sorts which explains all of the symptoms.

I can't tell a lot just form what you're saying here, if you want to speak to me then feel free to IM me, check my Yahoo! Answers profile or email me.

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I came in contact with human fecal material of unknown origin. What are my health risks?

I suppose the biggest risk would be contracting e. coli infection. If you wash your hands thoroughly and clean everything you may have touched, you should reduce your risk considerably.  (+ info)

How quickly is too quickly for a fever to rise?

My daughter has microcephaly, unknown genetic condition, and seizures. Her fever was 101.1 at 8:10am, and at 8:50pm, half an hour after a dose of Tylenol, she was 102.1. She's gone to sleep, and it's 10pm.

How quickly is too quickly for a fever to rise?
I gave her Tylenol at 8:15pm. It's 10:15pm now and it's only down to 101.0

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Fever unknown causes in 3 year old help!?

It all started when my daughter Lilly was 15 months old. I was stationed in Germany. I went to wake her from a nap and she felt a little warm I didn't think much of it other then maybe she was teething. I took her to the store, sat her in the cart and she suddenly turned blue/white I picked her up and thought maybe she was coking but in the end it was a fever seizure. She was rushed to the hospital off base where they told me she had a viral infection and had another seizure that night. After that it seemed like she was hospitalized twice a month, this went on for many months always the same thing well we can't find the cause of fever so it must be a viral infection. Finally after 17 fever seizures and an abnormal eeg test they put her on seizure meds. She seemed to get better, we returned to the states last April her doctor took her off seizure meds and this Jan. she started to have seizures again.She had a eeg done and all was normal, since early Jan. she has had 4-5 fevers with unknown causes.. her white blood cell count is always through the roof but they can never find where the infection is in her body causing the fevers so once again its a viral infection so they tell me.. This last week she woke up limping I called her doctor he told me if no fever then don't worry. I gave her meds for the pain she seemed to get better. Then she woke up in the middle of the night crying and shaking, telling me her leg hurt. She had a mild fever I gave her meds took her to the ER they did xrays ect... nothing came back. They doctor tells me oh viral infection in the hip joint. I just don't know what to do anymore... I stay up till all hours of the night making sure she is still breathing.. ect Help!

To be quite honest, I'm stunned this poor child has not been put on a course of intravenous antibiotics to, at the very least, cover her in case this is not a viral illness. I would have thought that a viral illness would have lasted no more than a week or so. A strong course of antibiotics, preferably IV, is what she needs given the severity of what is going on here.

In terms of the seizures, in the hospital I work at, they usually say that more than three febrile seizures and they will start to consider if the child is epileptic rather than suffering from simple febrile seizures. They would do intensive testing to decide how next to proceed but it does sound as if your daughter did better with seizure meds. I'd put pushing for more investigations because continual seizures can hamper her development.

I'd take her right back to the doctor and make a fuss because this has gone on too long and it's parents who kick up a storm, who get the best treatment for their kids sometimes. This certainly can't go on much longer as it's not fair to your child or to you. Demand that more tests be done, both to find the root of the pain/fever and the seizures.  (+ info)

object of unknown origin on cat scan?

my mom has stage 3 melanoma, and she recently had a full body cat scan and MRI, shes been on and off of chemo for about 2 years and its not really doing anything, the main treatment they use with melanoma she can't use because she has nigh blood pressure, so shes not in remission or anything. the doctor called her and said there was an 'object of unknown origin' on the scan and she needed to come in for more tests. all i know is they injected her with the radiation stuff, shes really secretive, she didn't even tell anyone she had cancer until after she had had it for a couple months. i forget if the object was on the MRI or cat scan. does anyone know what he means by 'object of unknown origin' and what it could possibly be? shes not going to get the results back until early next month.
she had the original mole removed when she had stage 2 melanoma, now she has spots in her lungs, i was talking about interferon, thats what i heard usually works the best for melanoma

I can't imagine there being an "object" in your mom's body. Also it's just a contrast dye injected for scans. The standard treatment for stage 3 melanoma would not affect someone with high blood pressure, so maybe you misunderstood something. Here's standard treatment for what your mom has: People with Stage II or Stage III melanoma may have surgery to remove the tumor. The surgeon may also remove as much as 3 centimeters (1 1/4 inches) of nearby tissue. Skin grafting may be done to cover the wound. Sometimes the surgeon removes nearby lymph nodes.

Stage 3 has only invaded lymph nodes and may have smaller growths very near the original melanoma, not organs.

Interferon can cause LOW blood pressure.  (+ info)

What does a pregnancy of unknown origin mean?

I just found out im about 6 weeks pregnant? I started spotting on and off last wednesday First it was dark blood then it was lighter. It hasnt been much at all. I went to the ER Wednesday night n they werent able to tell much from the ultrasound because its soo early in the pregnancy. But my hormone level was only 143. Well 48 hours later n my HCG has only gone up to 162. The doctors are thinking possible miscarriage but still unsure. So I go to the ER yet again today. Still spotting lill more cramping and my HCG level is 210. Another ultrasound and all they can tell me is i dont have a pregnancy in my uterus and at this time its a pregnancy of unknown origin. Has anyone else had these problems and if so how did it turn out? Im really stressing.I guess I should say my lill sister had low HCG levels w/her last child. Im not sure if this could be hereditary?

It sounds like it is an ectopic pregnancy, when the baby implants outside of the uterus. With an ectopic pregnancy, HCG will go up, but it goes up at a very slow rate instead of doubling every 48 hours like it should. I am truly sorry for what you are going through.  (+ info)

High fever in my kids. Unknown Cause.?

My 2 y/o daughter is running a 103.5 fever but is acting completely normal. She has no other symptoms. Her ears aren't sensitive either. NOW my son is running a high fever too. Any ideas what it could be. Neither of them are showing signs of any illness. Especially a transferable one.

It's probably an infection, most likely environmental. You will probably need antibiotics. See a local clinic.  (+ info)

Enlarged Lymphnodes, Fever or Unknow origin... HELP!?

Ok I will try to make this short. I am a 28 year old female and mother of 2. I am overweight and I have some issues with my menstrual cycle (PCOS). I have had enlarged lymphnodes especially the right epitrohclear (sp?) node in my right arm it is about 3 cm long by 1 cm wide. I have had a fever for about 15 days Despite piroxicam and Vicodin with Tylenol. It has been low grade 99.5-100.5, but still makes me feel crummy. I have sweats, join pain, muscle pain, headache. I am totally lethargic, no appetite. I have been seeing and Infectious disease /gp doc I have had every blood test you could imagine. From infectious, Zoonotic, blood cultures, autoimmune etc. The only abnormal results so far is my inflammatory markers are elevated. I have no obvious infection any where. I am awaiting the results of a neck,chest, abdomen, pelvic CT with barium and contrast. I am concerend about Lymphoma. Can anyone offer any advice while I wait. I can't take this anymore.
I am on 20mg Piroxicam once a day, Vicodin with Tylenol, I just finished 5 days of provera to get my menstrual cycle to arrive it is over 20 days late and I am not pregnant. I have PCOS. Why is the pain and fever breaking through all of this?

Lumps are bad. However, as a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor, I had those lumps and then they went away, they reappeared later in the groin area, thought it was a hernia, then learned about cancer. CT scan will be the best way to know.  (+ info)

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