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Fever 102 from unknown causes for more than 15 days?

My brother-in-law started having a fever up to 102 to 103 and when he went to the doctor he was told it could be a viral fever and so he waited for more than a week and the fever never came down. He went into ER and that’s when lot of tests was done on him. He was hospitalized for more than 2 nights with all tests A – Z including ultra sound came negative. They had an infectious disease person have a look at him and she had ordered few more tests and they too were negative. Unable to find the cause he was sent home with strong antibiotic and the fever has not gone down at all. The antibiotic course is all going to be over.

What is happening? Any suggestions are welcome. His work involves lot of travelling internationally and don’t know if something got him from some country he went.

Thank you very much,

I had something similar. I'd be surprised if they hadn't tested for this yet, but just in case it is helpful, here is my story. I started out Dec 15th with a fever of 102 and although it would go up and down a little it never went away. Finally, on my third doctor's visit on Dec 31st they sent me to the emergency room, where they finally diagnosed a kidney infection. By that point, I was nauseous all the time and showing other symptoms, but for most of the two weeks my only symptom was the fever itself.

While I was sick and trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong, I found a couple websites that talked about "Fever of Unknown Origin" and although none of the things they mentioned seemed to fit me, maybe some will ring a bell with your brother-in-law.

http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/217675-overview  (+ info)

unknown fever, hope it's not the flu!!!!?

have had a slight fever (99-100 degress) for a little over a day now. ocaisional feeling of slight chills and slight dizziness. Tight feeling off and on in back of throat and occaisional mild pain in ears. Little or no coughing sneezing, and no nasal congestion. No aches either and i have average amount of energy. Is this just allergies, OR SOMETHING MORE SERIOUS? Bad time to be a hypocondriac, oviously, with current events. I just want to know what's going on before i see a doctor. Any clues?

Could be an ear or a throat infection. If you continue to run a fever I would be evaluated by a medical doctor. Try resting for the next day and eating light meals, lots of fruit, juices, other liquids. If your symptoms get worse go to a doctor. Don't wait 3-4 days!  (+ info)

A disease of an unknown origin?

This word is 10 letters long

SWINE FLUUU  (+ info)

have swelling right hand unknown origin, index finger locked at first knuckle anyone familiar with this ?

Had Carpal tunnel surgery in May 2006, am an elderly man age77

Could be arthritic in source or even gout. Also could be circulatory. Go to a doctor.  (+ info)

Mystery/Unknown illness..Rash all over body, fever, aching joints?

My mom has been sick for over the last three days of a rash all over her body, aching joints(shoulder, knees, legs, wrists,etc), and fever. We took her to ER and they did Catscan and tested her for meningitis and all tests came back negative. My mom stated that she went over to her rental property to clean it out of which the renter had a dog she stated they she didn't notice the rash until a day later. Her legs and knees aches so bad that it is hard for her to walk and the tip of her fingers were somewhat blue??? The doctors have no idea what's going on so they want to recommend her to a vascular doctor. If anyone are familiar with these symptoms please help!

If you will give her a bunch of Benedryl for a day and the rash subsides then I'd say she got into some poison ivy and spead it all over her body when she too a bath. Plus she contracted the flu which would explain the aches and fever. Unless the poison ivy is so bad that her body is having a massive immune reaction to it which would cause her to ache and have fever too. And she is so swollen that its cutting off her circulation in her hands.  (+ info)

Mother had hip replacement surgery . now has fever and unknown infection..?

My mom had her left hip replaced on Monday of this week. She has had an ongoing fever - on and off and multiple (8) blood transfusions. She has been incoherant and very out of it. We are waiting on her blood tests to find out what type of infection she may have. She is 200 lbs overweight and is also alcholic - which the dr's are aware of. She has HBP, is on Lipitor, and is border line diabetic. Any advice would be most helpful.. Thanks!
My mom is still in the hospital and is 70 years old. She was on antibiotic IV and IV fluids along with oxycontin for pain. Now they have her on tylenol tonight due to the fact that her fever is up to 102 for the 3rd night. I ask many questions but feel lost not knowing why she still has the infection after being treated for this infection- thanks to all who reply -God bless you all.

