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Got a foreign body in my eye?

When I was asleep on thursday night I rolled on my stomch and when I did that my right eye rubbed against my pillow and my eye lid opened on its own. When my eye lid opened I felt something go inside my eye. I tried to get it out by splashing water on it but it went further in the top corner side of my eye where the tear duct is. It doesnt hurt like hell like it did on that night but whenever I move my eye around or if I blink then I can feel like there is something inside my eye. What shall I do to get this thing out of my eye and what can the people do at the hospital to get this thing out of my eye?

i would just get a bottle of eye drops and just squirt the hole thing in your eye where the foreign body is and if that doesn't help go see a doctor but i would think that might help its worth a shot  (+ info)

is this a foreign body left after surgery?

Last Friday, i had an arthroscopy (key hole surgery) in my left knee. I knew what to expect as i had one 2 years ago on my other knee, anyway since then, its still sore. In fact, i only came of my crutches today. They done a meniscectomy (took part of a cartilage away) so was expecting some discomfort. However, last night i took all the dressings off and one of the incisions is very raised compared to the others. This morning, i noticed something catching on my clothes so went to inspect further. I have found a very small clear wire type things. I tried to pull on it but it wont move. It looks like a fibre optic strand only smaller. Does anyone know what this could be or what i should do? it isnt stitches as they used glue and steristrips. thankyou, your help is much appreciated.

internal stitch.  (+ info)

Dr. says I have a foreign body under my conjunctiva, but...?

he didn't say how to get it out, if it would come out on it's own and frankly, I think he was making it up because he didn't even know what it really is.

The outer corner of my left eye is swollen, but only noticeable when you lift my upper eye lid. It's been like that for a couple of weeks now. It's not red, doesn't hurt, but sometimes it itches. It's not oozing, but my vision gets a little blurry. I think that's because waters more than usual or gets dry easier than the other eye. He prescribed some kind of antibiotics that I can't even get because he didn't feel out he prescript right and no one will fill it (thanks, moron), so now I don't know what to do. I can't afford to go to a regular eye dr or an ophthalmologist. Is this something that will go away on it's own or am I just screwed?

Can't you just go back to him and have him correct the prescription he wrote ? Surely he won't charge to fix his own error.

If it is an antibiotic needed, your problem most likely won't go away on it's own.  (+ info)

Did you had a 'foreign body sensation' in eye after LASIK ?

I underwent a LASIK operation of both eyes last December,
I vision has improved significantly, but the thing that worry me
is that although my left eye feel absolutely normal I feel a times
like there is something in my right eye (is it only dry eye?)
would like to know if that will go on an on or if it will eventually disappear with time ?

I think I moved abruptly when I underwent the laser on that eye,
but the doctor told me there were no problem, also when I told the doctor about that feeling he just give me other drops to put in the eye.

btw will I have to use those drops (for dry-eyes, tears) etc for the rest of my live or will able to go without those after a while ?

It is very common for anyone who has undergone LASIK to experience symptoms of dry eye (irritation, tearing, redness, tired eyes, etc.) for months after surgery. Most often this resolves after six to twelve months though some people do experience dry eye symptoms for a longer period of time.

Additionally, dry eye syndrome becomes more common with age. Living in a dry climate (such as Arizona, Nevada, or Southern California) can make these symptoms worse.


David D. Richardson, M.D.

Medical Director

San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc. 

"LA and So Cal's Trusted Source of Eye Care"

207 S. Santa Anita Street, Suite P-25 

San Gabriel, CA 91776 
626.289.7856  (+ info)

Have you ever aspirated a foreign body ?

I think I aspirated a small piece of turkey the other night. I coughed up a fair amount of blood last night and have been having chest pains. I saw a doctor this morning. He kind of shrugged me off and referred me to a GI doctor.

He did say that if this happened again that I should go to the ER.

I've been looking stuff up on the net and I have officially freaked myself out over this.

Any experiences welcomed. Please only serious answers
It was a mouthful of blood. I am having some aching in my chest but feel okay otherwise. No more blood. I wonder if I will eventually cough it up?

Definitely not a nice feeling!
More than likely that little piece of turkey has irritated your lungs while it was down there.
By fair amount of blood, are you talking some spots on a tissue, or more?
A small amount could be put down to irritation, but more could mean a variety of things.
Keep an eye on your temperature, and look out for chills, or feeling feverish.
If you start to feel short of breath, or get a really tight feeling chest - to hospital with you!
Hope you feel better soon!  (+ info)

I have a feeling theres a 'foreign body' in my foot.....?

well a few years ago we went to greece and i was swimming in the pool and something got stuck in my big toe(like a tiny piece of tile off the tile in the pool)
anyway the skin grew over it because i didnt get it out and i put a plaster on so i was walking it further into my toe
anyway recently my mum and dad saw it and they said i should go to a doctor

1 has nyabody ever had this ??
2. should i leave it or go to the doctors
3. if i go to the doctors what will they say
4. if it has to be removed does it hurt
5. will they do it there and then or will they book an appointment
6. will the doctor do it or wil a nurse do it
7. will i be able to walk on it
8. What do they have to do to get it out

pleeease im really worried

The doctor will numb your foot before he even tries to remove it. Now get going and get it over with before someday developing an infection that may destroy your entire foot.  (+ info)

What are some symptoms of piercing rejection/migration?

I have had my daith pierced since around March and had no problems with the healing process. Within the last week it has become painful and tender, even causing that part of face to feel soreness. However, I had my mom look at it and she said it wasn't swollen or red or anything. Should I have my piercer look at it? Take it out?


Cartilage piercings are super finicky and can flare up and give you problems after months of easy healing. They take as long as a year (or more) to heal. If you're really concerned, see your piercer.  (+ info)

What can I do about eyebrow piercing migration?

I have had my eyebrow pierced for about 5 years, but recently I have noticed that it seems to be moving out of the skin. There is only a small amount of tissue still holding it in. If I take it out now will that help me to be able to get it pierced again? Thanks for your help!

Saddly there's nothing you can do. Your best bet is to take it out and then wait about 4 weeks before getting it repierced. I've ony ever had one piercing reject and I haven't gotten it repierced.From what i have heard most that reject will reject again.  (+ info)

Is a fully treated tuberculosis a problem for USA migration?

If a person planning to migrate to USA, who has completed treatment for the tuberculosis. Is it a problem?

It may be if you have had any exposure to TB. Check to see if there is a waver of some type.

  (+ info)

How long should I wait to repierce my eyebrow after taking it out from migration?

I recently took out my eyebrow ring because I messed it up playing soccer and ever since then it was migrating to the surface. However, I really liked it and I want to repierce it. How long should I wait until I can re-pierce?

Wait until you are 87 years old.  (+ info)

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