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I need remedies for sinusitis and candida albicans?

I need various resources and information on possible remedies and natural killers of the horrible conditions of sinusitis and candida albicans. Has anyone heard of something called strepto pep? Anything, any information that is partaining to holistic, homeopathic, natural, etc......... healing for these two conditions.

Candida overgrowth is rare but can be triggered by depletion of intestinal flora, usually after overuse of antibiotics. You would want to repopulate the flora by taking probiotics. Probiotics are in foods like honey and sour yogurt, you can also get them in capsules. It's also important to lay off white sugar when you do this because sugar feeds the candida.

Sinusitis is helped by ascorbic acid(aka vitamin c) aromatherapy with eucalyptus, peppermint etc. Neti pots/sinus washes are excellent for sinusitis.  (+ info)

Can anyone suggest a tried and sure home remedy for sinusitis ?

How can one know whether the problem is sinusitis or an allergy ?

When you eat certain foods like chocolate. and your nose plugs up in about 15 or 20 minutes. Then unplugs in a couple of hours it is probably an allergy. Or spring pollen may show the same symptoms.
But if you are plugged up for several hours like at night when you try to sleep then it is sinusitis.
Sinusitis is almost always caused by a fungus. So you need to treat this with either a natural or prescribed anti fungus medication. NOT an antibacterial This does not help a fungus in-spite of the MDs.
Natural help: a good sinus cleans with Colidal silver. Oil of oregano capsules, Garlic, raw. Olive leaf extract. or Oreganol P73 can be baught at any health store,  (+ info)

Solution for chronic sinusitis sufferer moving to cold country?

I am a chronic sinusitis sufferer who stayed in a warm country , but have the intention to study aboard in a cold country. I am afraid my sinus will worsen during the stay there. What are the things i can do to lessen my condition? What do sinusitis sufferers in cold country do to quicken recovery? Is Warm Moisture Humidifier a good thing in the room?

You might be better off, too. Cold air holds less humidity and particulates than warm air. I always get better in dryer cooler air.

It just depends on what is causing the irritation and inflammation. Warm humid air contributes to dust mite activity, which is a very common allergy/irritant indoors.

A good cortisone prescription, like fluonase or nasocort usually helps, although it can take a few days to start working and must be continued daily.  (+ info)

What type of doctor do I go to for sinusitis?

I had 4 sinus infections in October, November, & December. Each time I went to an internal medicine doctor. I was given penicillin for the infection and took antihistamine tablets.The infections went away, but my sinuses were still bad. In January, I went to an allergist to make sure I wasn't allergic to something. I had an allergy test on my back and on my arm. I'm not allergic to anything. I had a cat scan on my head. The allergist showed me on my xray that the sinus cavities behind my nose are 3/4 filled with fluid. She said I have sinusitis. I was given a prescription & nasil spray. Three weeks later, I went to the allergist for a follow up and my sinuses were still bad. She gave me a second nasil spray & told me if it doesn't work, come back again for a follow up. She said that maybe I should see an ear nose and throat doctor. Is that the type of doctor I should see next? Should I go back to the allergist for a follow up? What type of doctor should I go to for sinusitis?

See an ENT (Ear Nose & Throat) specialist  (+ info)

Have I got sinusitis and how can I treat it without paying too much money?

I suffered with colds constantly on and off all year last year, recently I have had minor migraines and headaches and my sinuses are killing me. My friend said that I could have sinusitis which she suffers from regularly. Do you think I could be suffering from this and if so how can I treat it without paying a lot of money? I am going to try and see the doctor later today about it but they are not very sympathetic and I fear they won't help.

You can check out Sinus Rinse...
Like a netipot, it uses sterile saline solution to rinse out your sinuses.


It should be available from your local pharmacy, over the counter.  (+ info)

Does the the brain make new paths around organic frontal lobe damage ?

I had a frontal lobe brain injury and I believe I have recovered very well. But Yes But I am not what you would call normal, I may seem normal But I am not. I am some what disturbed, But I would like to know if the brain can make new paths for signals around arganic damage. I feel like a plant.

It must if you improve over the years. A scar is a scar but.  (+ info)

Is it possible to have tooth aches because of sinusitis?

My upper jaw, right hand side aches, and the pain travels toward the eye. I checked with my dentist. She said I was fine. So is it because of sinusitis?

Yes. The roots of the upper teeth, usually, infringe upon the sinus cavities. I take Tylenol Sinus when I have a 'very bad day' and, because I take them infrequently, they're 100% effective (available in generic).  (+ info)

What you mean by fungal sinusitis? Is it that much effective for health?

What you mean by fungal sinusitis? Is it that much effective for health? Any treatment……. Please help?

Fungal sinusitis is an emerging problem with diverse presentations. The disease has gained importance because of its considerable morbidity and mortality especially in immunocompromised hosts. You please go through online for more details. So just try to visit http://www.theallergyreliefguide.com/ which help for your treatment becoz they should provided psychological treatment for allergies. Few other also helps you are, http://www.theallergyreliefguide.com/ , www.austinallergydoctor.com/, www.allergy-treatment-guide.com/.  (+ info)

Would there be anything wrong with drilling drainage holes into my frontal sinuses?

I get sinus headaches often enough that I'm almost seriously willing to entertain the idea. Theoretically, aside from the obvious pain and expense, possibly smell, pus or other fluid running down my face, the possibility of infection, and the weird look, is there any reason why it would be dangerous to install drainage tubes into your frontal sinuses?

Please go to an ear nose and throat dr. There really is a surgery for that. What happens is your sinus pockets fuse together and then all that gunk gets trapped in your sinus cavities. The dr can go in and drill them open so the sinuses will drain again. I know this because I had it done twice. It is done as out pt surgery usually and the pain is minimal. I felt better the next day. Good luck.  (+ info)

How does deviated septum surgery "cure" Sinusitis?

I'm suppossed to have surgery on my deviated septum for Sinusitis and I've heard all the horror stories but still want to go ahead with it. Does anyone know how this surgery helps or cures Sinusitis?

As a deviated septum blocks normal drainage of mucus secreted in the sinuses, & that may result in infection, correcting the deviation will ensure proper drainage and prevent sinusitis.
Hope it helps.
Good luck with your surgery!  (+ info)

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