It's a tough situation...it's not uncommon for people to pick up infections in the hospital after surgery, and it's easier for that to happen when they aren't healthy or living a healthy lifestyle to begin with.
All you can do now, is keep asking direct questions of the doctors and nurses about her condition, because they won't offer up any more than the most basic technical information about her health status. Ask all of them them everything, even the what if's and the most small worries you have. Ask what the treatments are and what are the chances of this or that happening and what would they do if those things happened.
What will happen is what's going to happen, but getting the information in your mind and all of the things around the "what ifs" will help you feel more in control of the situation.
And pray if you pray, and/or ask the same of your friends and family. Spend as much time as possible with her and your family and friends. But make sure you get some breaks and do something else for a couple hours each day to keep your sanity.
I sure hope it all works out ok for her and for you and your family!  (+ info)

Rash of unknown origin?

My 2 y/o has had a rash for over a month. It started on the soles of her feet but has spread to her legs and underarms. She has had 3 rounds of oral steroids and has seen 4 dr.'s. She has also been tested for allergies. She is allergic to apples, strawberries and potatoes which have all been removed from her diet to no avail. The doc's suspect eczema but aren't sure. She won't stop scratching! Any help?

I always feel sorry for children when they are unwell :-(

Have you tried bathing her with pinetarsol?

"The Pinetarsol range harnesses the soothing benefits of pine tar to provide welcome relief from red, dry, itchy skin. Soap-free
and pH-balanced, Pinetarsol gently cleanses while maintaining
the skin’s natural protective layer, instead of removing it as
soap can."

If you are unable to purchase this where you are, your local chemist may have something that works in a similar way.

Good luck!
  (+ info)

rash of unknown origin and cause?

The rash stated 4 months ago as dry skin on my wrist.
Then it turned into little red dots and started moving up my arms. then to sides of my abdomen, chest, back, crotch. shoulders, and down thighs. The go from something that looks like dry skin to quarter sized irregularly shapes raised red areas, to dark red 1/8 inch high perfectly circular areas.

I've been under the treatment of a doctor for almost 3 months.

I have been treated with

prednisone (once stopped made it worse)
Antihistamines (decreased itching until the past few days but rash still spread)
ant-viral (no effect)
antibiotics (no effect)

steroids (made it worse)
antibiotics (no effect)
antivirals (no effect)
anti-fungal (no effect)
moisturizer (no effect)
anti-histamines (decreased itch but kept spreading)

Please help me. 4 months of little to no sleep and near constant itching is really getting to me.
I have not been any where since this happened. My diet has remained unchanged. No one else in the house has any thing similar.

pictures of some of the areas:
sprayed bed and room with premethrin (nicotinic pesticide) and washed with a shampoo of plant extracts that are also pesticides. Have dermatologist appointment friday. GP, family, and friends do not think it is an insect but I prefer to over treat.

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Cuts of unknown origin?

Whenever I wake up in the morning I find these short, thin cuts on my forearms. I have no idea where they could be coming from. I've gotten a new mattress, changed sheets and blankets, made the dog sleep on the floor but I keep finding them. They don't hurt or bleed or anything, it's just irritating when I get weird looks from people when I wear short sleeves.

Does anyone know any possible causes of this? I'm not cutting myself and I'm pretty sure no one in my house is coming up in the middle of the night and doing it either.
I don't think it's dry skin, I moisturize daily.

i am drawing a blank
unless they are cracks, like from dry skin.
good luck, and i'll keep looking  (+ info)

I have marks of unknown origin on my back?

About a year ago, I went to sleep with my shirt off. I woke up and my mom looked at my back and noticed these deep red marks on it. She asked how I got them and I told her I just woke up and they were there. I'm a very light sleeper, any sudden noise can wake me up. So please explain to me how FIVE deep marks just suddenly appear on my back overnight without me waking up or feeling anything. I got these marks a year ago, and they're still on my back to this day. I had doctors look at it, and they said they didn't know. I don't know what to do, I just want an answer. Here's a picture http://i476.photobucket.com/albums/rr124/burning_blue_blaze/TheMarks.jpg
Notice how I also have a reddish tint to my skin around the marks, I've touched that spot and it feels... well... really dry and burnt. Anyway, thanks for your time.

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