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I have Asthma, Rhinitis and Sinusitis; are there any herbal remedies to unblock my sinuses?

Having asthma is a pain in the butt enough, but I also have sinusitis and rhinitis; my sinuses are clogged all the time and I can barely breathe through my nose. It really sucks having to breathe loudly through one nostril or to mouth-breathe and I really hate side effects of my medications, does anyone happen to know any natural or herbal remedies for rhinitis and sinusitis?

My brother used to have the same problems as you!

Anyway, if you have asthma, you don't want to use herbal remedies, because you could be allergic to the herbs and cause yourself even worse problems.

Try salt water rinsing (sniffing up luke warm salt water through your nose and letting it drain through your sinuses). This is a natural way to clear them out with no side effects. My brother got addicted to it! You can also take steamy showers and drink warm liquids. Spicey food will help too. If you have a lot of thick mucus, try taking Mucinex. There are NO side effects, and it will thin your secretions so that they will drain more easily.  (+ info)

Is there an over the counter medicine for sinusitis?

I do not have a doctor so I cannot get a prescription for Augmentin or anything like it. I want to know if anybody knows of an alternative to treat sinusitis without a prescription.

  (+ info)

What could cause the frontal lobe to enlarge, and what would be the effects?

Certain drugs and alcohol can cause the frontal lobe to shrink. What would do the opposite? What would such a person be like?

New research is showing that people diagnosed with some forms of autism have abnormally large frontal lobes. Not only are the frontal lobes enlarged, but the cellular structure is different, with the cells themselves being abnormally large.

http://www.autismsandiego.org/brain_tissue.php  (+ info)

Where does a lace frontal start and stop?

I want to know to where a lace frontal start and stop. I want to know about the half lace front, not the full lace front. If you bought a lace front, and would like to share how you attached it, i would really appreciate it. Thank you

Lace Frontals can start at 2inches from beginning of your hairline (forehead) going back. Most mfg have 4 inches back to give you more room to part and style. If you can get 4inches, get that. usually ear to ear is 13 inches. I hope this helps  (+ info)

How is acute sinusitis treated homely?

What are the signs and symptoms of acute sinusitis?How is acute sinusitis treated homely? Is any doctor give online consultations?

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Can someone survive trauma to the frontal and posterior sections of the brain with massive hemorrhaging?

Can someone survive trauma to the frontal and posterior sections of the brain with massive hemorrhaging if they get intimidate medial attention?

if not treated incredibly fast, brain damage and preasure will send the person into a coma and they will be in a vegistative state. but only if treated literally within minutes will someone survive, hopefully without brain damage.  (+ info)

Is an arachnoid cyst in the frontal lobe really that serious?

Is it not that big of a deal? If it is just a small one approximately 2inches long and half an inch wide in the left frontal lobe, isn't is minor really? Should anyone really worry about that little thing?

Arachnoid cysts are classified according to there whereabouts and, each on has to be classified separately. And, yes, they can be "that serious"
These cysts are fluid filled and just under the second layer of membrane on the brain.

Your doctor would have to answer the seriousness of the cyst.  (+ info)

I have Sinusitis, is this causing the bad taste in my mouth?

I have recently discovered that i have Sinusitis, and throught the day yesterday and today ive had a horrible taste in my mouth, is this because of the Nasal spray i have been given or is it just a part of the Sinusitis? Also, how long roughly does Sinusitis last for, im currently on 2 paracetomal 4 times a day and also the nasal spray.

ChelseaBoy01 - Yes, sinusitis can cause a bad taste in your mouth (and really bad breath). Sinusitis usually means you have a sinus infection, which with medication can usually clear up in about 3-10 days. However, for some people (like me) sinusitis is a lifetime condition due to allergies.

To get rid of the bad taste in your mouth, in addition to using the nasal spray get yourself a NETI POT (available in most large drug stores or health food stores for $10-20, or on-line or on EBay) and first thing every morning and before bed rinse your nasal passages out with warm salted (non-iodonized) water. After rinsing out your nasal passages, also gargle with warm salted (non-iodonized) water.

If you are experiencing bad breath as a result of the sinusitis suck on zinc cold tablets (like ColdEaze). The zinc kills the bacteria that cause the bad breath.

Good luck  (+ info)

When can cat scratch or bite lead rapidly to a spreading infection including sinusitis and lymphadenopathy?

My friend was recently bitten and scratched by his cat, and noticed almost immediate swelling. Within less than a week he developed lymph node swelling, sinusitis, and a considerable deal of pain. He is being treated with Clindamycin. How does this happen, and what sorts of bacteria are most likely to cause such a rapidly spreading infection?

You should use sumycin, it is the best about it you can get information from here http://treatments.notlong.com/?q=sumycin&qid=20090606223706AAXCpqS  (+ info)

If I have a bacterial infection in my sinus cavity is it always sinusitis?

I went to see the doctor last week for terrible migraines and dizziness. He said it was a bacterial infection in my sinus cavities caused by a cold I never got over.

When I tried to Google, or search 'bacterial infection' all that came up was sinusitis. My doctor didn't mention it was sinusitis though.

Does a bacterial infection in the sinus cavity necessarily make it sinusitis?

Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus cavities. This can be caused by infections or allergies. I suppose it would be possible to get an infection but not have inflammation, though it is unlikely.

Sinusitis in the absence of infection is often treated with cortisone nose sprays, though a simple saline nose spray is often just as effective.

Bacterial infections of the sinuses can be pretty serious and I assume your doctor has put you on antibiotics or sulfa drugs. Be sure to take the whole course proscribed for you and see your doctor again if you're not 100% over it when your medication runs out.  (+ info)

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