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How do you avoid piercing migration/rejection?

I want to re-pierce my bellybutton and I'll do whatever it takes to avoid it from migrating again!

keep it clean!
dont touch it
if u talk to the piercer they will have some great tips
best of luck  (+ info)

What is the Migration of Cancer cells called?

In a quiz for school it asks me 'What is the Migration of Cancer cells called'.

Metastasis. Now it is found infectious cells are also migrating from one organ to other.  (+ info)

Whats the difference between rejection & migration?

I thought it was the same thing?
Yeah, I get rejected at school when I don't even go to school anymore.. muppet..

Girl Rider got it right I never had a body piercing so I had no idea you were referring to that.. it made absolutely no sense to me, so count me amongst the '''Muppets'' but Girl rider has an idea along the right path as far as body piercing is concerned and I know you mean this in connection with body piercing otherwise the words make no sense..
The first thing you need to know is what rejection and migration are. Some people tend to confuse the two or think that they are one in the same, but that is not actually the case. So, let's take a look at the two words and define and distinguish them clearly.

Simply put, rejection is a cause. Rejection happens when you place a foreign object in your body (i.e. body jewelry) and your body, for one reason or another, considers that foreign object a threat to your health and safety. In order to protect itself, your body slowly fights the object by pushing it and healing the skin behind it to eventually force the object completely out through the skin.

Migration is the symptom. The process of the movement that slowly brings your body jewelry closer and closer to the skin's surface is migration. If the jewelry is not removed, the process of rejection will cause it to migrate far enough to actually push its way entirely through the skin. Once this happens, the possibility of healing without scarring is very unlikely.  (+ info)

I am very scared is this migration because weird things are happening and i am getting scared!?

I don't know but,

1. I love to read, play on the computer and watch television a lot!

2. Sometimes one or two of my eyes goes partially blind, it is the weirdest and scariest feeling ever.

3. When the blind is gone i begin to get horrible headaches for the next few hours.

Does anyone know if this is migration? its starting to freak me out and i think im going blind!

  (+ info)

What is the Hipaa 5010 Timeline for migration?

What is the Hipaa 5010 Timeline for migration?

Based on NCHICA-WEDI estimated 5010 implementation timelines, it takes nearly 40% completion on your migration analysis and testing out-of-the-box with 5010 Migration. kindly check more details  (+ info)

im a kidney donor. will it affect my migration to another country?

i'm planning to donate one of my kidneys to my father. i'm 26y/o female living in the Philippines and i'm planning to migrate to either countries: Australia or New Zealand.


Can I get my navel done again even tho I have had migration?

I had my navel done in 2006 but just before christmas 2007 my belly started to migrate, so I took it out. I have let it heal for about 6 months will I be able to get it done again in the same place?

maybe maybe not, i got mine done last monday they said if i take it out and it closes in it will be more painful and difficult, maybe impossible to repierce it. id ask the piercer, the skin that grew in the hole is thicker than your skin you originally had in there so even if you could get it done again, it will be more painful  (+ info)

How to prevent bellybutton migration and or rejection ?

I had my bellybutton pierced and it rejected….I waited for it to heal and did it again and now I can tell the same thing is happening…its already really thin and loose….this is SO frustrating considering it is not all that cheap to have it done. Should I take the piercing out…and if I do will it even heal enough to put it back in and have it be normal. If I have to let it heal and then get it re done HOW can I prevent this from happening again???

this is in the wrong category but that always happened when i pierce my belly button. i've done it about five times and i gave up. pierce something else.  (+ info)

Can anyone help me in knowing about 5010 migration?

Hey i am looking for more knowledge about HIPAA 4010A to 5010 Migration. Can anyone help me in sharing the knowledge

  (+ info)

which bronchial structure is most susceptible to aspiration of foreign bodies?

Right lower mainstem bronchus  (+ info)

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