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Since the Mirena coil is a foreign body how does it react inside?does it smell?

Doc is saying Mirena is my last option since I am 23 - never had kids and have serious problems with my periods every month. Tried many pills and now only limited to the Mirena due to bad migraines.

Since it is a foreign body would this cause you to smell or your body reject it? I am just thinking of when a kid gets a bead or something stuck in their nose etc it starts to smell? I know it sounds silly but I would like to know.

If you are or have been put on the Mirena how did it make you feel?

the mirena coil my last option as I couldn't be put on any pill due to some migraine medication I take. Since I had it inserted I haven't noticed I had it! I rarely have periods only a very light spotting very occasionally. I do sometimes get cramps at what would be my normal cycle but very mild, certainly no smell!

The only thing I would say was that when it was inserted it was very uncomfortable the moment it is placed inside and the cervix opens. Its like a very extreme period pain in one go and I almost passed out and had bad cramps for the rest of the day. After that I was fine and had no problems sine. The female doctor and nurse put me at ease and you go for a check up so many wks later.

Hope that helps  (+ info)

hi i was hospitalised on the 15th of january for an ear operation now i find that i have a foreign body in my?

forearm where a needle was inserted what is the out come of my situation

i very much doubt u do!! what do u think this FB is!?? if the needle broke the nurse/doctor would have noticed and removed it!  (+ info)

Has anyone out there ever experience your toddler going through a scope to remove a foreign body(10 cent coin)

My 20 months old boy has swallowed a 10 cents coin. Two x-rays have been done on a one week interval but the coin stays put at the same spot. I will have to come back in five days time for my boy to do a scope should the coin remains there. Doctor says he will have to go through General Aneastasia for them to insert the tube thingy down his throat. Anyone of u guys ever experience yr child going through a scope to remove a foreign body from yr child? Pls share. I'm devastated bcos i heard there are risks involved!! What will my boy go through and will it hurt him? Can the risks go to a danger stage??

this is actually my job. we remove several objects that have been swallowed. the risk of the procedure is far less than leaving the coin in place. the coin could completely block the esophogus or even make your child vomit and inhale the coin into his lungs which is very dangerous. your child will be deeply sedated while the doctor slides a vey small flexible scope about as round as a pencil down the esophogus a small grasping instument can pass through a port in the scope and grasp the coin. all 3 are removed at the same time while under constant visualization of the doctor. you rchild will wake up soon after and be able to go home. withe the medications used, your child will most likely not even remeber the procudure. the risks are very minimal if you or family members have had no problems with anesthesia.  (+ info)

Is my body rejecting the piercing? (migration??)?

My navel piercing looks like it could rip off and the skin got really thin. I took the ring out and the hole is permanent I guess because it hasn't disappeared for months. If I put the ring back on, will my skin continue to get thinner? And why does this happen? I'm scared that I have the body type where my body will always reject foreign objects. I also had my ears pierced but they got really infected so I took them out. I got them done again a year ago and one ear is always infected! I dk if it's the type of ring or if I'm not the type of piercings.
"for piercings" (last 2 words)

Also I always clean my piercings

I had this same problem with a surface piercing that was right next to my ear
..anyway the skin just kept getting smaller and smaller and the skin thinner and thinner
so i just took it out, i know if i would have left it, the skin would have just disappeared and the piercing would have fell out.

I also have a naval piercing and the skin has always been completely normal/not thin
so i would not risk it.. and your body is reacting like it would to a splinter..trying to push it out..rejecting it
so i wouldn't risk is
unless you think putting it back in and having that little bit of skin eaten away isn't a big risk idk.  (+ info)

Foreign Body? Brown vaginal discharge with foul odour!?

I juz had my period n i hve dat brown discharge with a foul odour. I think b4 my period i had a foul smell discharge. I've used a tampon once and Im sure i took it out! I get itchy sumtimes but its only occasionally! Is this normal?
im not sure bout da b4 period discharge ting! I cant remember exactly.

No! Go to your OB/GYN today and let him or her check you out!

Best wishes!  (+ info)

have a foreign body in arm need advice..will u help?

a while ago i shoved a staple in my arm and has been hurting me lately. since it's in a very sensitive area and isn't infected there isn't much they can do. they said it would be too risky to go in and get it out bcus it can damage nerves and stuff but if I'm willing to take that risk would they still go in and get it out?? or is it in the end up to them to let me stay in that pain?? i placed that staple in my arm 18 months ago and wasn't much of a problem most of the time but is causing me pain and at times my arm gets cold and kinda goes weak but bcus i placed it there i feel like they won't take me serious so i do get nervous and don't mention this to my DR. i have not placed anything else in my body and have been doing good but still don't think they'll take me serious. what should i do? or what would you do?
i'm a college student now and everything is great but because i handled my problems differently and did this to myself i've lost the respect and trust of people that don't even know me.
i had a previous surgery to remove a few but they must have left that 1 in there & didn't know it bcus later on they thought i placed 1(this 1) in there which i DIDN'T. they said to leave it be & see if it'd come out on it's own, said that the body would form some kind of little sac for it & it'd float around but it's not doing any of that & it really really hurts. some people have told me to throw this unbearable pain act, tell them it was in the vein or get it out myself but I'm not too fond of lying & the other i don't want to mess myself up or end up worse. plus i put them in there after a blood draw so even though i can feel it i know it's deep in there. it's in my Right inner elbow area so it's causing some sort of damage just laying/floating in that area.

as a health care professional... GO to another doctor, tell him or her EVERYthing... Explain exactly how it got there, what it is doing now, (causing the pain and all) and explain that you want it removed.

