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why featus is not taken as foreign body and killed by immune system of mother?

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small child with foreign body in his throat?

a small child playing with a glass ball accidentally puts it in his mouth and the ball gets stuck in his throat. what is the immediate action one should take?

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foreign body sensation in left eye under the lower eye-lid?

It's been there for some time. What could it be?

I had the same thing, it was going on for 2 weeks finally i went to the doctor and took it out somehow it turned out to be an eyelash under my lower eye lid.
Try rinse you eyes with some water and check under the eyelid for anything like eyelashes and try to remove them, if theres nothing there see a doctor.  (+ info)

What happens to foreign bodies in your eye?

It sometimes happens that you got insects or food parts in your eye, but after a minute or two it looks like nothing happened! Even if you don't know to have removed the foreign body ...

Foreign objects in the eye usually are flushed out through the natural blinking and tearing action of the eye.  (+ info)

foreign body?

my son was treated for foreign body a sewing in his foot and i wanted to know will the body expelle it on its own without surgery. he is on antibiotics for the infection and swelling. what is the chance the body will eventually exspell or surgery?

most likely you will have to get it extracted as nature takes a long time and the needle may travel to another location and lodge in a crucial site ,  (+ info)

Contact Lens urgent help!? foreign body?

Ok so on Friday I got contact lenses. I'm a total beginner I've been wearing them for 4 days. However there is an issue, the first day I felt like I had something on both my eyes (like when u get a lash trapped in there), now I don't feel my right eye contact lens however, I have a foreign body sensation in my left eye, is this normal?

If they are soft lenses:

#1 wash your hands THOROUGHLY
#2 take each lens out, clean it with your solution
#3 (the most important) make sure the lenses are in the correct formation. (i.e. make sure they are not "inside out" or "flipped backwards")
#4 re-insert them and make sure they are free from any dirt, dust or debris when you do that.

Sometimes when I first started to wear them, I couldn't figure out why one was hurting so bad. Because you felt like there was something in there, it is possible that they were just backwards/inside out the way they were flipped. It isn't unheard of to get dirt in the eye, but if that is the case, also rinse your eye with either some cold water or drops before re-inserting the contacts. It will get easier and more "natural" as you continue to wear them.  (+ info)

ophthalmologist or anyone please feeling of foreign body in my left eye for 26 days now?

been 26 days now since i was just sitting there and i got a foreign body feeling in my left eye went to two diff OD three diff times first time i went they looked for a foreign body with no luck looked for scratches also no luck they said the inner part of my eye looked irritated and slightly puffy so they gave me tobradex drops and and fake tears to use for a week no luck with that so i went back and they looked for a foreign body and scratches again an again nothing so they sent me to a ophthalmologist two days after that for a more advanced look so they did the foreign body look and the scratch test and a tear strip test and found nothing wrong im going back there on friday for another look how long is this going to last what could be wrong
no allergies in the past maby thats what there going to do a test for on friday i tryed claritin the sec week but no luck i do have a an decaying wisdom tooth on the top left part of my mouth if that helps

1. Small lesion on the underside of the eyelid. Easily treatable by your opthamologist.
2. An ingrown eyelash, also easily treatable.
3. Your bad tooth. A rotting wisdom tooth can irritate the sinus just above it, which is, in turn, just below your eye socket. A dentist can take care of that.  (+ info)

could a foreign body cause these symptoms?

i asked this question last week but for some reason it was removed o ill ask it again, i just had a migrating foreign body removed from my abdomen during a laproscopic procedure, for three years i have had a slew of weird symptoms no doctor can explain, heart palpitations weakness tingling muscle spasms and hypoglycemia, all of a sudden i wake up from surgery and all of these symptoms are gone! it has been a week and none of them have returned i am wondering if a foreign body reaction could cause the symptoms and if so why or how thanks!
sorry lol the foreign body was a tubiligation clip that had come detached and was floating around in my peritoneal cavity, it was not really what the item was but that it was migrating around irritating things the surgeon said and i just was wondering if this was correct and why thanks!

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Reoccurring eye problems (foreign body sensation) Please help! ?

I've been having eye problems for over half a year now. I have seen several eye doctors, and none of them seem to know specifically what the problem is. Both eyes (off and on) have the feeling of a foreign body sensation. Sometimes one eye will be much worse than the other. One doctor said it was giant papillary conjunctivitis, but I don't wear contacts. Other doctors said this wasn't the problem. One doctor simply thought I had some type of dry eye, but a couple other doctors did see bumps or "craters" under my eyelids. I spend alot of time on the computer, and I'm not sure if that could be part of the problem. I also have thought at times that my eyelashes were somehow causing the problem, but I don't think that is likely to be the cause. I've tried several drops such as Zylet, Lotemax, and Alrex. My eyes eventually start to feel better, but the foreign body sensation comes back after awhile. I'm not entirely sure how effective these drops have been, and I don't want to overuse them. I have also tried taking antibiotics to make sure it wasn't some type of infection or anything like that.
Most days I use regular lubricant eye drops and gels which usually provide some temporary relief. As a side note, this problem started just a couple of weeks after I moved to Asheville, NC. I'm not sure if that is part of the cause or not, because the eye problem has gone away at times and come back when I am actually not in North Carolina. If there are any eye experts out there or anyone who has had a similar experience, your thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!
One detail I meant to add: One doctor thought it was some type of conjunctivitis but not giant papillary...maybe some type of allergic conjunctivitis? I'm not sure...
More information: I also wear glasses and often have dry scalp. I don't know if this could be part of the problem, but it seems unlikely considering this started less than a year ago.
waia2000, what do you do for relief? have you seen an eye doctor about it...what did they say it is?

Your description of symptoms does sound like allergic conjunctivitis. Depending how bad it is, we can start with mild steroids (which what the Lotemax and stuff is) to try to bring down the inflammation; those bumps inside your eyelids rub against your corneas every time you blink, which is irritating, needless to say. In addition to that, we usually use a drop specifically for allergies, like Pataday (one drop once a day); if you don't want to see the doctor again for another prescription, you can get Patanol or Zaditor over the counter. (It's one or the other that's OTC in the US, I forget exactly; they're both Rx-only here in Canada.)
That being said, if the Lotemax (or Alrex or whatever) didn't help at all, that's very odd -- it should, at a minimum, bring down the inflammation and reduce the foreign-body sensation. You're right though, you don't exactly want to be taking steroids forever, which is why we generally start with the steroid plus an allergy drop, then taper off the steroid after a couple weeks. If you've still got Lotemax/Alrex, I'd use it for a couple weeks in addition to an over-the-counter allergy drop, then continue the allergy drop. If that doesn't work, I'd go visit the eye doctor and give them the whole story so they don't repeat the same treatments you've already tried.
Good luck -- I know allergies can be terribly annoying!  (+ info)

I had a foreign body inside my eye now I see blurry, help!?

This is the 4th time in this year that I have a foreign body inside my right eye! I don't know why I dont know how but it keeps happening! :(

I went to the doctor and he checked my eye.. he removed some kind of fabric or small string stuck in my eye. He checked my eye under different types of lights.. very bright and uncomfortable and then he used a sterile swab and he removed the object!

Now the thing that worries me now is that i see blurry with my right eye...he gave me antibiotics and corticosteroids drops to heal my eye but is it normal to see blurry?

I cant call my doctor right now because its too late but i have an appointment next week...


You should keep taking the eye drops your eye doctor gave you and wait until your next appointment. If you are still seeing blurry, then you should ask your doctor what to do next. Also, please be more careful about what goes into your eye, its not fun having objects in your eye as you now know.  (+ info)

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