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What are the usual causes of having a foreign body in the knee joint?

BF knocked knee badly and has been diagnosed with the above - they are going to drain it out (presumably under local anaesthetic?) next week. He banged it badly. Is the foreign body likely to be a piece of dislodged bone or tissue? Or something else? He didn't cut it, so it doesn't seem that anything (like a wood splinter for example) went in at the time. Being a chap he was in great pain and didn't ask too many questions at the time - so grateful for any medical advice :)

Will undoubtedly be a piece of torn cartilage. The op is minor - small incisions no bigger than 7mm to take small endoscopic camera & 1 or 2 small hooks via other holes, to manipulate what needs to be removed or cut out. The surgeon watches the proceedings on a TV monitor - anything floating is washed out, anything torn is trimmed. Fluid inserted during surgery is then drained & a bandage applied. Take things easy for a few days depending on actual advice given after.  (+ info)

Whether a very fine foreign body particle can cause damage to retina similar to that caused by diabetes?

When I was very young, during an accidental blast of firecrackers few fine particles of powder have embedded in my left eye causing blurry vision. I have also been suffering from diabetes for last 15 years and the vision is quite distorted. The docs are reluctant to believe that a foreign body can remain & cause the initial damage and say that this is entirely due to diabetes and are advising further treatment based solely on this assumption. Is there any method to know exact nature & cause of it?

I'm afraid I've got to agree with J B. Not only is it different parts of the eye that are affected, but the damage would be different too.

Diabetic retinopathy tends to cause a build up of fatty deposits or blood vessels that protrude through the retina, causing multiple 'blind spots', or areas where images can't be determined. I don't see how particles of powder could cause similar injuries.

Be guided by your physician, my friend. I've been receiving laser treatment to both of my eyes for over 20 years now, and I'm quite convinced that without it I'd have lost some, if not all, of my sight due to the ravages of diabetes by now.

Be well.  (+ info)

Can your body suddenly develop a bad reaction to birth control pills after 2 and a half years?

Been on Micronor (POP) for 2 and a half years and up until now had no side effects (apart from it messing up my cycle). For the last 6 weeks or so I've had sore, swollen, lumpy breasts (both of them) - but I'm not pregnant, I've had 2 periods in that time. Can your body suddenly develop an adverse reaction to your birth control pill meaning you get side effects you haven't had before?

NO, and just because you have had periods does not mean you could not be pregnant some women have periods all 9 months (not a high percent but it does happen) you could have other problems though I would make and appointment and get check by your dr.  (+ info)

What ingredient in Axe body wash causes an allergic reaction?

My boyfriend is allergic to Axe body wash and possible others as well, so I am curious to know what chemical in the product causes the allergic reaction in hopes of finding an alternative.

honestly it could be anything i would try other body washes with varying ingrediants as long as the reaction is not severe  (+ info)

According to asian medicine what foods are warming reaction to the body?

For instance ginger is warming and also black tea. Coffee and green tea have a cooling reaction. I would like recipes for meals, vegitarian mostly, that are warming. This has nothing to do with actual temperature but of the reaction in the body. Please, only ones who know answer. Web addresses not links would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

According to me a big hot bowl of split pea soup!!!
That'll warm you up! Especially with hot cocoa!  (+ info)

I the sensation of a sand grain or foreign body in my eye when I put the contact in?

When I take the lens out, the irriation goes away. It is only one eye, and has persisted several days. I don't see any redness or foreign body in the eye and have tried flushing with saline with no improvement. Have eye doctor appointment on Monday. Any suggestions on what to do, or what this may be? thanks

Could be protein deposits that has accumulated in your lens. There are tablets that you can dissolve into your solution and you can soak the lens in it, they're available in most optical clinics, sometimes the 3 in 1 solution just isn't enough so you need to schedule these soaking periods constantly to keep the lens clean of deposits. This deposits usually form especially if you sleep with the lens on. Or it could be your len's surface has been scratched so the cut in the len's surface irritates your eye. In most cases, buying a new lens usually solves the problem. Most lens have a lifespan of a couple of years then you have to replace it, even shorter if you wear it to bed constantly.  (+ info)

Does Gardisol give you a reaction where your body is red and you get itchy?

I got the shot one time I think I got a reaction but it say it get red and itchy in the spout you got..but i got all over my body it been going on since january when i got the shot ..So is it gardisol or another rare thing?

Gardisil is only supposed to make you have redness around the injection around...defintley not ovver your whole body and for that long. I would see a doctor because thats NOT normal.....do you have an allergy to eggs? Because gardisil does cause allergic reactions in people with egg allergies but if you don't its defintley a seperate condition and you should get it checked out!  (+ info)

Can the Swine flu vaccine create an autoimmune reaction in the body?

I am wondering if the Swine flu vaccine can create an auto-immune reaction (of any sort) ?
Also, if this is possible, what type of autoimmune reaction could it be? Is it possible to reverse it?
Please, if you have any MEDICAL knowledge/own experience in this area I would apprechiate a comprehensive answer on this question and also, let me know what your knowledge in the area comes from. Thanks!

They suspect Gullian Barre, where the autonomic nerves are affected is possibly an auto-immune reaction to the swine flu vaccine or the actual infuenza virus ( Guillian Barre typically occurs after a stomach flu illness)

p.s. I'd guess if it does cause GBS it does so in only certain people with some sort of unique polymorphism in a receptor such as a Toll-like receptor.  (+ info)

Can a dead body break out from an allergic reaction?

A friend and I were having an open discussion about allergies. Somehow the topic came up about death and I was wondering if a person has an allergic reaction to something such as silver can they wear silver during their funeral?

Since rashes fall in this category do they also happen after death?

No once a person has become deceased they can no longer react to allergens. An allergy is produced from the body's histamine level witch is a chemical the body produces from the brain. Once a person has become deceased the nerve functions of the body and brain stop.
(besides the odd limb jerk or groan of escaping air) everything stops. Once a body is embalmed all bodily fluid (blood,urine,bile) is removed and replaced with Embalming fluid.
( disinfectant and formaldehyde) there for the answer is no.  (+ info)

Difference in body reaction for eating little and exercising a lot?

If one eats very little and does not get sufficient calories, then the body will reserve fat and lower its metabolism. Is that true? If so, if one exercises a lot and burns a lot of calories, does the body react in the same way?

false and death can be a result  (+ info)

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