NEVER lie to a health care practitioner. It can cost you your life.  (+ info)

Anorectal Foreign Body?

My girlfriend has a key lime stuck in her anus canal ..after experimenting .. it wouldnt come out. what should we do? is it harmful, will it poop out>?

Once things of that nature get stuck up there, they create a vacuum, and they do not come out on thier own - you will not poop it out, even if you wait days. Yes, its harmful - you can die from it - if the bowel wall perforates.

If I were you, I would plan on spending the evening in the Emergency room. Because I'm thinking you wont be able to do this....
http://www.ncemi.org/cse/cse0612.htm  (+ info)

foreign body in malaria?

how does it affect the pregnant woman

In searching, I found information that illness from malaria becomes actually more common during pregnancy due to depression of the immune system, it is often more severe and can cause birth complications.

I know about malaria but not about malaria during pregnancy, but this website seems to have a lot of useful information:

Hope it helps!  (+ info)

foreign body like cavity in throat ?

I am facing problem with my throat, I feel that something hangs back in my throat and when I try to pull it - i found small (pepper size) cavity halfwhite coloured - fall from my throat while i try to evict the feeling of hanging something in my throat. What is it actually. it is a hard cavity smells and is in mustard or pepper size. i do not know what it is and how it formed. very frequently it is again forming and i used to eject it can any one pls let me know what was that nd the prospective remedy for that?

It smells absolutely terrible, correct? =P

These little white things you are describing are called tonsilloliths. Which means 'tonsil stones'

Like your skin, oral mucosa sheds continuously. The dead cells become incorporated in your saliva and then you swallow them.
the dead cells accumulate and glom together to form hard little balls. All of this dead stuff makes great food for bacteria, and of course your oral cavity is colonized by all kinds of bacteria.

Consequently, the tonsilloliths are ripe with bacteria. This accounts for the smell.

Anyways, it is not a big deal and it is very common.

My recommendation would be to drink more water.  (+ info)

Do white blood cells attack foreign bodies like tapeworms or other parasitic worms?

And if they do, what damage do they do to the worm, if any? What defenses do worms have against the immune system?

Absolutely yes. You even have a specialized subset of cells to deal with parasites (called Th2 cells which are a version of helper T cells).

First of all, not all parasites reside in the gut. There are many examples of parasites that can infiltrate the tissue (schistosomiasis), or even get inside cells (malaria or trypanosoma). Furthermore, while gut parasites are harder for the immune system to deal with if they stay in the lumen (the open space in the gut as opposed to inside the tissue of the gut lining), it does still have ways to address these parasites.

T cells come in two major varieties, helper and cytotoxic. Cytotoxic T cells kill pathogens directly and are usually involved in viral responses. Helper T cells do just what their name implies, they help activate other immune cells such as B-cells. There are subdivisions of helper T-cells specialized to activate immune responses tailored towards fighting different types of infections. The Th2 cells is specialized in activating a response against parasites and extracellular bacteria It helps by turning on B-cells that produce large quantities of antibodies. These antibodies can latch on to parasites and act as bull's-eyes for other immune cells that don't have the ability to recognize the parasite on their own. This directs the brunt of the immune system onto a parasite.

In the gut, several immune cells are able to mount a response against lumenal parasites. Cells like dendritic cells are able to extend long projections of their membrane into the intestine past vili (the ruffles you see on the wall of the intestine). These projections can grab pieces of parasites and pull them into the tissue. This alerts other immune cells like special cut cytotoxic T cells that can release toxic components into the gut or direct lyse part of the parasite if it comes into contact with the wall of the intestine.

There are several mechanisms parasites use to avoid killing. First is their membrane. Many parasites have cellular membranes that are more resilient than your typical bacterium. This means that the killing mechanisms employed by the immune response will not be enough to cut the parasite open. For large parasites like tapeworms, having a segmented body allows them to survive even if one part is destroyed. This means that unless all segments of such a worm are simultaneously in contact with the intestinal wall and killed at the same time, at least some of the tapeworm will survive and propagate itself. In addition, parasites often have a part of their life cycle where they can remain dormant like a seed. If the immune response becomes to much, they may enter this state, which the immune system does not recognize. Once the response dissipates, the parasite may come out of this dormant state and resume infection.  (+ info)

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